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  • Alex Olson: Artful Skater

    Skater, artist, bullshitter? Alex Olson goes on an "Adventure with Chris" (Nieratko) to one of Alex's art showings and Chris asks the question "What is art, Is art B.S.?"

    Whatever your thoughts may be, we think Alex is an amazing and stylish progressive skater and his art follows suit.

    Check out the behind the scenes and all the nervous butterflies before the art show on the 2nd installment of "Adventures with Chris" with Alex Olson presented by Vans...

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  • Alex Olson In Canada

    Hollywood socialite/fartsy photographer/babe magnet, Alex Olson, recently took a trip north of the border. Oh yeah, did I mention he's a pro skater with on of the steeziest styles in the game. Well yeah, he took his skateboard, his temper, his piss taking skills and his camera up to Canada and met up with the Canadian Quiksilver crew to get some ripping, photo taking, piss taking and at least one good tantrum on.

    As far as lineage goes Alex comes from skate royalty, his father being skate legend, Steve Olson, and up in Canada they still have some monarchy complete with a royal family and everything. And like the polite people they are up in the gentle giant to our north, they welcome foriegn dignitaries with open arms.

    Alex O of Angeles was given free reign to skate wherever he pleased, free of harassment by the police. It's like when they let all the prime ministers and other international government folks double park in New York City.

    Right: Alex at the movies. Photo: Tom Morin

    Anyway check out the video courtesy of Quiksilver and SBCskateboard.com:

    Quiksilver in Toronto, September 2010 from Rob Harris on Vimeo.
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  • X Games Preview Skateboard Park

    Transition. www.dictionary.com defines the word as; movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another. Pour some cement all over that definition and you have the Skate Park division of X Games 16. It has only been held twice making it a relatively new division to the games, but one of the more popular skate events, especially amongst actual skateboarders.

    On this course it's all about choosing a line, going fast, grinding coping, and clearing: hips, gaps and flats. The name of the game is speed, and the ability to keep that speed for as long as possible, and hit as many obstacles as you can along the way is the plan of attack. A cross between pool and street skating this discipline attracts a diverse group of skateboarders. You have your straight up pool guys like Rune Glifberg and Omar Hassan. You have your vert guys like Bucky Lasek and Andy MacDonald. Finally, you have your all-around guys like David Gravette and Jake Duncombe. The later being skaters who film street sections for their sponsors, but have pool and other types of transition skating mixed in.

    The first year of Park was held was on an all wood course during X Games 14. Then, last year at X Games 15 it took place on combination wood and concrete course. Now, this year at X Games 16 an all-concrete course has been constructed complete with a glass wall-ride extension. It is like one of those perfect concrete parks they have up in Oregon, maybe just a little mellower. There's a very doable gap in the middle, and it should be interesting to see what types of variations go down over that. During practice Gravette already cleared the gap, and then a hip to transition.

    The skaters to look for in this competition are of course two-time winner, Rune Glifberg, and transition legend, Omar Hassan. There are also guys like Tony Trujillo, Chad Bartie, John Rattray, Sammy Baca , Gravette, Duncombe and Alex Olson who excel in cement parks.

    As far as contestants go, there are three interesting little side notes. First, the youngsters, as in 14 year-old, Curren Caples, and 15 year-old, Pedro Barros. They're both young, but they both can skate a line. Barros already qualified for the Big Air main event, and Curren's been flying all over the place in practice. Second, how is two time Pro Tec Pool winner, Lasek, going to do. This is the first year he has entered this event, and he has been proving latey he may just be the best pool skater in the world, along with being one of the best vert skaters. Third, Ryan Sheckler? Yup, The Sheck is slated to skate this division, he may be a Street guy, but he's another one who's no slouch when it comes holding a line in the cement. His brother Shane is a very good tranny skater, and may have given him some pointers in a training session or two.

    The Park Final will be Sunday August 1 from 7 PM to 11PM on ESPN2.

    Rune Glifberg at last year's event. Photo: Harry How via Getty Images.

    Below is some footage of Glifberg warming up on last year's course:

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  • Maloof Money Cup Announces The NYC Lineup

    GRINDTV Newswire via Maloof Money Cup: (Irvine, Calif. -- May 4, 2010) The Maloof Money Cup presented by Vans and airing live on FUEL TV this summer -- announces the 48 pro street skaters who will compete in the first-ever MMC New York contest June 5-6 in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens.

    "Our skater selection committee is made up some of the most respected people in the skateboarding industry. They really had a tough job," said MMC creator Joe Maloof. "They set out to put together the best collection of skateboarders to ever enter a contest and I think they did just that. One thing the committee agreed on was that there are too many amazing pros out there, creating a list of 48 skaters was really the key to putting together an unparalleled roster. Besides the big names like P-Rod and Chris Cole, we've got some highly respected skaters like Mike Carroll, Dustin Dollin and Marc Johnson who don't usually skate contests, and some amazing guys who are competing at MMC for the first time like Justin Brock and Anthony Van Engelen. With a group of skaters this talented and diverse, the field is wide open and fans are in store for a spectacular competition June 5-6."

    "The best skaters, handpicked with Thrasher, ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Got it." said Jake Phelps, Thrasher Editor in Chief and head of 2010 selection committee.

    Adam Dyet
    Alex Olsen
    Anthony Van Engelen
    Billy Marks
    Brandon Biebel
    Brandon Westgate
    Brian Anderson
    Brian Hansen
    Bryan Herman
    Chris Cole
    Chris HaslamChris Pfanner
    Corey Duffel
    Darrell Stanton
    David Gonzalez
    David Gravette
    Dennis Busenitz
    Dustin Dollin
    Emmanuel Guzman
    Eric Koston
    Geoff Rowley
    Grant Taylor
    Greg Lutzka
    Jake Duncombe
    Jamie Tancowny
    Justin Brock
    Keegan Sauder
    Leo Romero
    Lizard King
    Luan Oliveira
    Marc Johnson
    Mark Appleyard
    Mike Carroll
    Mike Mo Capaldi
    Nick Dompierre
    Nyjah Huston
    Omar Salazar
    Paul Rodriguez
    Pete Eldridge
    Peter Ramondetta
    Ryan Sheckler
    Sean Malto
    Stefan Janoski
    Tommy Sandoval
    Torey Pudwill
    Zered Bassett

    NY Wildcard Skaters
    Danny Falla
    Eli Reed

    Selection Committee
    The 2010 skater selection committee included some of the industry's most widely respected experts: Jake Phelps, Bill Weiss, Ewan Bowman, Mike Sinclair, Jamie Thomas, Seamus Deegan, Kelly Bird, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Waters, Mike Burnett, Mark Nardelli, Jamie Hart, Remy Stratton and Tim Gavin.
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  • A Quick Vid From Quiksilver

    Alex Olson
    Here's a little video from your friends over at Quiksilver, who have a formed a pretty good skate team for themselves over there in Huntington Beach. Current standouds like: Alex Olson, Justin Brock, Danny Garcia and Kyle Leeper to name a few. Not to mention legends like: Tony Hawk, Christian Hasoi, Omar Hassan, Reese Forbes and Tim O'Conner.

    I thought that shot of Alex Olson above looked familiar, then my brain kicked in and I remembered that I took a picture of a window ad in the big Quiksilver window of Jack's on Main St. in Huntington Beach. Yeah, that's right! The big window in the heart of surf retail in none other than Surf City, USA. Check it out below:

    Storming the Bastille in Surf City.

    And the chicks have noticed. Pro surfer Jordy Smith - 0. Alex O - 1.
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