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    Name:Andrew Reynolds
    Nickname:The Boss
    Lives In:Hollywood, California
    United States
    Hometown:Lakeland, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:June 6, 1978
  • Andrew Reynolds delivered a 100 pairs of Emerica skate shoes to one lucky skater

    What would you do with a 100 pairs of brand new skate shoes? This is a problem a stoked grom named Stephan must now figure out. The Boss himself Andrew Reynolds hand delivered a 100 pairs of Emerica Skate shoes to his apartment when he won Emerica's Wild in the Warehouse contest.

    That's a lot of shoes to win so we came up with 5 suggestions for Stephan and any other person who wins the shoes.

    1. Donate them to those in need of shoes- It's the obvious and probably the right thing to do. Keep a couple for yourself and donate the rest.

    2. Stoked out your closest 99 best friends- Keep a pair for yourself and give the rest away to your buddies. Not only will you be a GREAT friend you'll probably mke some new ones as well.

    3. Hold a contest in your name- Go to your favorite skatepark and hold an impromptu Best Trick contest in honor of yourself. Not only would it be rad to have a contest named after you, from now on you'll be the man at the skatepark overtime you go to skate.

    4. Wear a different pair 100 straight days- Not the practical option but how rad would it be to NOT wear the same pair of shoes until February 19th of 2012?

    5. Sell them online- We don't advocate this option but hey if you need the money more than you need a 100 pair of skate shoes there is always selling them online on bay or something. It's a lot of work but think how profitable a 100 pair of shoes will be?

    Do what you will, but don't forget to enter. The promotion continues through January 12th, 2012 so go here to learn how to win 100 pairs of shoes.
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  • The Nation's Capital readies for the Maloof Money Cup

    The first-ever Maloof Money Cup in Washington, D.C. is set for an exiting Labor Day weekend. On the line is a spot on the Maloof All Pros team, which was started by Joe Maloof this year to recognize the top skateboarders in the world, and send them to the Maloof Money Cup World Championships in Kimberley, South Africa at the end of September.

    The custom built street course is inspired by Freedom Plaza as well as the architecture up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. The DC skate park marks the second world-class skate park that the Maloofs have built and left behind for the community.

    The MMC will utilize the head-to-head jam format that was first introduced at MMC New York in June. The new format is designed to encourage the hardest tricks in a fast-paced, energized environment that is closest to real street skateboarding.

    Due to the skater friendly nature of the contest plus the the Money Cup D.C . will attract a diverse field of skaters including the reigning NYC winner Greg Lutzka, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley.

    For the second consecutive MMC vitaminwater will be giving the grom's a shot at stardom with the vitaminwater AM Invitational. The top AM's including Louie Lopez, Sebo Walker and Curran Caples will be on hand battling it out in D.C.

    Vitaminwater will also be giving 2 local groms the opportunity to compete in the invitational against their idols by winning the "Golden Ticket." Similar to what they did in NYC over 30 local amateur skaters competed for two spots to skate with their idols.

    Here's the complete roster of skaters confirmed for the MMC D.C.

    MMC D.C. Pro Roster
    Adam Dyet
    Alex Olson
    Andrew Reynolds
    Anthony Schultz
    Anthony Shetler
    Bastien Salabanzi
    Bobby Worrest
    Brandon Westgate
    Brian "Slash" Hansen
    Bryan Herman
    Caswell Berry
    Chima Ferguson
    Chris Pfanner
    Chris Troy
    Collin Provost
    Corey Duffel
    Danny Cerezini
    Darrell Stanton
    Darren Harper
    Dennis Busenitz
    Dustin Dollin
    Eli Reed
    Garrett Hill
    Geoff Rowley
    Greg Lutzka
    Jack Curtin
    Jake Duncombe
    Jimmy Carlin
    Johnny Layton
    Jordan Hoffart
    Justin Brock
    Justin Figueroa
    Keegan Sauder
    Lizard King
    Manny Santiago
    Matt Miller
    Mike Anderson
    Nick Merlino
    Pete Eldridge
    Ryan Decenzo
    Ryan Gallant
    Shuriken Shannon
    Sierra Fellers
    Silas Baxter-Neal
    Stefan Janoski
    Theotis Beasley
    Tom Asta
    Tony Trujillo
    Vincent Alvarez

    vitaminwater Invitational Roster

    Alec Majerus
    Andrew Langi
    Ben Hatchell
    Brodie Penrod
    Cody Davis
    Curren Caples
    Daniel Lutheran
    David Loy
    David Reyes
    Davis Torgerson
    Evan Smith
    Filipe Ortiz
    Ishod Wair
    Kevin Romar
    Kyle Walker
    Louie Lopez
    Luis Tolentino
    Matt Berger
    Morgan Smith
    Neen Williams
    Scott Decenzo
    Sebo Walker
    Trevor Colden
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  • The first list of 24 Top Pro Skateboarders invited to compete at Maloof Money Cup

    The Maloof Money Cup released the first set of 24 skaters invited to compete at the New York and DC stops with some skateboarding legends headlining, but also some very notable names left off the list. 

Since Rob Dyrdek announced last month they were having skaters sign an exclusive compete contract to only skate in Street League and X Games, the questioned remained which skaters were going to choose which contest.

    The first invite list from MMC includes legends like Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, Dennis Busenitz accompanied by a rich pool of young talent. No shortage of talented skaters will be on display in New York and DC.

    But what will be missing from the Maloof Money Cup are mainstream names like Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriquez, Chas Ortiz, Sean Malto, and Eric Koston who all appear to be competing in Street League.

    The biggest surprise to this list has to be the absence of Chris Cole, a defending three-time winner of the MMC 100,000 prize purse. One would assume his loyalties would be with the Maloofs, after all, the contest has definitely been good to him.

    Last year as the rumors about the exclusive contract began to make news; Joe Maloof offered a $1 million bonus to any skater who won four straight Maloof Money Cup contests. That was an obvious statement toward Cole who has won the past three contests.

    Dyrdek the founder of Street League as since come out and said, Cole will be the exception, he'll be allowed to compete in NYC at the Maloof Money cup for a shot at four in a row and the million dollar bonus. "We're not going to stop Chris Cole from getting a million dollars, and then he's right back in Street League, and all the other skaters are for it," Dyrdek said.

    After glancing over the initial list of riders for both contests, the real winners are the fans. The sport continues to grow and we are all benefiting from it. We now have the chance to watch two different contests with different skaters with different formats all push their skateboarding for huge prize purses.

    Sounds like a step in the right direction.

    Here's a list of the first 24 invited skaters:

    Alex Olson
    Andrew Reynolds
    Anthony Van Engelen
    Arto Saari
    Austyn Gillette
    Bastien Salabanzi
    Brandon Westgate
    Brian Anderson
    Bryan Herman
    Chris Haslam
    Chris Pfanner
    David Gravette
    Dennis Busenitz
    Garrett Hill
    Geoff Rowley
    Grant Taylor
    Greg Lutzka
    Justin Brock
    Leo Romero
    Lizard King
    Sierra Fellers
    Tom Asta
    Tony Trujillo
    Vincent Alvarez
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  • Reynolds And Greco Sidewalk Session

    The Boss, Andrew Reynolds, and the Johnny Thunders of skateboarding, Jim Greco, recently went on a mission to get some sounds and an impromptu skate session went down along the way.

    Reynolds wanted a new stereo for his van and Greco just wanted to go along for the ride. And like a typical audio installation shop the boys were told they had to wait 30 minutes to an hour; Just enough time to get their skate on.

    Right out front there were a few sidewalk gaps and planters to session, and some ridiculous-for-how-little-there-was-to-skate lines went down. That's how good these guys are. They can skate anything and have fun.

    No complaining about cracks and bumps; just ripping. And both these guys are in their 30s, still having fun and glad to be skateboarders. It should be inspiration to us all;

    Check out the video:

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  • Baker And Death Wish In AZ

    Check out the Baker and Death Wish teams on tour in Arizona. My favorite part of the video is when Reynolds asks the crazy kid in the parking lot if no how many time his board is going to flip when he does a kicklfip, and he says no. And Reynolds is like that's cool. See, you don't have to totally kill it to impress The Boss just be original. Check it out blow, and for more photos click here.

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