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    Name:Anthony Napolitan
    Lives In:State College, Pennsylvania
    United States
    Hometown:Youngstown, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:March 22, 1986
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    Anthony Napolitan is a professional BMX rider known for his yellow bike (like Lance Armstrong). Most people can't help but change their bike from black to white to purple to tie dye and follow the trends... but Anthony seems to have remained true to the spirit of the yellow bicycle...

    Anthony is what most would describe as a box jump rider. Though not limited to that one ramp, this usually means that when hitting a box jump they can do almost ANYTHING. It is as if the box jump gives him invincibility to where he can do any tailwhip barspin 360 backflip variation and more...

    2006 was definitely Anthony's year, taking first place in two Dew Tour events and second, third, and ninth in the three others. He would go on to win that year's tour overall with 376 points. Also, in 2006, he took third place in the X Games Dirt division... wow.

    Two words, my fellow grinders: DOUBLE FRONTFLIP.
    Well, it could be three words if you type it with front and slip separated... REGARDLESS! Check it out...
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    Posted by dude6969 March 2, 2010 05:18pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    dude u r my idol man me and da boyz think ur amazing


    Posted by sisidcbayb1 August 13, 2009 04:18pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey i saw you in san diego this past saturday u were doing the bmx show for monster were the monster models were signing the calendar's right you WERE THE BOMB!!!!!!!! seriously man you were the shit well all of guys were so good!!!!!


    Posted by mullen February 27, 2008 12:17pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    u friends with hoffman and murphy


    Posted by fmxfan4life August 22, 2007 03:02pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Anthony Is My Favorite Dirt Rider!

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