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    Name:Austin Stroupe
    Nickname:Hood Rich
    Lives In:Lincolnton, North Carolina
    United States
    Hometown:Lincolnton, North Carolina
    United States
    Birthday:December 19, 1990
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    Stroupe, a 16-year-old North Carolinian, is the most recent in a long line of high-caliber riders to have graduated from Kawasaki’s industry leading amateur motocross program, Kawasaki Team Green, and will follow in the steps of former graduates Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Villopoto in transitioning directly into the successful Pro Circuit program.

    “Austin has worked very hard the past few years and we feel he will have a successful transition into professional racing,” said Kawasaki Team Green Motocross Supervisor Dave Gowland. “He has won many national championships on the amateur level and we feel he is well prepared for the next level. It has been great working with him as he has progressed through the Team Green program.”

    Throughout his amateur career Stroupe has won over 30 amateur motocross national titles, including four AMA Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s.

    “It feels awesome to have signed with the best team out there,” said Stroupe. “I’m really comfortable riding the KX250F, having ridden the bike the last couple of years. And while my time in amateurs has been good, I am really anxious to join the pro ranks.”

    Stroupe is set to make his professional debut on August 25-26 at the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship at Steel City in Delmont, Pa. He will close out the season at the final two rounds in Texas and California before preparing in the off season to compete in the 2008 Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Lites series.
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    He's The Dazzler - Austin Stroupe, with his uncanny ability to nail the holeshot, is in everyone's face every weekend during his inaugural jaunt in the big boys class. He must've taken Mike Alessi start pills, that much is for sure, but what he needs is to improve on the rest of the race at hand. Obviously he's not concerned too much with points, but it's safe to say he doesn't want to drop position like a boat anchor either. He'll be one of the more interesting case studies when the east Lites rolls around, and whether or not it makes any difference to race the other coast for a young Lites guy like Stroupe.
    Ol’ Stroupy sure can pull a holeshot, yesirreee, but it’s the other 19.9 laps he has troubles with. It would be fun to put a helmet cam on Austin, because he seems to go through a lot of drama when he’s out on the track. He typically gets stuffed pretty hard when other riders go by, and since he normally fades quite a bit during a race the viewer would get to see everyone from the leaders on back to mid-pack. Yea we’re being a bit hard on Stroupe, but with all due respect, the kid’s got a lot of talent and heart to be out there mixing it up with the likes of Stewart and crew (he even battled with the #1 for several laps in their heat race), so props to him for that. Now, if Roger would just make him pay attention in PR training that’d be a step in the right direction: his podium speeches, which are usually for accepting holeshot awards, are just plain horrific.
    Main event first turn, and look who’s out front - yep, Austin Stroupe - the most consistently good starter since Mike Alessi. After being sorted out of the lead group by Stewart first, then Hill, Dungey, Short and others, Stroupe ended up around mid-pack. Also visible here are Villopoto, Byrne and Short, of which only Shorty was able to keep the pace up front for most of the race. There were several impressive rides in this Supercross main, but one of the more notable ones was that of Andrew Short, who was just barely off the pace of the front trio. While his results don’t necessarily reflect it, Andrew is faster and more aggressive with his riding style than ever before and eventually that’s going to land him on a podium.
    Roger DeCoster stated in a team intro press conference that Austin Stroupe came on board as a factory Suzuki rider for no salary - he was more concerned with getting the best equipment and coaching to further his career than he was about getting a wad of cash. That says an awful lot about how bad this kid wants to win, and it says a lot about Roger DeCoster that he's willing to take on such a seeming basket case as Stroupe can sometimes appear to be. Not quite as squirrely as he was at Anaheim 1, Stroupe did whiskey throttle out of a whoop section and over a berm at least once that we saw, but he was otherwise a nice addition to the fast pack up front. Heck even squirrely he's still way faster than, say, Millsaps and it seems only fitness and concentration keep him from staying in the top 5. He gets great starts, he just can't seem to maintain the position.
    Austin Stroupe. I went down to Lincolnton, NC to do a cover and feature dealio for Inside Team Green, Kawasaki’s magazine that goes out to all their owners and racers back in 2006. I’d never met Austin or his family, but I came away really impressed by all of them. To this day I don’t know what in the heck is going on with his pro career, but I hope he gets it all together because I truly think he deserves a lot of success. This was shot at a rinky dink little track in Lincolnton right near his house that the owner opened up just for us. It was sort of bizarre because it was right in the middle of some baseball diamonds or something, sort of right downtown. I love this shot. Canon 1D Mark 2, 300mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)

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    huge fan of urs Austin hope one day u can race with Dungy on the supercross class


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    Hey im sam i am like the #1 fan UMMM dont know what to say any way bye

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