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    Name:Brandon Westgate
    Lives In:Wareham, Massachusetts
    United States
    Hometown:Wareham, Massachusetts
    United States
    Birthday:February 15, 1989
  • Real Street Final Four

    Understanding the important role of the Internet X Games organizers brought back the online video "Real Street" competition for a second straight year.

    After 16 of the world's best street skateboarders submitted a 60-second video part for a shot at $50,000 and an X Games gold medal the entries have been narrowed down to the final four; Dylan Reider, Brandon Westgate, Ryan Decenzo, and Billy Marks.

    A panel of judges pick the winning part, but you get to vote in the bracket above for the Fan Favorite. The skater who racks up the most fan votes wins $10,000. Click here to watch the video parts and vote.

    After the videos air on ABC on Saturday, July 30, the winner will be selected. Dylan Reider, Brandon Westgate, Ryan Decenzo, and Billy Marks will will be invited to L.A. to compete for another X Games medal and $5,000 in a Game of S.K.8., airing live on ESPN2 on Sunday, July 31.
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  • Westgate Praise

    There had been Brandon Westgate talk in the skate industry for some time, but it wasn't until the release of the Emerica video, Stay Gold, that the talking turned into a scream. The unique, big and fast way that he skates has been no secret for years to anyone in the know.

    He made his first major video appearance in the 2004 Volcom video, Chichagof. Then, skateboarding saw a fully mature Westgate in the 2008 release of the Zoo York video, State of Mind.

    The Westgate chatter had begun. Then it happened, the Stay Gold intro ended, the curtain opened, and there he was throwing down one of the meanest sections in years. The part where he's cruising down that hill in San Francisco and just olling peoples front yards at top speed is just unreal.

    Well, CCS sat down a few industry heavyweights to talk Westgate. Praise from The Chief (Jamie Thomas) and The Boss (Andrew Reynolds); it doesn't get much better than that. And in between Ryan Sheckler, Zarred Basset and Eli Reed all give props. Check it out below:

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  • Zoo York In Vancouver

    In the biggest news to hit the Canadian city of Vancouver since small thing called the Olympics, the Zoo York skate team cruised on up. It's the perfect time to go up there to skate right now if you're a skate team, the snow's melted and hockey season's over, so there kids have put down their sticks, took off their skate and picked up their boards. Check out Chaz Ortiz, Brandon Westgate and more north of the border.

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  • State Of Mind Premier

    State of Mind Premier
    Zoo York's much anticipated new skate flick, State of Mind, premiered the other night in New York City to three packed showings. The sidewalk in front of the theater was lined with members of the local skate scene, visiting West Coasters there for Skate Weekend, and randoms who happened to stumble upon it.

    I had arrived in The Big Apple earlier that day, so you know I was going to check it out. There was so many people there, and the theater was huge, so everyone got a chance see the steazy ripping. I actually forgot how good the Zoo team is. East coast legends like Aaron Suski, Zered Basset and Donny Barley, mixed with some newer faces like Brandon Westgate, Chaz Ortiz and Ron Deily, made the video legit. I'd have to say my three favorite sections were Zared, Brandon and Suski. It was also cool to see footage of Chaz not on a contest course. There's a trailer and some photos I took from the night below:

    Luis Tolentino and Andrew Pott give an NYC pose with Mr. Mean Mug himself.

    Alex Olson cruised by to check it out.

    Andrew Pott.

    NYC skate scene.

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