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  • Austin Coleman Lands 360 Triple Downside Whip

    Physics took another slap in the face today thanks to action sports athletes who played Dave Mirra's video game as children and grew up treating bicycles like they are razor scooters; spinning, whipping, and flipping beyond anyone's imagination. Here's Austin Coleman, who took third in this contest but first in best trick and in our hearts, landing a 360 triple downside whip, meaning the whipping tail end of the bike counter spins the actual rider's rotation.

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  • 2011 Dew Tour Championships Results

    Scotty Cranmer may have won Las Vegas and taken the park cup this year, but Dennis Enarson will be the most talked about (again) this year as he takes the dirt cup home and 2nd place on the park standings. Impressively, Enarson still took home the dirt cup after a fourth place finish in Las Vegas. His previous outstanding performances in dirt would prove helpful as he beats out 2nd place dirt finisher Brett Banasiewicz by a mere 10 points.

    So, to recap the event specifically, Scotty Cranmer won park and truly came back onto the scene after his injury-prone season a few years ago. Nobody is wondering where he went anymore, as he takes home the overall Dew Tour cup for park this year. Dennis Enarson will take second in park which is quite fitting as he finished second to Scotty on the overall park standings as well. Daniel Dhers takes third in park for the championship event but after a lackluster year it only lands him in fifth place on the overall standings.

    Continuing with park, Brett Banasiewicz finished fourth in Las Vegas and fourth on the year, a funny coincidence as results for this specific event often match results on the overall standings for park. So, unfortunately, the golden child will not finish a podium spot in park but he makes up for it on the dirt side of things. Kyle Baldock is an exception to the rule as he places fifth in Vegas which will boost his season standing to 3rd place, clutching a podium spot with his previous good performances this year.

    Moving on to dirt, we already talked about this year's overall winner (Enarson) whom only took fourth place yesterday so we'll move on to the rest of the pack. Brett Banasiewicz takes third in Las Vegas and second overall this year. Luckily for him, he takes home some hardware after JUST missing out in park. Kyle Baldock will take home two pieces of hardware, his 3rd in park and another 3rd in dirt. He actually WON the dirt event in Vegas which boosted his lower season scores in to a podium spot.

    Ben Wallance and Brandon Dosch also boost their scores this season to land in the top 5 in Vegas and on the overall tour. Wallace takes second in Vegas and Dosch takes 5th in Vegas. With this, Wallace boosted his placing to fourth on the year and Dosch held a steady fifth place on the tour to round out the top 5. I must mention how close the dirt standings were this year, as places 1-5 were all about 10 points difference each.

    Over on the vert ramp, I have been WAITING for this to happen. Last year I thought it was Coco Zurita that would come up and challenge the household vert names, but this year it's up and comer Vince Byron. The podium spots were easily lost and gained and, even though Bestwick won yet ANOTHER vert cup, it was a close battle where Steve McCann gave Bestwick a serious run for his money. In Las Vegas, Vince Byron won the event, Steve McCann took second, and Jamie Bestwick took third. The overall tour results, however, will be flipped. Jamie Bestwick wins this year's vert cup, McCann takes second (he has to be tired of the number 2 by now), and Vince Byron takes home 3rd and sets a tone for the future of vert.

    Jimmy Walker, whom topped off the vert semi finals, took fourth in Vegas and fifth place overall this year. In front of him on the standings was Simon Tabron who placed a disappointing seventh in Vegas but will remain in the top 5 standings after impressive finishes earlier this year. Again, the scores were incredibly close as the difference between first and third for the year was 10 points, meaning McCann was less than 10 points away from a win. Also, 4th and 5th place were 6 points apart! Amazing.

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  • 2011 Dew Tour Toyota Challenge Recap

    The Toyota Challenge was an odd event this year as each event featured 2 of 3 disciplines, so one misses park, one misses vert, and one misses dirt, to even out the season. This particular event missed park, arguably the most popular discipline in BMX, and only featured vert and dirt but Salt Lake City LOVES some dirt so I doubt anyone was complaining.

    Brett Banasiewicz came back hard from a slight losing streak from previous Dew Tours and X Games. He has always had the potential to do well in dirt and has a win under his belt but needed to step up his consistency to go with his big bangers, and that's exactly what he did. He pretty much displayed what can be done on a BMX bike on dirt jumps in one run, from barspins to tailwhips to spinning to flipping (the ultimate example being his signature "cashroll"). It was the epitome of a Dew Tour run and he was rewarded for it.

    Dennis Enarson is another rider who can lay down a typical Dew Tour run like nobody else, and would do so to earn second place. What earns him the extra points is his technicality and creativity, linking odd tricks and bringing new things to the table. Brandon Dosch landed in third with a solid run but may have been a bit overscored as everything looked forced, meaning not stylish.

    There were definitely some riders going HUGE that didn't place well due to lack of consistency between all the sets such as Kyle Baldock and Jaie Toohey. Luckily for them, this event featured a best trick event on one big booter jump set up at night's end. It looked pretty rough as there probably wasn't as much time to get used to the jump and BAD slams were taken left and right. Buckworth tried a double front and landed flat on his back and Baldock was throwing no-handed double flips. Despite the falls, some of the gnarliest tricks ever attempted were going down from triple whip flips to nothing-double whips to no-handed cashrolls! In the end, however, it was Baldock's 3 down whip to oppo double whip that took the gold. It's like a windshield wiper plus one inside of a 360. Complex enough for you?

    If that wasn't exciting enough, big things were happening on the vert ramp Sunday night. Jamie Bestwick has been on the Dew Tour for 7 years, racking up 23 wins, and a LOT of those wins have been in a row for the past two years, sweeping both seasons. This event, however, it was not about Jamie Bestwick. Steven McCann has been knocking on the door every event and it was only a matter of time before McCann's bigger tricks caught up with Bestwick's unmatchable style/height. This is like McCann's breakthrough year, after a win at X Games Big Air and now this. He definitely sealed the deal with a no-handed 900 that Hoffman would be proud of.

    Despite not winning the event, Jamie Bestwick would take second with his signature tricks at height. Vince Byron put on a performance that I see easily beating Bestwick next event and maybe even McCann for that matter. Once Byron develops more consistent, action-packed runs he'll be a threat to McCann's energy boost of finally capturing first at a Dew Tour event.

    So, with that said, see you in Las Vegas next month to find out who takes homes the big money and Dew Tour cup this year!

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  • 2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open Results

    Park may have brought up some new names and new results, but the vert results look like a copy and paste from every single event last year. But what can you do when Jamie Bestwick is still riding in perfect form at whatever age he is (ain't gonna hear it from him). So it would appear the battle for second place begins, as familiar names follow behind Jamie and end up competing for 2 spots on the podium instead of 3. My question is "when is Coco Zurita's riding going to get noticed and earn him a cup?"

    Here are the results in plain English (or names...):

    1. Kyle Baldock
    2. Dennis Enarson
    3. Ryan Nyquist
    4. Brett Banasiewicz
    5. Scotty Cranmer
    6. Gary Young
    7. Harry Main
    8. Garrett Reynolds
    9. Mark Webb
    10. Daniel Dhers

    1. Jamie Bestwick
    2. Chad Kagy
    3. Simon Tabron
    4. Steven McCann
    5. Vince Byron
    6. Coco Zurita
    7. Jan Valenta
    8. Jimmy Walker
    9. Austin Coleman
    10.Dennis McCoy

    Anybody notice that name at the bottom of the park results... Daniel Dhers? I'm guessing the judges were actually enforcing the rules of using the course and being creative, which doesn't work well with Daniel's box-jump, quarter, spine, quarter, repeat routine. Makes sense too, as those who used the course's diverse lines and transfers best are on the top of the list. And Baldock's double flip cannot be argued with as he takes the top spot.

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  • Dew Tour Ready to Kickoff Tomorrow!

    Ocean City is set to go for the first event of this summer's Dew Tour, the Pantech Open. The world's best are already on the course, getting used to whatever the masterminds of courses have put together and probably only hitting the box jump.

    The two names that can not be ignored are Daniel Dhers and Brett Banasiewicz. Though Brett had a poor showing last year, and many other names could be brought up, Daniel and Brett are without a doubt the most consistent competitors. Especially considering Brett won't be distracted with competing dirt since it's cancelled for this event.

    All in all it's going to be a great year. We'll see if Jamie Bestwick continues his dominance that has almost become a bad thing for the discipline of vert as it would seem like he has no competition. When's Coco gonna win? Dhers will fight to defend his park title but if Banana Sandwich can focus on both park and dirt in the later events he might have a double cup season. And Brandon Dosch will have to defend his dirt title against Brett, but we all know TJ Ellis should have won anyway.

    Check out this cool preview video from Dew Tour with Ryan Nyquist. Ryan worked with the course designers to make this Dew Tour event more than a box jump competition. It's unfortunate that most of the creative lines won't be seen as competitors stick to tricks on basic ramps, but it looks like there is some added size to the course overall and it'll be interesting to see how the riders use this size.

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