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  • 2010 Dew Tour Championships Results

    There are lots of things to say about this exciting your-ending event, but the biggest is that Bestwick, after winning every previous event, didn't sweep this year! Chad Kagy swooped right from under him by a quarter of a point. Bestwick still, however, won the Dew Tour cup for a stellar year overall, but it's just exciting for us all to say that somebody else won a vert event. And if there was anybody to do it, it is definitely Chad Kagy. How do you beat Bestwick you ask? Well the ingredients go something like 1 double whip flair, 2 or 3 whip flairs, 1 barspin to no hander flair, and a slew of other peppers and spices like superman seatgrabs and barspins. Another notable vert moment is DMC taking third. Haven't seen ole McCoy on the podium in a while. Here's the top 5 vert riders in the standings for this year:

    2010 Dew Tour Vert Results
    1. Jamie Bestwick
    2. Chad Kagy
    3. Simon Tabron
    4. Steve McCann
    5. Coco Zurita

    Dirt could also be considered an upset after all the Banana Sandwich talk. Brett Banasiewicz started competing in dirt and slaying the entire event with cash rolls and triple whips and any ridiculous video game trick these days. However, his performance would land him in 5th place at this event. The podium goes to Brandon Dosch (1), TJ Ellis (2), and Anthony Napolitan (3). Even Gary Young beat Banasiewicz, taking fourth and proving that style and creativity can beat flips and whips. Once again, TJ Ellis... TJ doesn't... What can I say, man? A flip whip and a front flip whip... For second? Dosch's triple whip to double whip to 360 flip thingy is better than that? Well, good things I'm not a Dew judge, eh? I liked A Nap's turndown to turndown and dirt went off surprisingly gnarly after seeing that horrific TJ Lavin crash. Speaking of, get well soon Teej! Here's the top 5 dirt riders from this year's tour:

    2010 Dew Tour Dirt Results
    1. Brandon Dosch
    2. Brett Banasiewicz
    3. TJ Ellis
    4. Luke Parslow
    5. Dennis Enarson

    Look out! What's that!? It's Ryan Nyquist passing you in the standings after sitting in the back of the pack for the most part. Typical Nyquist. If you follow my blog, you probably expect me to start hating on Nyquist and talking about judging, but this is a well-deserved win for the BMX veteran and I'm stoked for him to take a win I totally agree with. I'd like to have seen Reynolds (3) and Dhers (2) swap places finish wise but that's a whole other story. Nyquist use the course to its fullest, taking advantage of the nooks and crannies other riders overlooked. Reynolds did so as well, putting some big tricks in big places like only he can do. Dhers just rode box jumps and spines as usual but he's too good at them to not place podium. I can't disagree too much with this event though. Here's the top 5 park riders for this year:

    2010 Dew Tour Park Results
    1. Daniel Dhers
    2. Garrett Reynolds
    3. Mark Webb
    4. Brett Banasiewicz
    5. Dennis Enarson

    Dennis Enarson placed 5th overall in 2 different disciplines. I thought that was pretty "boss" until I realized Brett Banasiewicz placed 2nd overall in dirt and 4th overall in park... Dude, BOSS! He should do vert!

    photos by allisports.com
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  • 2010 Dew Tour Championships Preview

    To start this preview blog, since it is the final Dew Tour event and tour championships will be crowned at the end of the night, I will post up the tour standings to give you an idea of who is where:

    1. Daniel Dhers (272)
    2. Garrett Reynolds (232)
    3. Mark Webb (212)
    4. Mike Spinner (208)
    5. Andy Buckworth (186)

    1. Jamie Bestwick (300)
    2. Chad Kagy (248)
    3. Simon Tabron (238)
    4. Steve McCann (236)
    5. Francisco Zurita (222)

    1. Brett Banasiewicz (282)
    2. Brandon Dosch (252)
    3. Dennis Enarson (230)
    4. Luke Parslow (222)
    5. Ryan Nyquist (202)

    Some interesting things are happening this year. Brett Banasiewicz, notorious park destroyer, is now dominating the dirt discipline and not even in the top 5 of the park category. I guess his cash rolls on park don't mean much but on dirt they are untouchable. Dennis Enarson also put more emphasis into dirt this year as he sits in third on the tour with Parslow nipping at his feet. Enarson is also known for his park abilities but not in park's top 5. Ryan Nyquist rounds out the top 5 as I believe he is injured and may even lose the top 5 spot if he can't come back for this final stop in Vegas.

    It nevers seems to be a surprise that Jamie Bestwick is destroying the vert ramp, but another sweep? It could very well happen and it is shaping up to be so. The points race below Jamie, however, is HOT. 10 points separate Kagy from Tabron, TWO points from Tabron and McCann, and 14 points between McCann and Zurita, who has really come up this year. We have all been waiting for Coco to get the scores he deserves, and we now see him in podium finishes and top 5 on the tour. Even though it seems to be another inevitable Bestwick year, watching the race for second place will be great!

    Park has some good race left in it as well but Daniel Dhers has put himself far ahead of the pack, beating Reynolds by 40 points. Garrett Reynolds is no competitor to underestimate, but neither is Dhers. They wouldn't be in such positions otherwise. Mark Webb and Andy Buckworth definitely came up this year, sitting in 3rd and 5th respectively on the tour. And sitting in fourth is a healed and better than ever Mike Spinner. A man who will never stop receiving hate from a million riders around the globe. You can all hate, but he's the one sitting in fourth place on the tour with a home in Miami with a backyard skatepark. :)

    My predictions for Las Vegas, the final Dew Tour stop of 2010:

    In vert, Jamie Bestwick takes first and completes another Dew Tour sweep, having another golden year. Chad Kagy comes in second because let's face it he seems to be the closest to nabbing Bestwick's sweep away from him. Simon Tabron in third because he does something ridiculous like 900 into a 540 and much more. Coco Zurita in fourth for good measure. Heh.

    Dirt, Brett Banasiewicz seals the deal by winning another event, putting forth a series of cash rolls and triple tailwhips and frontflip tucks. Seriously, the kid is ridiculous. Dennis Enarson takes second with his newly found touch for dirt, opposite 3 variations and flip variations and such. Ryan Nyquist comes back healed and truck drivers his way to third place, making for an interesting points race in the dirt standings.

    Park, Garrett Reynolds makes a come from behind victory just because. It won't put him ahead of Daniel Dhers, considering he will probably take second, but it will at least be his last Dew Tour 2010 hoorah. Reynolds is stepping his game up even more and he is the prodigy. No joke. Dhers will land in second with his typical display of trickery and in third place will be young gun Pat Casey, with his first ever (I believe) Dew Tour podium and a statement to the dudes who may have underestimated him. BAM!

    October 14-17, Las Vegas, NV, 2010 Dew Tour Championships. Don't miss it. photos via allisports.com
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  • 2010 Toyota Challenge Preview

    Back to the Dew Tour!

    The Salt Lake City, UT stop begins tomorrow and will go on throughout the weekend. This is the second to last event, second to the final stop in Las Vegas, which will take place in mid October and after that dust settles, we can name tour champions!

    Here are the current top 5s within the Dew Tour standings:

    1. Daniel Dhers (190)
    2. Mike Spinner (164)
    3. Mark Webb (148)
    4. Garrett Reynolds (142)
    5. Andy Buckworth (134)

    1. Jamie Bestwick (200)
    2. Steve McCann (164)
    3. Simon Tabron (162)
    4. Chad Kagy (158)
    5. Jimmy Walker (140)

    1. Brett Banasiewicz (200)
    2. Brandon Dosch (162)
    3. Luke Parslow (158)
    4. Ryan Nyquist (150)
    5. Dennis Enarson (130)

    Once again, the vert discipline seems like a battle for second place as Jamie Bestwick runs away with wins and may sweep this year AGAIN. Wow. Surprisingly, though, the dirt discipline also seems to be a battle for second place as notorious park jock Brett Banasiewicz owns the entire board, 2 wins in a row. He isn't even in the top 5 of the park discipline, which is known to be his specialty.

    If Jamie and Brett keep it up, the 2-5 guys will be battling in these last 2 events as they are so close in scores. 2nd place is about 50 points away from Jamie and Brett, but places are only 2-10 points away in the 2-5 section. This will be exciting!

    And park is mostly dominated by Daniel Dhers but with a big effort Mike Spinner and the guys could take him out. Daniel has, however, displayed a sort of dominance reminiscent of Mr. Bestwick and Banana Sandwich. He's quite far ahead but the spread is still there. Watch the Toyota Challenge Dew Tour stop to see what unfolds; click here for a TV schedule.

    photo via allisports.com
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  • Megaramp ASA Triples Results from Sacramento


    SACRAMENTO, California (August 28, 2010) -
    Tonight, an enthusiastic Sacramento crowd watched the young guns of BMX take on the hometown favorite and succeed as Brett Banasiewicz (South Bend, IN) and Pat Casey (Yorba Linda, CA) finished first and second in the first official MegaRamp ASA Triples (Triples) at ARCO Arena. The 15 and 16 year-olds wowed the fans with variations of their most innovative tricks to advance to the finals and meet head-to-head - a meeting which ended with Banasiewicz on top, winning his second Triples title and his fourth major contest this season. On the way to the title he landed four cash rolls, a trick he was the first to land successfully in competition just two weeks ago.

    "All of this is just fun," said Banasiewicz of his recent wins. "When I ride I have to have fun and entertain myself, so I like thinking up new stuff and adding new twists and then trying them out at these comps."

    Rounding out the top three finishers were Ryan Nyquist (San Jose, CA) and James Foster (Redlands, CA) who tied for third in tonight's event. In the first semi-final battle, Foster found himself pitted against Banasiewicz for the second time in this head-to-head competition series. In the Augusta Triples contest they met in the finals; tonight they faced-off in the semi-finals. Foster had to "battle back" to the main competition by riding against and beating all of the competitors who did not win their preliminary round match-ups, then he re-entered the main competition in the semi-finals and found Banasiewicz as his opponent. It was déjà-vu, with Banasiewicz prevailing.

    In the other semi-final battle, Casey went up against Nyquist and surprised not only the crowd who were cheering their local favorite, Nyquist, but himself as well. Knowing it was going to take near perfection to beat the legend, Casey slipped a 360 triple-whip into his run over the second jump and decisively advanced to the finals.

    "I was just happy I could land it," said Casey. "I had never done it before, but I was feeling good and knew it was probably the only thing that I could do to beat Nyquist, so I did it and it worked!"

    At 15 and 16, Banasiewicz's and Casey's combined ages match Nyquist's 31 years, evidence that a new generation is emerging in BMX, bringing great hope for the future.

    "These guys are awesome. It's all about talent and these guys definitely have it," said Nyquist. "Their age means that they'll be around for a while, so the future is bright for BMX." Adding to this brightness is 14 year-old Nicholi Rogatkin of Boston, Massachusetts, who made his first appearance tonight in Triples competition and instantly won the fans' support and fellow competitors' respect.

    The MegaRamp ASA Triples is produced by leading action sports event producer ASA Entertainment (ASA), in association with MegaRamp Events. All of tonight's action and behind-the-scenes excitement will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net in November as part of ASA's action sports block. Check your local listings for specific broadcast times and dates.

    Next on the MegaRamp ASA Triples tour schedule is a stop in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum on September 25. For more information about the 2010 MegaRamp ASA Triples, please visit www.MegaRampASATriples.com.
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  • Re-Up: Simpel Session 10 Video

    I usually don't do this. The whole repost thing. BUT, some of the most progressive riding went down at this event and Dan Lacey's hangover 360 got the ender clip (as it should) so this is the best video from the event pretty much. Thanks to the Simpel guys and Props BMX for putting this together!

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