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    Name:Brett Banasiewicz
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  • Brett Banasiewicz wins 2010 DK Dirt Circuit

    I only made the connection now, as I wrote out the title, that it's weird to win an event put on by your major sponsor. But, I guess it's like Garrett Reynolds winning the Nike 6.0 Open or something. Regardless, you know he earned it and that there weren't any shenanigans of sorts within the judging.

    Here's another contest, like Dew Tour Portland, where some unsuspecting jumps were brutally destroyed by Brett Banasiewicz front flipping them and such. His runs were wild. Cashrolls, front flip ETs, back flips, triple tailwhips. The kid is SERIOUSLY a video game character. And a Justin Bieber look alike, made clear by the music coordinators at the event...

    Jeremiah Smith is still killing it. Second place with an onslaught of technical maneuvers like 360 superman seatgrabs and barspin and tailwhip variations everywhere. In third place is Rob Armour, who laid out a frontflip superman and a 720 and a myriad of other bangers to beat some of the best dirt riders in the world. There's your top 3!

    Brett pulling the cashroll at the event prior, Dew Tour Portland. photo courtesy of allisports.com
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  • 2010 Wendy's Invitational Park Results

    The park finals are getting harder and harder to judge. It's not just the general skill level going up, it's also the diversity of riders increasing. You got dudes doing 720 variations and front flip variations, and you got guys doing unique lines and technical tricks on the ground. You have to take all these styles of riding the course and put them together to score something... Yeah, hard.

    Daniel Dhers took the number one spot with a run full of trick after trick. All of them accentuated with height and that flair he has. Tailwhips flaired out all weird and spins all corked and all. 2nd, Brett Banasiewicz had a few ugly landings but so did Dhers and Brett came a hair below Dhers. Flair whips all day, front flip and 360 variations, all dialed in. 3rd, Andy Buckworth may have taken the win in my heart for sheer innovative ability. Backflip handplant on spine, frontflip superman, with flair whips and 900s? How do you judge this stuff?

    The rest of the field went like this:
    4. Drew Bezanson
    5. Mark Webb
    6. Dennis Enarson
    7. Mike Spinner
    8. Garrett Reynolds
    9. Jeremiah Smith
    10. Dave Mirra
    Craig Mast & Vince Byron didn't ride.

    photos courtesy of allisports.com
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  • 2010 Wendy's Invitational Dirt Results

    I may not have "called it" but I definitely mentioned it. Brett Banasiewicz won the last dirt event on the tour and just went 2 for 2. How did he do it? In style, and by style I mean 360 into the hectic drop in, double whip the first set, front flip the second, 450 truck the hip, and then flying out of the berm pulled the cash roll on the last set. To top it all off, he front flipped the berm at the end of the run and pretty much let his glorious sunshine light up the room and hearts of young women in the crowd.

    Ryan Nyquist trucked his way to second place. Dennis Enarson put a clean run of opposite spins and whips together for a third place finish. Luke Parslow was hitting off 360 backflips and put together solid runs for fourth place. Brandon Dosch pulled out a bag of tailwhips for fifth place.

    Everybody absolutely went off and Brett just put on an indescribable show. 6-12 went like this:

    6. James Foster
    7. Anthony Napolitan
    8. Chris Doyle
    9. TJ Ellis
    10. Corey Bohan
    11. Andy Buckworth
    12. Diogo Canina

    photos courtesy of allisports.com
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  • 2010 Wendy's Invitational Preview

    We may all be gassed from keeping up with the X Games and then the Huntington Beach events just after that, but we have to truck on and preview the BMX side of things at this year's Wendy's Invitational. As always, the best of the best will travel to Portland, OR this weekend and we'll see more park, dirt, and vert action thanks to Dew Tour.

    Within the realms of BMX vert riding, the elephant in the room is Jamie Bestwick. He cannot be ignored and certainly cannot be taken lightly. Bestwick swept last year's Dew Tour (winning every stop) and obviously took home the tour cup. Usual contenders Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Simon Tabron, and also Vince Byron have been biting at his heels to make this event more than a competition for second place. Jamie is a great rider and I love seeing him succeed, but I want to see an upset more. I'm putting my money on Vince Byron and Simon Tabron to really put it together and dethrone Mr. Bestwick.

    Dirt. I'd say the dirt guys were surely taken by surprise when park destroyer Brett Banasiewicz competed in dirt and straight won, but that's all in the past now. Brett has an amazing bag of tricks and clearly enough ability to win in either park or dirt, but the dirt guys want their event back. Riders like Brandon Dosch, Luke Parslow, Seth Klinger, and Andy Buckworth are all going to put something big together to regain the top spots in Dew Tour dirt. However, with some of the biggest moves in the business, Banasiewicz might just keep the dirt event to himself.

    The park event recently became a topic of controversy as Mike Spinner clearly killed it but many felt he didn't deserve the win last event due to lack of clean landings/style. Daniel Dhers, as always, was hot on his tail and hasn't let down during the X Games or Nike 6.0 event so don't expect anything less of the guy. Garrett Reynolds is getting even better and can never be counted out of a park contest but he hasn't been dominating as we've seen in the past. He's added more flair (literally, flairs) to his arsenal but hasn't earned a number one park win in a while. Mark Webb will bring the tech lip trickery as always and Ryan Nyquist will bring the truck drivers. A name we can't leave out is the golden child himself, Brett Banasiewicz. He has Dhers' cash roll, he has front flip variations, flair whips on lock, etc. Look for him to fight to jump into the top 5 in Portland.

    Only 3 days before things kick off in Portland so get ready. I made my predictions but I probably jinx the riders by doing so and create upsets in the process. Upsets are awesome though. Stay tuned!

    photos courtesy of allisports.com
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  • 2010 Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro Final Results

    The 2010 Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro goes down like this... 10 dudes rode Thursday and the top 5 of them advance to Saturday. 10 dudes rode Friday and the top 5 of them go Saturday as well. The overall top 5 from last year automatically advance to Saturday (semifinals) so all in all 15 dudes ride against each other Saturday. The top 10 advance to Sunday which is finals. That's where the money is at ladies and gentleman... So!

    The finals went off, jaws were dropped, and upsets were certainly had. Brandon Dosch took 10th place and $2,000 home for some huge transfers and tailwhip variations. Pat Casey, Andy Buckworth, and Craig Mast all tied for 7th but Pat Casey won the tie breaker earning him $5,000. Buckworth and Mast split 8th to each earn $3,500. Garrett Reynolds earned 6th place (surprisingly low for an event favorite), but still earned $6,000 from the prize purse.

    Jeremiah Smith earned 5th place and $7,000 with his usual tech trickery and beefy lines. Brett Banasiewicz was destroying everything with front and back flips variations and perfect flair whips. Can't believe he only took 4th place and $8,000 home. Dennis Enarson definitely killed it with big tricks in places nobody even thought of going. That's what makes him unique, and what earns him 3rd place and $10,000. Daniel Dhers took second with his typical perfect (what I like to call) "Dew Tour runs" and earned $15,000. But Ryan Nyquist, whom didn't originally qualify for the finals but was runner up when another rider dropped out due to injury, came up huge after having not so good runs in this event. Pulling truck driver after truck driver and even an 810 (720 + 90 + hip ramp = successful 810). He takes first place and a large sum of money in the form of $25,000 home! Only a quarter of the prize money for US Open of Surfing winner Brett Simpson but not bad at all for what would be a side show to surfing in this event...

    photos courtesy of usopenofsurfing.com
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