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    Name:Brett Banasiewicz
    Lives In:United States
    Hometown:United States

    If you want to see the Nike 6.0 Partners in Crime video with the Fit Bike Co duo, click HERE.

    Paul Dybas and friends vacationed Southern Cali and got their trails on. I wanna know where those smaller trails with the berms are. SO FUN. Damn, I suck...

    2009 King of New York! It's the end of February... 2010... but don't mean it's not good! Get at it!

    The DK team was dominating this year's Simpel Session. Bezanson in first. Banana sandwich in second. BK just killing it in general.

    NARAN of Fly Bikes has a nice video up from his 2009 endeavors. Sick.

    The Australian King of Dirt contest happened recently and this video displays the resulting madness...

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  • Drew "Thousand And Ten" Bezanson WINS Simpel Session

    Wow. Don't even have enough room to name off the bangers. Fufanu AND a footjam on the far railing by Drew. Drew also did a whip catch whip on the box. Brett "Maddog", who took second, kept front flipping banks that shouldn't be front flipped. He also did a 720 tailwhip which was banana bonkers... Ben Wallace did a 3 double downside whip and a 3 layback to downside whip. He earned third place.

    Diogo Canina took fourth with the best use of the course and maybe the toughest rider award by getting up after every HARD slam he took. Harry Main took fifth with an always solid performance including a 3 downside whip to bar. And Leandro from Brazil took sixth.

    Dan Lacey pwn3d the best trick contest with a tooth hangover to 360. Sounds crazy but just watch the end...

    The contest was so good. Can't wait to see the highlights videos. And let's hear it for the official year... of


    video & photo by Fat Tony (RIDEbmx.com)
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  • Simpel Session Day One

    Alright let's start off with a quick rundown of the qualifiers for the finals. These guys will be going to the finals tomorrow. Also tomorrow there will be a best trick contest for everyone. Game on! Also, I'd like to mention that Simpel Session is going huge for the riders and changing the lip on the box jump. I think the riders weren't getting enough pop/height for big tricks so the dudes are just going to make it steeper so the BMX guys can go HUGE for you!

    1. Drew Bezanson CAN

    2. Garrett Reynolds USA

    3. Brett Banasiewicz USA

    4. Diogo Canina BRA

    5. Harry Main UK

    5. Gary Young USA

    7. Ben Wallace UK

    8. Michael Beran CZE

    9. Dan Norvell USA

    9. Kevin Kiraly USA

    11. Corey Martinez USA

    12. Simone Barraco ITA

    13. Ben Snowden USA

    14. Kiattichai Wanitsakun THA

    15. Sergio Layos ESP

    15. Rob Darden USA

    17. Andres Lainevool EST

    18. Leandro Moreira BRA

    19. Tony Watkinson UK

    20. Mark Webb UK

    20. Zack Williams UK

    22. Georgy Doremus FRA

    23. Andre Jesus BRA

    23. Danny Hickerson USA

    Drew Bezanson is on top of the game recently. He did the typical whips and flips and spins necessary to get into the finals but also fufanu'd an intense railing. Garrett Reynolds was going huge. He fell quite a few times trying wild shit but got right back up and nailed these things. Ice grind to nose manual down the entire hubba. Feeble up to barspin to manual to barspin attempt. Plenty of barspins to ice grinds and truck drivers and such. He will go BIG tomorrow. Brett "Maddog" took 3rd at 15 years of age. He hit off flip whips, front flips, 3 whips, and pretty much became number one box jumper or quarterpipe rider this morning...

    Diogo Canina killed it in the same group as Drew Bezanson. All kinds of whips and spins and creative lines to earn fourth. Harry Main also killed it in the same way though having trouble with the lip tricks. Gary Young had an insanely creative run that earned him high scores without the flips and whips and such. Ben Wallace is a UK rider that is coming up for sure and not only has big tricks, but has them smoother than anyone else. Michael Beran simply went big, without much regard to style or his physical well being. Hucking truck drivers with late tailwhips and such. Dan Norvell was in the number one spot early in the game and did it through a breakthrough performance of flips and spins. Kevin Kiraly also made it to the finals with very quality street riding. Bars to ice. Luc-Es to 180s. Jeez!

    Corey Martinez did some amazing rail work like 180 to fakie grinds and luc-Es. Simone Barraco should have scored even higher. Seriously. This young gun seriously put things down. The gap bar to smith was nuts and unexpected. He finished the run off with a flair and other good street moves on the ledges and rails.

    Whew. I'm getting tired of this... Let's just end with the hometown hero, ANDRES LAINEVOOL. This kid from Estonia earned a spot in the final for sure. At first it looked like he was just another talented rider from Europe getting his name out there with this contest. He was firing off clean whips and flips and spins. However, at the end, pretty much at the buzzer, he came out with a 900 and landed it! First try insanity. Catfish went nuts on the mic, I fell out of my chair, the local crowd went crazy. Hope to see more from this young stallion tomorrow in the finals...

    The contest format was kind of troublesome as some riders weren't used to riding contests and had a lot of dead time in runs and ate up the time of other competitors but the organizers did their best to give everybody a fair shot at two runs each essentially. Riders like Dan Lacey were having trouble with the quick format and couldn't advance due to some falls and lack of time. Riders that couldn't ride were Dennis Enarson, Hoang Tran, and Ty Morrow. It kinda sucks because those are the best riders right there pretty much. Like that could be the podium right there.

    Hope this day one update tied you over for the finals and best trick tomorrow. Make sure you tune in to their website to watch it live and if you like what you see book a flight next year because the Simpel Session has a lot more to offer than just the contest I tellz yaz...

    (photos from previous simpel sessions...)
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  • Who is the KING of the ANIMAL HOUSE!?

    Ladies and gentlemen it is Dennis Enarson! Yes! Dennis Enarson won a brand new Subaru and I couldn't think of a worse person to give it to. Let's just hope Dennis doesn't kill himself in that thing because one thing we know from his riding is that he likes to go fast, and he likes to go high. Dennis also won, by far, the most in the cash jam by putting over a grand in his pocket easily. Everybody else was under a grand.

    Ryan Nyquist won second place to earn a Yamaha 250. I think he won by setting a Guinness world record of most truckdrivers in one minute. Craig Mast took third and a ballin' Breitling watch from Monster. Craig kills it of course. Only guy doing flails (frontflip flairs) still? I believe so...

    Daniel Dhers in 4th, Guettler in 5th, Darden in 6th, Perry in 7th, Webb in 8th, Maddog in 9th, Jeremiah in 10th, Byron in 11th, Hennon in 12th, HARRY MAIN in 13th, Laird in 14th, Miller in 15th, Wade in 16th only because he injured himself in the cash jam or early the next day or something. He sort of won in my heart though. Dude... is... nuts.

    So, I'm not even going to look at my predictions considering how much I failed. However, Harry Main in 13th makes me cry. I don't know what happened. This dude does 900s on baby quarter pipes and flair footjam barspin nonsense that nobody else can do. I seriously thought he was going to win a Subie and be all pissed the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

    I know you're not reading this, so let's get to the videos. From Vital and Ride BMX, we have footage...

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  • King of the Animal House - COMING UP!

    Thanks to Vital BMX, Dave Mirra runs down the approaching real soon King of the Animal House contest. The warehouse is decked out with some new looks and a hot looking Subie waiting to be grabbed up by some wild contestant. All these filthy, ratty BMX riders are competing for a slick new car or a ballin' new watch to up their game with the ladies. You know it! All the riders are in town now and it's scary to see this much talent in one warehouse. I know we get the best of the best in the X Games and Dew Tour but something feels different. There is a lot more on the line right now.

    Predicting results in this contest is just impossible but let me take a CRACK at it...
    Remember though, one more guy will be added through a wild card during the cash jam!
    And Maddog is replacing Chase Hawk who hurt his shoulder... right?
    Drew can't make it, Vince Byron and Chris Hughes are wild cards.

    1. Harry Main
    2. Daniel Dhers
    3. Josh Perry
    4. Mark Webb
    5. Ryan Guettler
    6. Ryan Nyquist
    7. Rob Darden
    8. Ben Hennon
    9. Dennis Enarson
    10. Brett Banasieciwuidwiszzz
    11. Jeremiah Smith
    12. Mike Miller
    13. Morgan Wade
    14. Craig Mast
    15. Mike Laird
    16. ?

    UGH... That is awful... I'm not going to try to hard on that list because all these guys are going to go NUTS. Reason I give it to Harry Main is because he almost has everything everyone else has. He has big bangers, he has technical trickery, he has style, he has variety. Daniel Dhers is more of a box-jump rider but he is the best at that easily. Josh Perry is slowly climbing up the ranks and I think if he goes 100% he can easily get third.

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