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  • Sheckler Qualifies First In Street

    The elimination round of Skateboard Street at X Games 16 was held today at the Staples Center. Ryan Sheckler qualified first making teenage girls everywhere jump for joy.

    There was some controversy too. Brian Anderson and Bastein Salabanzi finished tied for tenth, being the core legends that both are no one wanted to see either eliminated. After a few discussions it was decided they would add up all of their run scores, instead of counting the best one run, with which they were deadlocked at 77.0. In the end Salabanzi's total was higher moving him into the Final.

    Here are the full results:

    1. Ryan Sheckler - 95.0
    2. Chaz Ortiz - 93.0
    3. Rodolfo Ramos - 90.0
    4. David Gravette - 87.66
    5. Ryan Decenzo - 83.33
    6. Mark Appleyard - 81.33
    7. Nyjah Huston - 80.00
    8.Sierra Fellers - 78.00
    9. Eli Reed - 77.33
    10. Bastien Salabanzi - 77.00
    11.Brian Anderson - 77.00
    12 Shane O'Neill - 75.66
    13. Justin Brock - 75.66
    14. Nick Trepasso - 61.33
    15. Adam Dyet - 57.66
    16. Stefan Janoski - 55.00
    17. Alex Olson - 45.33
    18. Garrett Hill - 40.00
    19. Tony Tave - 26.33
    20. Omar Salazar - 12.00
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  • Fourstar Clothing's 12th web Video Doesn't Disappoint

    Editor's note: If you didn't already know how big Brian Anderson is look at him dwarf Frank Grewer in the photo above.

    On a not-so-regular basis Fourstar clothing releases little videos on their website to show their styley clothes in action. Their latest release is from their Gang of Fourstar European trip a few months back. It was supposed to be released on Monday, but because of overwhelming demand, the video crashed, I think that's what you call it when it doesn't play. I don't know, I'm not a computer guy. It had something to with bandwidth, and traffic, and I think somehow Bill Gates was involved. Anyway, because of technical difficulties most of the world saw it yesterday, or as I like to call it "Tuesday."

    To get the proper avionce I sat down "Tuesday" with a nice frosty Stella and a bowl pop corn. Right off the bat I found out my Stella was the only frostyness that was going to be in attendance. Fourstar boss, Frosty himself, aka Eric Koston, couldn't make the trip because of a little thing called child birth. His wife Ashlee gave birth to their first mini-Koston a few months ago, and guess what? Baby Frost makes an appearance at the very beginning of the video, which was a nice little surprise.

    Minus Koston, the Fourstar team is still killer with names like: Brian Anderson, The Gonz, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, Tyler Bledsoe, Rick Howard and the soon to be S.O.T.Y., Sean Malto. Oh, did I speak too soon? He did destroy 2009.

    The video was aesthetically pleasing as usual. Fourstar has a secret editing weapon known as Aaron Meza, and as usual he killed it. The skating was on point, and for all you skate fashionistas out their, you get to see different ways of combing the new Fourstar threads. I'd have to say the gnarliest part of the video is Brian Anderson's fall. It can't be described just watch the video, click here to check it out.
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  • Phelper Outtakes

    Here's a funny little Thrasher video of all the Ask the Phelper outtakes from the Wallenberg shows. It's like when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air used to show all the botched lines at the end. It's just these are better. I think Jake is Will, and Burnett is Carleton. As Smolik would say, Check it son:

    Thrasher Skateboard Magazine
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