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    Name:Brock Sellards
    Lives In:Sherrodsville, Ohio
    United States
    Hometown:Dover, Ohio
    United States
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    2005 Sellards raced in the AMA 125cc East Region Supercross series, earning his season best, fourth-place finish at Indianapolis... In the AMA 125cc Motocross Championship he earned a top-10 overall finish at Budds Creek, Md... Raced with Boost Mobile Yamaha team.

    2004 Sellards raced in the AMA 125cc West Region Supercross series, taking a podium finish at Salt Lake City... Raced a limited AMA 125cc Motocross Championship season, best result sixth-place overall at Budds Creek, Md... Raced with Boost Mobile Yamaha team.

    2003 Sellards raced in the AMA 125cc East Region Supercross series, taking wins at the Atlanta and Houston rounds... He contested select rounds of the AMA 250cc Supercross series, best result was seventh-place at the Feb. 1 Anaheim, Calif. round... In the AMA 125cc U.S. Motocross Championship, he earned overall podium finishes at Southwick, Mass., Buchanan, Mich., and Millville, Minn... Raced with Boost Mobile Yamaha team.
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    …which leads us to this shot of Langston. Also that week, I was set to head on up to Brock Sellards’ house near New Philadelphia, Ohio to document a gathering of superstars at his encampment. Sellards’ place was always the congregation point for all the super-fast pro riders who chose to spend their time out east along with the nationals, and this year the place was stacked. Reed, Tedesco and Langston were all there just hanging out and having a good time, along with getting a bunch of riding in. Well, the rain put a damper on things there as well, so they focused more on having a good time than on training, but I digress. I was actually the guy who told Brock over the phone “yep, they cancelled Kenworthy’s and it sounds like Grant’s the champ, so I’m coming up!”. With that, Brock got to work on making Langston a killer #1 plate, the likes of which we’ve never seen before or since and, well, here it is. Grant Langston, da numba won. (Jeff Kardas Photo)
    Not to emphasize Brock too much but hey, he’s an Ohio legend and I’m from Ohio. His Dad, Kenny, is a legend too and I wanted to do a portrait with those two. It’s the easiest shot I’ve ever done, and honestly, I have a dozen others that just as effectively capture these two and their attitudes perfectly. I figure the reason for that is that they “are what they are”, and the didn’t have to pose for the shot. Canon EOS-1V, Agfa ScalaX ISO200 b/w slide film and 15mm fisheye. (Jeff Kardas Photo)

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