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    Name:Bruce Irons
    Lives In:Kauai, Hawaii
    United States
    Hometown:Kauai, Hawaii
    United States
    Birthday:November 16, 1979
  • The Bruce Episode

    Check out the latest installment of the The Volcom House Show. Bruce Irons talks about the history of the two houses, life as freesurfer and how it feels to be a father. Click here to find out more about Bruce and the rest of the Volcom surf team.

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  • Island Style Signing And Screening

    Volcom Hawaii
    If you're in Hawaii you can stop by one of these shops, get your favorite Volcom surf team member to sign something, and then get them to help you screen-print a shirt. I suggest asking Gavin, it seems more his thing than the others.
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  • 8th Annual Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic

    Irons Brothers Classic
    Once again, to give back to the community they grew up in, Bruce and Andy hosted the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic at the their homebreak, Pine Trees, hence the name of the contest. It is a contest for the kids, or keiki, of Kauai. They get to surf some heats, eat some food, meet their heros, and of course, get some free stuff.

    Two lucky kids were chosen by the Irons brothers themselves, and given brand new JS surfboards for being the most well-behaved. Then Bruce, who is a soon-to-be-father, had this classic line, "We'll all be here next year so all you kids be good, listen to your parents and good things will happen!"

    Thanks to Volcom for the video and pictures. For more on the event go to www.volcom.com

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  • MORINformed's Top 10 Quotes Of 2008

    Mike Mo
    Here's a list of ten of my favorite lines that have appeared in the Quote of the Day section of my blog this year. They're in no particular order and will not make you smarter. The picture above is one I took of Mike Mo at the Downtown Showdown, the lighting was odd and the picture came out weird, so I thought it would be perfect for this session of weirdness.

    1. "What's Are Kansas? - Mike Mo after reading an Arkansas liscence plate.

    2. "I dropped out when I was 16, but had already given up 4 years before that." - Mike Mo on school, which is probably the reason for number 1.

    3. "My friend Kamalei fell asleep at the wheel with five of us in the car and we flipped and rolled in the middle of the street on Oahu. Kamalei's head went out the window and he scrapped a whole bunch of hair off. That was a wake up call to never get in a car with someone who's going to go to sleep." - Bruce Irons

    4. "See ya!" - Bruce Irons after he won the Search and was asked if he'll take back his retirement claim.

    5. "I told you I was gonna flip the truck." - Bruce Irons after flipping the truck in Dude Cruise.

    6. "Would you rather smell shit for a couple of minutes, or be sick for a week?" - Rudy Johnson on why it's more considerate to fart than sneeze.

    7. "I pissed his couch twice and just flipped the cushions. He doesn't know until he reads this." -Neck Face about Spanky's apartment in LA.

    8. "I wanted Dustin Dollin's puke on my board" - The Gonz

    9. "I know, I've shit in that hallway so many times." - Rick Howard on the lack of a bathroom at the Berrics.

    10. "The best contest would have to be the 2002 Bong Olympics in my kitchen" - Lane Knaack on his favorite contest of his career.
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  • MORINformed's Top 10 Surf Stories Of The Year

    Surf Top 10
    Here's what I feel are the Top 10 surf stories of 2008 in no particular order. It is only my opinion, if you feel differently tell me about it. Sorry Barca and Coco, I tried to squeeze you two in there. If it was a Top 12 you guys qualifying would of so made it. Photo: MORINformed

    1. Slater wins his 9th WCT title, ridiculous.
    2. Bruce retires from the WCT.
    3. Andy may retire as well.
    4. Still no Kickflip. As in no one has stuck one and taken the 10K from Volcom in the Kickflip Off.
    5. ...LOST's 5'5" Redux is finally released.
    6. Peter Davi dies at Ghost Trees.
    7. Bruce wins The Search contest in Bali, and pretty much teases the ASP with a, "See Ya!"
    8. Bird Rock kook is convicted of murder.
    9. Joel Parkinson surfs a perfect heat in the Pipe Masters, and wins the Triple Crown.
    10. Slates wins Pipe on a 5'11".
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