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    Name:Cam Sinclair
    Lives In:Pearcedale, VIC
    Hometown:Southport, QLD
    Birthday:December 4, 1984
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    First Motorcycle: Honda qr50
    Currently rides: Honda CRF250
    Career Accomplishments: Riding the crusty tours, competing in the mexico x games, King of the coast 2006-2007.
    Other sports and hobbies: Parting, Minibike riding, hanging out with my buddies., water skiing.
    Music: Punk rock
    Food: Mexican
    Vacation Place: Echuca
    Car: Ford territory slammed on 22's
    Personal Quote: If your not wasted the day is.
    Sponsors: Metal mulisha, rockstar, alpinstars, honda, electric, globe, one industries, ringmaster, pro circuit, winsor caravans, ogio, balls deep, ride and reikon.

    Since the age of five, Cam Sinclair has been riding motorcycles. He travelled with his family to motocross and supercross races all over Australia for 15 years winning many state and national championships along the way and becoming known as one of Australia's future racing stars.

    In his spare time Cam began setting up ramps at friends properties and learning to do some of the basic FMX tricks for fun with his best friend Blake Williams. Eventually his skills progressed and Cam was asked to perform FMX demos at half time at the Australian Supercross Nationals. He would change the seat and side plates from his race setup for the demo, then change them back to compete in the rest of the event. Cam's versatility at the time was rarely seen in Australia; a racer battling for national supercross podiums, while managing to perform FMX during the half time break. Cam began earning more money due to his FMX, than from racing and decided to switch his focus entirely on FMX in 2006 when he joined the Crusty Demons of Dirt Tour.

    The Crusty Tour is the biggest touring act in Australia. For Cam to be a part of it full time was a great achievement and helped raise Cam's profile in Australia considerably to the point where he is one the best known action sports athletes in the country. He has performed for them all over Australia, in the UK, India and New Zealand.

    Cam has always been an easy going person and has never taken himself, or his riding too seriously. For Cam riding is all about having fun. His biggest strengths is that he is able to perform under immense pressure and very rarely makes mistakes.

    The highlight of Cam's career to date is landing the double flip for the first time, in Spain last December. That same jump was the very first time Cam had hit an FMX ramp to dirt on a 250 Two Stroke machine. Initially he was to ride a four stroke, however found the two stroke to rotate quicker for the double. In Spain he did not jump the jump in practise, or ride practise with the other riders. Incredibly, he landed the trick perfectly and has landed multiple double flips since.
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