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    Name:Chanelle Sladics
    Nickname:Sladics Number 5
    Lives In:Breckenridge, Colorado
    United States
    Hometown:Newport Beach, California
    United States
    Birthday:November 17, 1984
  • One Life Wednesdays: Episode 7- Chicken Jam PT 2

    We know it's been weeks since the Roxy Chicken Jam took over Mammoth, but the antics from the ladies are still rolling out.

    In the latest episode of One Life Wednesdays, the girls get crafty in crappy conditions and strap on GoPros to show their shredding.

    We just want to know what's up with the hats..?

    In this episode of One Life Wednesdays we continue Kjersti Buaas, Chanelle Sladics, and Sarka Pancochova's adventure in Mammoth for the Roxy Chicken Jam. Because of the crazy amounts of snow the slopestyle portion of the event was canceled, but with all the new snow they decided to split the girls off in teams of three to see who could make the best GoPro edit of the day. See how that unfolded.....

    Check out the video at SNOWBOARDER here.
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  • One Life Wednesdays: Episode 7 - Chicken Jam Part 1

    Yeah, we're still using footage that was captured at the Roxy Chicken Jam. It's the end of April but everyone is popping our their videos from that event; including the ladies from the One Life Crew.

    While the endless amounts of snow continued to fall on Mammoth Mountain, Chanelle Sladics, Kjersti Buaas, and Sarka Pancochova went along their merry way with their video camera. Kjersti was under the weather (again), but the girls still got some deep powder turns along with all the other riders in town that weekend and had a benefit at Hyde Lounge.

    Get the second half of their trip in the next episode.

    Watch episode here....
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  • One Life Wednesdays: Laax

    Another week, another Wednesday, another episode of "One Life Wednesdays." SNOWBOARDER Magazine just dropped the most recent edit from the girls of the One Life Crew and it follow them through their trip to Switzerland where they compete in the European Open, hang out in the hospital, and rock n' roll through the city of Zurich.

    This edit conquers it all - laid back shredding, competition, a brush with swine flue, and sight-seeing through one hell of a city. The girls are cruising all over the world - enjoy their latest edit.

    Watch video here...
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  • Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade: Day 3

    The month of March may have come in like a lamb, but it went out like a lion for the third day of Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade at Keystone Resort in Summit County, Colorado.

    'Ms SuperPow' as it's been coined by some, experienced another day of erratic Colorado weather. The morning session was hampered by intense fog and snow which made visibility minimal at best. Since it wasn't the most ideal weather for shredding park, some of the girls ventured to Keystone's Outback and tapped into the foot of fresh that had fallen over night.

    During the afternoon session, the snow stopped and the sun tried to poke out of the thick grey skies. The little hints of light brightened everyone's spirits and created an atmosphere that was all about having fun and getting creative.

    We caught up with some of the girls in between runs for their insight into Day 3 of Ms Superpark 7. Check out what they had to say-

    Spencer O'Brien:
    My favorite part about Superpark is all of the girls coming together to ride. It's like the only time of year when all the film girls and the contest girls get to shred together. This is the best Superpark setup we've ever had- the jumps are great. We haven't had the best weather but everyone is having fun and it's super good.

    My favorite feature is probably the pole jam to whalestail. I think it's super creative and really well built. Other than that the triple line is super good, and I'm really hoping that tomorrow we get to shoot on it.

    Day 3 Standouts: Raewyn Reid on the up to flat. I just saw her do 50/50 frontboard pretzel out which was pretty sick.

    Kjersti Buaas:
    My favorite part about Superpark is that all the girls come here and it's really creative and everyone just hits whatever feature that suits them best. It's nice to see so much individuality and style come out. That makes me happy.

    Favorite Feature: I actually don't know yet because I haven't hit everything yet. I've been sick for like ten days, so this is my first day here and I'm just cruising around. I think the jumps look so sick and that butterpad looks really good. So tomorrow, when the sun comes out, it'll be good.

    Day 3 Standouts: Jamie did some sick stuff on the rails and me and Chanelle have been riding the hip with the basketball hoop, I really like it. It's kind of small and flat landing, but it's super fun. It was better than expected today. There's a lot of good riders here. Lot of good style here too.

    Robin Van Gyn:
    Best part of Superpark: I think it's seeing everybody at one venue. I think that's the best part! I mean it's always awesome to ride a super sick park, but it's nice to see everybody.

    Favorite Feature: Whalestail. Hands Down. Cannon to Whalestail for sure.

    Day 3 Standouts: I saw Leanne do a pillow line, that was rad.

    Megan Whiteside:
    Riding with everyone. That's been my favorite part, having everyone at the same place and the same time.

    Favorite Feature: Keystone always does a phenomenal job with their park, so everything is really on point and I'd say that my favorite feature is still that gap jump just cause it's big and different---- And she's been the only one hitting it..

    Day 3 Standouts: I saw a girl take out the sign (on the hip) and then Kumara Kelley has been completely gapping the hip and going over the sign and sending it. I'm stoked for her.

    Chanelle Sladics:
    Super Duper Park! I think seeing all the girls is the best part because a lot of girls come out of the woods, out of the backcountry, out of the contests and come in from all angels, out of the urban city street rail scene, so you get a mix of many different colors and personalities here. Keystone went above and beyond in terms of creativity. It's the best Superpark I've been to, minus the weather.

    Favorite Feature: I like the Gatorade up-rail and I'm hitting the hip right now. Everything is pretty fun. The jumps are going to be epic too, so that's going to be going down tomorrow.

    Day 3 Standouts: I was having fun doing laps with Kjersti, hitting the first rail into the pow, then hitting the cat track and spinning out of that into powder. I was liking that line.... We got Izzy getting all sexual on these rails. And Raewyn did a sick frontboard pretzel out on the up-rail feature and Jamie just came out of nowhere and is slaying it like usual.

    Lynn Neil:
    My favorite part of Superpark is watching all the girls rip because I'm injured right now, so I can't hit the jumps but they look so sweet and the Whalestail feature is sick. I think that's my favorite feature.

    Day 3 Standouts: I've haven't seen too much go down today except for on the hip. Nicki Slechta was going so big today and was tapping the sign. I think she went the biggest I've seen today.

    Alice Gong:
    Superpark is so much fun this year. If anything it's just having a great reunion with your friends that you don't get to see all year and its amazing having this energy and all of these girls around.

    Favorite Feature: I like the lower tube and the hip with the sign tap, it's cool to get interactive with your features!

    Day 3 Standouts: I'm following my girl Izzy into the gap on the left of the whalestail and I just saw her spin. I'm pretty inspired so I think I'm going to follow her into it on this run.

    Ashley Thornton:
    Best part of Superpark: So far hanging out with all the ripping girls that are out here and how amazing Keystone has set up the park for us. It's been snowing the whole time and they've made it a blast.

    Favorite Feature: The whalestail would be my favorite feature. I haven't hit it since the first day, but tomorrow when the sun comes back out, that's what I'll be playing on.

    Jamie Anderson:
    Superpark is great! To come out here and have a private park, get all the girls together to session, have fun, ride some cool features and learn some new tricks. It's a good little spring session.

    Day 3 Standouts: I saw a girl try and do a front 3 to tap and she broke the tap. It was pretty funny and awesome.

    The last day of Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade goes down tomorrow at Keystone Resort. Fingers crossed for a sunny day that's sure to witness the most progressive riding yet.

    Get on over to SNOWBOARDER for more photos and a video recap from Day 3.
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  • Full house at Loon Mountain for first stop of the Oakley Progression Sessions

    Words: Mary Walsh
    Photo: Cole Martin

    It's everyone's dream to ride a private mountain, even for a day. No liftlines, no crowds, no one to wait behind in the park. Most of the time, it's little more than a far-off fantasy, except at Loon Mountain's "Droppin' In" camp, the first stop of Oakley Progression Sessions.

    The mountain may have been vacant because of warm temperatures and consistent rain, but that was not nearly enough to deter the radical lady riders. Everyone showed up bright-eyed and raring to go (even with the late hours pulled the night before at the Oakley/Loon Park Ranger Auction and Boarding for Breast Cancer benefit party). The women took one look at the dreary weather, threw trash bags and ponchos over their jackets and headed to the lift. The mushy snow was perfect for slashes and learning tricks, and because of the rain it was still plenty fast. The Droppin' In women didn't look back once they headed on hill--they rode until the lifts shut down. Seriously. Soaking wet. Taking laps. All day. And smiling the whole time.

    That never happens. And it was awesome.

    A glowing testament to the insane vibes that Loon and Oakley have fostered with all of the female shreds, everyone had even more fun in the drenching rain Sunday than on Saturday, when the weather wasn't bad.

    Said Beth Dooly, who received Oakley's "Girl, You've Got Skills" award (which included dinner, lodging, and lift tickets for a future trip to Loon, as well as Oakley luggage, streetwear, Loon gear, and more), "I've never had so much fun in the rain. Any person who comes here is going to progress because of the positivity that surrounds you. The coaches are extremely supportive and all the girls are cheering you on, which just makes you want to go bigger and better. You can't be in a better environment for two days. You want to do this every weekend."

    After the camp finished up on Sunday, we had a chance to catch up with pro rider Chanelle Sladics, who spent her weekend coaching all of the dedicated women. In her second year as a Droppin' In coach, Chanelle explains what the weekend was like, what's she's looking forward to at the Winter Park stop of OPS and what keeps her coming back to coach.

    So, how was the first Oakley Progression Sessions: Droppin' In at Loon Mountain this weekend?

    I was here last year so I kind of knew what I was signing up for; the energy of last year attracted me to come out again this year. I didn't know what to expect, since we didn't get the sunshine that we got last year and it poured all weekend. The girls didn't flinch. They just wrapped themselves in trash bags and rode until the lifts closed. Even with the weather, the progression was more than last year.

    What the girls are learning out here is really a metaphor for life. They walk away with new friends, new tricks, and new tools to take away and apply in life. Oakley and Loon really go above and beyond to create the best environment for these girls.

    The camp has a really good balance between good meals, good coaching, and good vibes. You got the yoga in the morning before you go ride, which I think, is an element that most camps have not incorporated yet. There's an insane amount of product donated to the girls just for participating and a tons of award for riders that stand out. I look forward to watching it evolve in the next few years.

    You're going to be coaching at the Winter Park stop of OPS, are you excited to do the camp in a new location?

    I spend my preseason in Breckenridge, Colorado, so I'm pretty tuned in to the energy in Colorado and when I heard they were doing an event there, I got really excited. Colorado is a place that attracted me about three years ago and I have been riding for Breckenridge ever since. I really feel at home there with people because they are absolutely in love with the mountains.

    To be a part of the first camp at winter park will be really fun because they won't know what they're signing up for and it gives us a lot of freedom to switch things up if we decide to, or carry the knowledge from the Loon event and hope that it's equal or better. I am interested to see where the ladies' riding is in comparison to the East Coast, and also where their passion is, because the East Coast obviously breeds passion.

    You spend most of your winter competing and shooting, what is it like to do something so different for a weekend?

    I really enjoy taking a break from competition hopping and photoshoots to come back to the basics that first made me fall in love with snowboarding--a toe edge turn, a heel edge turn, and the beauty and simplicity of snowboarding. Riding the mountain and remembering my experience as I have been progressing through my career. And the fact that I have been able to make it a career brings a lot of gratitude to me at these events. It reminds me to slow down and break down my tricks. These bigger tricks, it's just another 180 on the trick before, or just linking two rotations that I already have on lock. Sometimes my season is moving so fast that I forget to slow things down and break things down. This weekend really allows me to do that, and the girls' attitudes are really refreshing. I always come out of this weekend really inspired.

    Oakley Progression Sessions heads to Canyons, Utah next weekend. For more and to register, visit www.oakleyprogressionsessions.com.
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