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    Name:Chase Hawk
    Lives In:Austin, Texas
    United States
    Hometown:Austin, Texas
    United States
    Birthday:July 25, 1986
  • Game of BIKE with Aaron Ross and Chase Hawk

    Devon Hutchins filmed a friendly and long game of BIKE between team mates and ex-house mates Aaron Ross and Chase Hawk. I didn't know both of them were so similarly talented. Aaron even had to cheat (kinda sorta) to end the game. I'm sure Chase could get that with another try anyway...

    Channels: Bike
  • Odyssey BMX Team Video

    Another recap video of the past year, except this one is 12 minutes long, in HD, and features the Odyssey BMX team. Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Tom Perry, Hoang Tran, Jimmy Levan, KC Badger, Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Gary Young, Justin Simpson, Eric Lichtenberger, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer, and MIKE AITKEN!

    Channels: Bike
  • Fox BMX Team Video

    Fox had a great year. Here's a recap of the Fox BMX team's 2010, from Chase Hawk blasting quarters to Aaron Ross teching manual lines.

    Channels: Bike
  • Fox in Puerto Rico (Cranmer, Bezanson, & Hawk)

    Who is doing Fox's video production!? Up until now I thought BMX had really kept dubstep outside the fence but it appears that the gate has opened and we may, therefore, experienced a flood of dubstep in BMX edits, much to the dismay of myself (and other BMX bloggers). I actually enjoy it, but not so much in an action sports edit. This is all besides the point. Chase Hawk, Drew Bezanson, and Scotty Cranmer are all in this edit so I'm not sure why you're even reading this. But props for making it this far; now watch the damn video!

    Channels: Bike
  • Chase Hawk's Oakley x Defgrip Edit

    Click on the image to watch Chase Hawk's edit presented by Oakley on defgrip... If you are still reading this I don't know what to say about you... I just don't.

    Channels: Bike
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