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    Name:Chase Hawk
    Lives In:Austin, Texas
    United States
    Hometown:Austin, Texas
    United States
    Birthday:July 25, 1986
  • Cult Promo Video from Interbike

    How many bike companies can say they have a clip of the world's top skateboarder doing a 360 in their video? That's just fun to say. But Chris Cole isn't even the main attraction in this Cult video. Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, and all the flow guys go crazy in this Defgrip edit. Click the image to watch it on Defgrip!

    Channels: Bike
  • 30 Seconds With Chase Hawk At X Games Practice

    30 seconds with Chase Hawk at X games practice for Quintinco.com
    Channels: Bike
  • Empire Ramp Jam Video

    On March 27th a little event went down at the newly built Empire ramp. The miniramp turned into a bowl with hips and huge extensions and tight corners. Good times. Tom Dugan and Chase Hawk battle it out for style/height supremacy. Thanks to Ryan Navazio for filming and Devon Hutchins for editing this flick.

    PS: Dakota Roche is no longer human. He's devolved to that point in between monkeys and humans...

    Also, Sunday/Odyssey have moved their operations to Austin, CULT spent some time in Austin, Tom Dugan and friends are blowing up the Austin scene that's already popular via Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, Sean Sexton, and i believe adam22 and friends are in or were in Austin... This place is the next Greenville. Or more roots version of it in a way... Should I move?
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  • Empire Ramp Footage

    The Empire ramp has been getting some serious abuse recently. The first video is the Mutiny team killing it. After that are some clips of Chase Hawk and Aaron Ross from Nuno Oliviera I assume. Nuno is one of the Odyssey heads. Cool dude. Peep game...

    I wanted to show you this awesome little gopro edit at some unique, creative trails. Peep game!

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  • CULT (cvlt) Crew

    I suppose my interviews with Robbie and Chase got lost somewhere in between doing things exclusively for The Come Up... Sooo, here's a bunch of info from CULT and The Come Up...

    Cult's new website is up. I think they tried calling it CVLT for legal reasons but they might be over that now and allowed to call it CULT... So change all that...

    Three Cult-related video were released, a PREMIERE, a WELCOMING, and a TRAILER.

    Three interviews were had with Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, and Robbie Morales.

    The official CULT riders are Dakota Roche, Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, Russell Barone, Trey Jones, Bobby Simmons, Steven Mack, Jon Peacy, Joe Vee, Floyd, Shawn Garrett, Joe Molina, and IZ...

    This picture has it all!!! Dehart whipping, Roche filming, and Chris Cole biking in the background???

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