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  • Windells Session Four Recap

    To view full gallery from Session 4 click HERE.

    It's hard to believe that summer is halfway over up at Mount Hood. When you're out at camp, it's easy to blink and suddenly it's the middle of July. Surprising to all of the staff out at Windells for the season, Session 4 just finished up.

    Session 4 was a big one at Windells. So much went down that we figured we'd switch it up with this week's update and give you a highlighted list of what you missed (so you can make sure to be here this time next year). Drumroll please...

    1. The Technine Team was in town. MFM, Lucas Magoon, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, Ben Bilodeau, Brady Larson and Jeremy Seige brought their signature high level of snowboarding to camp, continuing to back up the massive amounts of street cred that they have. The crew literally brought the street to the mountain, with a custom Technine dumpster built right into their Dream Feature.

    2. Bonfire's annual Pipe 2 Pipe hit the slopes and the Windells Diggers and the Bonfire crew kept it old school with a jib-oriented mini pipe that quickly separated the boys from the men (the girls had their own division).

    3. This year marked the first year the skate portion of P2P broke out of BOB and spilled out onto the concrete jungle. Pro finals was downright amazing, words don't do justice to the level of skating that was going down, which is probably why announcers, Torey and Johnny Castro, spent half the time yelling "oooooh!" into the mics.

    4. Think Thank came to camp and put on a premiere of their new flick, Right Brain, Left Brain for the lucky campers. Jesse Burtner brought down a huge group of his riders to hang out. It was a blast.

    5. The Technine crew started a giant food fight one night, during their powdered donut-eating contest. Over 300 donettes filled first, the mouths of campers trying to win Technine gear and then, took to the air as the contest ended and everyone started winging the little powdered circles all over the place. Powdered sugar was everywhere, coated everybody in the vicinity and left a huge mess on the kitchen porch. 100%, this is what camp is all about.

    6. We could go on, but the list is getting lengthy, so we'll leave you with the photos and the tip that Session 5 is up next with Burton Team riders, Mark Sollors, Charles Reid, and Zak Hale. Stay tuned to www.windells.com/blog for updates!
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  • Technine Week At Windells

    GrindTV Newswire, Via Windells:
    Summer is blazing by at Windells, the park is set up on hill and the concrete is fun off hill. Chef Ryan has been cooking up a storm in the Heshin' Delicatessen, making sure the only thing campers are hungry for is learning new tricks on snow and on the acrobag. There has been a slew of the sickest visiting pros who have come and built Dream Features and had an amazing time chilling out with the campers, and there's no sign of the fun slowing down.

    Session 4 is a big one. July 6-13, Windells welcomes the Technine team. The stacked group of Marc Frank Montoya, Chris Bradshaw, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, and the Technine Ams are rolling into camp, complete with MFM's balled-out RV and a custom set up for their Dream Feature. They've been brainstorming up a jibby-secret set up that will be unveiled the first day on hill. Says Kenny Martinez, Windells staffer and member of the Technine crew, "I'm pumped that the whole crew is coming from all over the country for the session and I can't wait for the campers to see the Dream Feature. Its something that's never been put on hill before-guaranteed".

    Windells couldn't be more excited to have such a heavy-hitting and influential crew of riders visiting for a session. The Technine team will be riding the Windells park with the campers (showing them a few things about hitting rails), hanging out at camp, playing dodgeball, and skating the Concrete Jungle. Expect to see some good photos and blog updates as the week goes on.

    As FODT and MFM Productions get ready to release their 10th film this season, they'll be doing some summer shooting at Windells, too. The team will be filming a full DVD extra for their upcoming release, The Arena, featuring all of the shredding and camp antics the team gets into while at Hood.

    Session 4 is going to be an epic session, so stay tuned.
    www.windells.com and www.technine.com
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  • Enties and Bear Mountain Presents THE BEARICS


    What do you know about night shredding in a private park at Bear Mountain? Probably not much, unless you are a member of the Etnies shred team, or are sponsored by Bear Mountain.

    Check out this rad riding from the likes of Chris Bradshaw, Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Jp Walker, Nima Grenier, Ben Bilocq, and Johnny Miller.

    They pretty rock at snowboarding. Don't believe me? What the vid and see!

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  • Lauri Heiskari, You Have America's Next Top Pro Model

    Behind the Scenes at ANTPM

    This past weekend Snowboarder Magazine held it's inventive new contest "America's Next Top Pro Model" at the summer shredding glacier on Mt. Hood, Oregon in the world acclaimed Windells snowboard park. If you missed our coverage from the first day, pop-in over here to check out some video shorts from the "High-Ollie" and "Best Jibber" contest.

    Going into day two of the contest the 20 pro riders, all riding their new insignia snowboards, were tasked with three more on-snow mini-events. This time the schedule for the day started with the "Spin to Win" contest, followed by the "Biggest Air" and then capped off with the carnage-filled, crowd-pleasing "Chinese Downhill".

    Rather than force your eyes to go numb by actually reading, go ahead and check out these vids we whipped together. (We're not aiming for quality here, obviously. Our apologies.)

    For banger photo coverage you'll have to head over to Snowboardermag.com. It's their signature contest so they have the legit coverage in the works... we were more like the annoying friend of a friend that showed up and out of pity was allowed to hang out.

    Spin to Win:

    Biggest Air:

    For footage from the Chinese Downhill you'll have to wait with bated breath for the official Snowboarder Magazine video edit (coming soon to a website near you). We totally missed it... but we were told that yes, indeed there was plenty of spitting, shoving and carnage. Breaking thru the finnish line first was the unstoppable Fin Lauri Heiskari, followed by American badass Bryan Fox, with another Finnish luminary, Eero Ettala, coming in third.

    After shredding the hot snow all day the riders and the crowd moved down the hill to the Windells Campus where the pro's put on their philanthropist game-faces and started hawking their own pro-models to the Windells campers in a silent auction.

    Each board sold to the highest bidder, and the money for all the boards was collected and given to the charity chosen by the rider who received the highest bid out of all the boards. That rider who received the highest bid out of everyone was the revered Eddie Wall, who brought in $300 bucks for his Forum pro-model. The auction pulled together a total of $1909.00 that was donated to St. Judes Hospital, Eddie's charity of choice.

    With each mini contest, including the five on snow events and the silent auction, the riders stacked up points that went towards determining the overall rider who would win the title of "America's Next Top Pro Model". Throughout the weekend there was an undeniable standout. Lauri Heiskari, on his DC Snowboards XFB Pro board, won the Highest Ollie, Chinese Downhill and Biggest Air contests, and even placed third in the Spin to Win, making him the most winningest rider of the weekend and earning him the crown of America's Top Pro Model. If that's not some bragging rights for DC Snowboards and Lauri's R&D skills than we'd like to know what is.

    Besides checking out all of the coverage online, be sure to pick up a copy of Snowboarder Magazine's November issue to see America's Next Top Pro Model in all it's glory with the aesthetics of print.
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  • America's Next Top Pro Model

    Behind the Scenes at ANTPM
    "Danny Kass, you are still in the running to becoming America's Next Top Pro Model."

    Snowboarder Magazine was kind enough to let Grind TV check out their first ever summer contest "America's Next Top Pro Model" held at Windells Camp on Mt. Hood Oregon. Editor Pat Bridges (standing in as Snowboarding's own Tyra Banks) and the entire Snowboarder Mag crew invited a slew of top professional riders up to the glacier with one requirement: they must have a pro-model board coming out this season.

    An interesting array of pro's have graced the summer riding camp with their presence this weekend. From MFM to Eddie Wall to Lauri Heiskari to Danny Kass; you've got your contest killers and you've got you're shred-porn stars - and just about every breed of rider in between.

    The riders battled it out for two days, earning points during each of the five "mini contests" held up on the glacier. Be sure to head over to Snowboardermag.com to check out the full coverage.

    The first contest the riders had to anti up to was a regular old ollie-off.

    The crowd moved on to the 100 foot long rail to see who could slide the entire length first.

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