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    Name:Corey Martinez
    Lives In:Decatur, Alabama
    United States
    Hometown:Decatur, Alabama
    United States
    Birthday:April 24, 1983
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    Corey Martinez is a professional BMX rider from the great state of Alabama. He has awesome dogs. And he is an awesome dude. He has a pretty awesome life.

    Corey rides for United and has dropped numerous signature parts with them. He has had his Trinity line with United for a few years now. To view his blog on United's website click the link above.

    Corey has kinda been in between contest riding and straight filming for riding. He can do it all. He has a huge bag of tricks and can look at any obstacle and figure out something video-worthy to do on it. This has been proved time and time again.

    He has done a lot with Levi's denim as far as advertising and BMX demos and getting BMX out into the common world of denim jeans and people shopping at the mall.

    He won the NORA cup street rider of the year for three years in a row (04-06), which is sort of unheard of. That is consistency right there. He also has done a lot with Red Bull to go on trips and ride in different countries and film you know. He is not just riding the same spots in California and New York like everybody else.
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    Posted by ANDREA ZAMORA October 14, 2008 04:33pm PDTReply | Report Abuse


    Theresa Priest

    Posted by Theresa Priest August 14, 2008 02:56pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    I ran into your Aunt Terri in Bastrop and she let me know that you are doing great in BMX, so I looked you up online. I don't know if you remember me or not but I was a close friend of your mom for a lot of years. Congratulations and tell your dad and Savannah that Theresa says hello and sends her best. Love yall.


    Posted by BMXWAR18 October 31, 2007 12:06pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    i was reading this and i was jsut riding wit cory and and edwin so yah its funny to c these things and im friends wit him

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