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    Name:Dave Duncan
    Nickname:Double D
    Lives In:Huntington Beach, California
    United States
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    Inspiration: Anyone past or present who pushes their mind, body or sport beyond what they think is humanly possible at that moment! Pioneers of life, sport, music, medicine, technology, etc... Anyone who enjoys life to the fullest!

    Career Honors, Awards and Highlights: World traveling and skating hard for over 30 years.

    Video parts: Alva boyz Backyard anniliation, Planes, trains and skateboards, Daggers European tour 2005.

    When Im not competing I like to: Have fun Skating, Snowboarding, Surfing, Motorcycle riding and enjoying good times, good travels, good food and good sessions with good friends. Ride my Harley on PCH at Sunset!

    Contest History: First comp at 14 in 1977 3rd place. Sponsored since 1978. I turned pro for the Legendary Alva team in 1987. I still compete in the 37 and over Masters Div. Finishing the year ranked 5th overall for 2007.

    Other interesting Info : I have a metal plates and screws in both ankles, a metal screw in my left wrist and a metal ball and socket in my right hip. I have been to Europe over 50 times. My favorite travels have been to Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Prague, Spain, Italy, Copenhagen, Marseille, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Berlin, London, etc.. My Favorite foods are Sushi, Mexican, and Thai food. My favorite beer is Sam Adams. My favorite liquor is Jack Daniels. My favorite shot is Jagermeister with Tabasco.

    Quotes: I Love my Life! I Love my Friends! Have Fun and Enjoy Life! Go Time! Coming in Hot! Rock n Fuck n Roll! Skate and Destroy! Live, Laugh, Love! Live to Ride! Ride to Live!! Live Fast!!! Never Die!!!!
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