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    Name:Dave Mirra
    Nickname:Miracle Boy
    Lives In:Greenville, North Carolina
    United States
    Hometown:Syracuse, New York
    United States
    Birthday:April 4, 1974
  • Deegan impressive in the ring; beats Mirra at ElissMania 8

    Las Vegas was the center of attention this weekend for fight fans as Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocked out Victor Ortiz in a controversial ending to the fight.

    In a less hyped but equally important fight for the action sports world, Brian Deegan squared off against Dave Mirra in a fight for charity at ElissMania 8. The two are accustomed to battling out against each other, but usually it's behind the wheel of their rally cars.

    The Metal Mulisha God father defeated the BMX legend in a decisive 4th round. He was awarded the fight by decision. Deegan said on twitter after the fight "Victory tonight at EllisMania. Mirra put up a great fight but Metal Mulisha pulled through."

    According to professional BMX rider Anthony Napolitan who was at the fight, "The fight seriously could've been a tie all around. Both dudes stood their ground really well,"

    The two battled it out for the purpose of donating their proceeds from the fight to charity, with Deegan fighting for the Loma Linda Children's Foundation, and Mirra fighting for the Meningitis Foundation of America.

    Hopefully this is only the beginning to a series of fights squaring off two legends of their respective sports. I know there's a couple surfer vs skateboarder match ups we'd love to see.
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  • DC's Dave Mirra Trains to Fight Brian Deegan

    Jason Ellis is bringing you EllisMania, a fight night in Vegas that won't spark any drama, twitter firefights, or cheap shots. AHEM! It will bring you 2 action sports athletes who have probably never properly trained to fight into the ring and from the looks of Mirra's physique in this... It may be a damn good battle.

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  • Dave Mirra and Brian Deegan Are Going to Fight!

    No they're not meeting outside the gym at lunch time... And no they're not part of rival gangs who are going to have a shank-off in the prison yard (as far as I know). Mirra and Deegan are going to legitimately box it out in a ring in Vegas for Ellismania. Jason Ellis, pro skater turned fight enthusiast, is holding the event and as far as I can tell there is no reason for the fight (such as for charity or for bragging rights even). I think Jason Ellis wants to make his own form of Celebrity Deathmatch (google it, kids) and just thought of Mirra and Deegan for no reason.

    I wouldn't say I'm rooting for anyone in particular. I think I would like to see Mirra win for the same reason as everybody else, which is watching the tough guy Metal Mulisha FMX rider get beaten by a borderline businessman who used to do commercials for an acne pad or something. What's your opinion? Who are you rooting for? And if you could tell us, why is this happening?
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  • Metal Mulisha Godfather Brian Deegan Wins X Games RallyCross

    Eight charged up rally cars flew through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday Afternoon as Brian Deegan emerged from the dust as the RallyCross winner at X Games 17.

    Deegan took full advantage from the start as heavy favorites Tanner Foust and Liam Doran tangled in the first turn. The small window of opportunity was enough for Deegan to slingshot to the lead which he never let go. For Deegan, the win was especially sweet finally getting the better of fellow teammate Foust after finishing second to him last year in both rally disciplines.

    "This was the highlight of my life, I've done a lot of things on a dirt bike but nothing tops this moment winning RallyCross at X Games."

    The storyline of the afternoon was the decision from Travis Pastrana to compete in RallyCross. Pastrana broke his right leg and ankle Thursday night during the Moto X Best Trick competition seemingly ending Pastranathon before it even started.

    With the help of creative engineering by his Subaru mechanics Pastrana quickly learned how to drive using accelerator controls with his hands. For most people if you need to duck tape your leg to the car so you're able to drive with your hands, it's probably not a good idea to compete. Not for Travis, he was excited to race one way or another, "just to be here and have this team and this setup is awesome. I am glad I decided to drive today...this is the best decision at the moment."
    Subaru mechanics set up Pastrana's car with accelerator controls.

    Travis finished just off the podium in fourth place.

    European favorite Marcus Gronholm rounded out the podium with a bronze medal performance. Saturday's Rally winner Liam Doran never bounced back after his run in with Foust in the first turn finishing in dead last.

    Here's the official results from Sunday's RallyCross

    1. Brian Deegan
    2. Marcus Granholm
    3. Tanner Foust
    4. Travis Pastrana
    5. Dave Mirra
    6. Rhys Millen
    7. David Higgins
    8. Liam Doran
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  • Mirra Hands Warehouse Keys to Guettler and Dhers

    Dave Mirra's private warehouse, formerly named the "Animal House", falls into the hands of some pros who are currently the age he was when he opened it, Ryan Guettler and Daniel Dhers. Makes a lot of sense that way, but why exactly? Quite a bit of controversy rose in the past when Mirra's private warehouse was literally kept private. But now, even after letting other pros in, there's still a feeling the warehouse isn't being shared in the way it could be. Guettler understands how amazing it would be for kids to be able to come to the old Mirra park and ride, and wants to make that dream a reality.

    In addition to changing things up in the park, ramp-wise, Guettler would like to add dirt jumps to the area surrounding the warehouse and most importantly would like to have public events, from amateur events to games of BIKE. Unfortunately, Guettler and Dhers (together, haha) don't quite make the money Dave Mirra does and can't keep it open alone. Public sessions are said to cost $25, a hefty price, but to the kind of rider that wants to head there - a worthy payment.

    To Learn more about Ryan Guettler and Daniel Dhers' "BMX House", visit their facebook page or e-mail them at bmxwarehouse@hotmail.com
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