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    Name:Erik Leines
    Nickname:The Mule
    Lives In:Sandy, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Big Lake
    United States
    Birthday:April 23, 1979
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    2011 Snow Product: The first look

    Contributed by Mike Horn

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010 12:04pm

    "What do you mean I can't drink my 40oz. in the taxi? The bars close at 2 a.m.?! Dude, did you know there are marijuana dispensaries all over this town?"

    The SIA tradeshow in Denver was full of surprises. A slew of snowboard brands took over the Convention Center from January 28-31 (ok, there were some ski brands and accessory companies kicking around too). The vibe was seemingly more mellow than Vegas, and as always, "snowboard land" was the place to be throughout the show...

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    Raised on the cold, frozen tundra of Big Lake, Minnesota where he and his brother Bjorn still keep their infamous “Jib Farm”; Erik “Mule” Leines was transported to the high, dry mountains of Utah at an early age where he and BJ honed their now world-renowned skills on the infamous steeps and deeps of Snowbird Mountain Resort.

    Erik’s put in work on a snowboard for years—with video parts and magazine spreads ranging from pre-Luminous Llama to Escramble, and beyond. Nowadays in-between cliff drops and face shots when the six-inch rule* is in effect, Erik has taken on the brunt of the many responsibilities that come with running Celtek—a glove and accessories company that he started a few years back with BJ. But best believe when the aforementioned six-inch rule is in effect, you’ll be standing behind Mule and a few of his Clansmen in the Snowbird Tram line.

    Words by Snowboarder's Evan LeFebvre
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    Celtek Tweakers I'm not sure what was cooler: sitting down with Bjorn Leines or checking out Celtek's highly-creative and functional line. Celtek was started by brothers Bjorn and Erik Leines in 2003; since then they've brought on a variety of innovative and art-inspired gloves and accessories to market. These aren't the most tech gloves but I dig the "handy" guide to remembering what grabs you can do with each hand. On the flip side of the Celtek tag reads "Regular" and "Goofy." This is definitely a street glove or for sweet spring days.

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