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    Name:Erin Comstock
    Lives In:Salt Lake City, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Lake Tahoe, California
    United States
    Birthday:January 2, 1978
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    Respected, resilient, and eminently stylish, this snowboard industry veteran is one of the few women to have graced the cover of Transworld Snowboarding magazine, not to mention clocking film parts in more videos than you can shake a shredstick at. Yep, Erin Comstock is a high-profile rider who gets much love from the media for her uber-smooth park riding and keen powder prowess (as well as that dazzling smile of hers). As such, she's an inspiration to any female pro rider looking outside the "contest-pro" box in search of making a living as a legit "film pro." La La Land, See What I See, Vans' Lucid Dreams, Park City's I Ride Park City and City. Park City, Roxy's Labor Of Love-these are just a few of the film titles that include Erin in their rider roster, and there're undoubtedly many more to come.

    A natural born athlete and true child of the mountains, Erin grew up in Lake Tahoe riding every single day. She played soccer at San Jose State University, before transferring to the University of Utah and the nearby shred playground of the Wasatch Mountains. Erin has called Salt Lake City home ever since, where she can be found in equal parts riding the city's urban rail offerings, polishing her tricks on Park City's jump and jib line, dropping into the Utah backcountry, and of course, boarding planes for exotic snowboard locales around the world.

    After suffering a broken collarbone in the fall of 2008 that kept her off the snow until February of last season, Erin has a new appreciation for the confidence that comes with good health and mindset. She spent the summer fine-tuning her physical and mental game, shredding it up at her High Cascade Signature Session at Mt. Hood, and getting her ducks all in a row for '09/10. Says, Erin, "I'm lining up the film crew I'll be working with this year and I'm so excited for another season of riding!"
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    Posted by trickytoes July 4, 2009 02:02pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Wow, are birthdays are very close. You got my beat by 1 day... Never seen you ride, but I like your looks. Good luck in the future.

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