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  • Meet the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team

    The 2010 U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team
    Here's who made the cut and will be representing the U.S. of A. up in Canuck land next week.

    Men's Halfpipe

    Shaun White:

    No surprise here right? The U.S. Snowboard team is made up of 18 riders with one man to lead them all... and that man is Shaun. No pressure then, eh?

    Click this link to see Shaun's new weapon, the Double-McTwelve.

    Louie Vito:

    It would have been a little embarrassing for Louie to get all that hype on Dancing With the Stars this fall and not even make it on the Olympic team. But he did, and we're all rooting for the second most famous halfpipe rider in the world to podium in Vancouver. Beside Shaun, Louie is the only other American to have back-to-back double-corks.

    Scotty Lago:

    This guy wins the vote's for hard-core fan's favorite going to Van next month. Lago will be riding in honor of his injured "Frends" crew member's Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis who, quite frankly, should be on the Olympic team as well.

    Greg Bretz:

    The darkhorse... Everyone love's a darkhorse right? Bretz, at 19 year's old, won the three-way tie for the fourth ranking spot on the Grand Prix Olympic qualifying series. He just barely beat out Luke Mitrani and J.J. Thomas. Pressure is on kid.

    Women's Halfpipe:

    Kelly Clark:

    Kelly won four of the five Grand Prix Olympic qualifiers this year. The only other person to do that was Shaun. Kelly botched up her 2006 Olympic run, handing over the Gold to teammate Hannah Teter, but she did win us the Gold on our homeland back in 2002. Kelly is kinda like the girls version of Shaun White these days. Pretty much unstoppable.

    Gretchen Bleiler:

    After narrowly missing the gold in 2006 you can bet that Gretchen wants to take the gold in Vancouver BAD. She only won one of the Grand Prix Olympic qualifiers but that doesn't mean she doesn't have what it takes to score big this February. When Gretchen "GB" Bleiler puts her mind to something she usually accomplishes it, just look at all the X Games she's won.

    Hannah Teter:

    Hannah's got a heart of gold and an Olympic medal to match it. She donates all of her winnings to children in Africa, except for last week when she donated $10,000 to the Haiti rescue efforts after getting second at the last two Grand Prix Olympic qualifiers. Needy people everywhere are hoping Hannah scores big in Vancouver, because that means they score big.

    Elena Hight:

    It came down to the wire at the very last Olympic qualifier as far as who would take the fourth spot on the women's halfpipe team. Cutie-pie Elena beat out Ellery Hollingsworth to slide into the coveted team spot and will be aiming for her first podium spot at her second Olympic appearance this February.

    Men's Snowboard cross:

    Seth Wescott:

    Seth won the first ever gold medal in snowboard cross in Turin and you can bet on him going full-out for another gold in Vancouver.

    Graham Wantabe:

    Graham hails from the not-so-well-known sport of Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom but since his switch into snowboard cross he's been thriving. He is well aware of the dangers of snowboard cross carnage though, his first year on the circuit he saw two-people die during competition. Even with those horrible memories he still charges and is a big threat for Olympic snowboard-cross.

    Nate Holland:

    Even though Nate fell at the 2006 Turin Olympics he's won four Winter X Games gold medals... so yeah, you can say he has what it takes and plenty of experience to back it up.

    Nick Baumgartner:

    Nick had to hold his breath for two-whole days to see if he got the fourth spot on the U.S. snowboard cross team. Luckily, the USOC allotted four spots to men's snowboardcross on the 18 man team, and Nick made the cut. He's got some good finishes under his belt, including a second place finish at a recent Spain World Cup, and hopefully he can keep that momentum up for Vancouver.

    Women's Snowboard cross:

    Lindsey Jacobellis:

    Everyone remembers Lindsey, blonde curly mane and all. She was the rider who pulled the method heard 'round the world in 2006- the one she fell on and subsequently gave away her first place lead in the snowboard cross final. But silver's not that bad and now Lindsey is back on top ready for another chance at gold.

    Faye Gulini:

    At 17 years old this Salt Lake City native is the youngest rider on the U.S. Olympic team. Faye will be juggling the demands of high-school and the Olympics come this February as she goes out for her first Olympic appearance.

    Callan Cythlook-Sifsof:

    Born and bred in a small town in Alaska, Callan qualified for the U.S. Olympic year after only four year's on the circuit. At 24 she is proud to be the first Yupik/Inuit Eskimo to be on the United States National Ski and Snowboard Team.

    Men's Parallel Giant Slalom:

    Chris Klug:

    Chris Klug has been there, done that, and is coming back for more. In Salt Lake City in 2002, just months after receiving a liver transplant to save him from a rare degenerative condition, Chris won a gold medal in PGS. Chris Klug is a super-hero in his own right, and continues to be a threat in PGS world competition.

    Tyler Jewell:

    This is Tyler's second time at the Winter Games, he came in 11th at the 2006 Olympics and is ready to best that finish this year in Vancouver. This Steamboat Spring's resident quit snowboarding in the late 90's to pursue an educational degree from Boston College, but came back in '02 to train for his Olympic dreams.

    Women's Parallel Giant Slalom:

    Michelle Gorgone:

    As the sole representation for the U.S. in the women's PGS event, Michelle considers herself a "proud italian" and actually has the nickname 'Pirelli' after the Italian racing tires for her speed on the slopes. This is Michelle's second Olympic appearance.
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