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    Name:Grant Langston
    Nickname:Cool G
    Lives In:Henderson, NV
    United States
    Hometown:Durban, South Africa
    South Africa
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    Talented though often injured, Langston won the 125cc AMA Motocross title in 2003 and decided to try AMA Supermoto once the Motocross season ended. He claimed the AMA Supermoto Unlimited championship by winning the season finale in Las Vegas in Nov. '03.
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    Special Feature: Celebrity Go Kart Race

    Special Feature: Celebrity..

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    Dasi Mudflaps, shown here lapping Grant Langston and getting chased by Michael Byrne, continues to probably not live up to expectations. He won at least one heat this season, and he at times (like, maybe, one lap out of 20) shows brilliant talent and speed, but he just doesn’t seem to have ‘it’. This comes as no surprise as Davi’s been accused of this for a couple of years now and we’re just here to tell you: it’s still happening.
    Truly just happy to be out there racing again, Langston looks completely terrified in this shot doesn't he? He's not yet up to speed, but the former double Lites champ seems to be motivated to race into his previous form. He's now the sole rider working out of the JLaw racing rig, which is probably a mixed blessing in this case. Grant crashed pretty hard in the main and took a couple of laps to get going again, but he did finish, and that's his stated goal - to finish every main event.
    …which leads us to this shot of Langston. Also that week, I was set to head on up to Brock Sellards’ house near New Philadelphia, Ohio to document a gathering of superstars at his encampment. Sellards’ place was always the congregation point for all the super-fast pro riders who chose to spend their time out east along with the nationals, and this year the place was stacked. Reed, Tedesco and Langston were all there just hanging out and having a good time, along with getting a bunch of riding in. Well, the rain put a damper on things there as well, so they focused more on having a good time than on training, but I digress. I was actually the guy who told Brock over the phone “yep, they cancelled Kenworthy’s and it sounds like Grant’s the champ, so I’m coming up!”. With that, Brock got to work on making Langston a killer #1 plate, the likes of which we’ve never seen before or since and, well, here it is. Grant Langston, da numba won. (Jeff Kardas Photo)
    This is Stewart flat-out stuffing Grant Langston just after the first turn at Binghamton, 2003. I saw this move developing as I was up on the hill shooting the first turn, and knew he was going to go for it. I sprinted across part of the track that I was at and pointed through the trees (I scoped it out earlier, see, that’s why I’m a pro) and just hoped the sea of people would part. They did, and here’s the pic. I’ve had a lot of people tell me this is their favorite moto shot ever, and it’s definitely one of mine. This is a scan of a slide. Canon EOS 1V-HS, Kodak Ektachrome E100VS pushed a stop, 300mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)
    Easily one of my favorite shots ever, it’s Stewart running down defending champ Mike Brown and future champ Grant Langston at the final round – Glen Helen – in 2002. I saw this battle developing all race long and waited almost the entire moto to capture it, with the fans hanging over the fence and the flags lined up into the distance and the gnarly rutted track ahead of them. It finally happened with a few laps to go and, well, what you see is what I got. Nikon D1, 70-200mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)v

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    Posted by honda440 April 29, 2008 08:22pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    dude i think ur the best mx rider in the world. but it sucks when u where at metro motosports in glendale az i did not get to meet u

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