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    Name:Hannah Teter
    Nickname:Piggy Little Oinker
    Lives In:South Lake Tahoe, California
    United States
    Hometown:Belmont, Vermont
    United States
    Birthday:January 27, 1987
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    Somewhere really far away from snowboarding, in a country you've never been to, down a road you'll probably never travel down, there's a town you've probably never heard of. Thanks to Hannah's charity, Hannah's Gold, that town, Kirindom, Kenya has clean drinking water and a higher quality of life. By selling maple syrup, and cotton/hemp sweatbands, Hannah's Gold has raised more than $60,000 for this village. On top of that, Hannah donates all her contest winnings to the charity, which this year included podiums at the Dew Tour in Mt. Snow, X Games, and the Grand Prix.

    When she's not out making the world a better place, Hannah is busy making herself a better pipe rider, and the Feelgood a better board. Keep your eyes on this former Olympic Gold Medalist this winter as the Olympics take center stage once again.
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    2010 Winter Olympics - Hannah Teter

    2010 Winter Olympics - Han..

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    Hannah's got a heart of gold and an Olympic medal to match it. She donates all of her winnings to children in Africa, except for last week when she donated $10,000 to the Haiti rescue efforts after getting second at the last two Grand Prix Olympic qualifiers. Needy people everywhere are hoping Hannah scores big in Vancouver, because that means they score big.
    The Us Olympic team- the top 3 women and men were announced Saturday after the Grand Prix in Park City
    Women's podium
    The lovely ladies of shred after their victory
    Women's Podium- 3rd- Ellery Hollingsworth, 1st- Kelly Clark, 2nd- Hannah Teter
    Boardercross ledend Nate Holland makes nice with 2nd placer Hannah Teter
    Holly Crawford, Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter. Women's Podium US Snowboarding Grand Prix Mammoth, 2010
    How do I spell my name again?
    Girls podium. Kelly, Hannah, Soko

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