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    Name:Hoang Tran
    Lives In:San Diego, California
    United States
    Hometown:Council Bluffs, Iowa
    United States
    Birthday:January 1, 1988
  • Caleb Quanbeck's How-To Nose Manual

    Maybe one of the most frustrating tricks in BMX. Or just for me. Doing a trick that involves manuals can be frustrating because it's such an easy trick but can be so difficult when mixed with other things in lines and such. Now throw in the difficulty of a nose manual in the same mixture and you get hair-pulling, scream-inducing frustration.

    If anybody knows how to balance it though, it's Caleb Quanbeck. I think Subrosa just finds out who can do the best nose manuals and takes them. Caleb... Hoang Tran...

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  • San Diego Shreddin' and more CVLT info

    The Give D! crew gets creative with some home made ramps.

    Robbie Morales' new company CVLT (cult) is set to launch in 2010 with all new products, made by America's finest FBM and Solid, and a new pro team member who will join Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, Dakota Roche, Russ Barone, and more. CVLT will be located in Tustin, CA and look out for their products to drop early next year.
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  • BMX Post Thanksgiving

    Looks like Weeman is getting an early Christmas present... Weeman on a BMX!?

    The list for Dave Mirra's KING OF THE ANIMAL HOUSE contest is complete... check the site. Here it is.
    1. Daniel Dhers
    2. Ryan Guettler
    3. Mike Laird
    4. Rob Darden
    5. Ryan Nyquist
    6. Chase Hawk
    7. Dennis Enarson
    8. Craig Mast
    9. Jeremiah Smith
    10. Morgan Wade
    11. Harry Main
    12. Mark Webb
    13. Mike Miller
    14. Ben Hennon
    15. Drew Bezanson
    16. Josh Perry

    I wish I could have made it to the Lake Forest contest. I was busy having NO money. That's life.
    Unfortunately, it looks as though the turn out was... okay. Nothing too special.
    However, it must have been fun. Here are the results...

    10 & Younger:

    1. Tucker Smith

    2. Rafa Orendain

    3. Carter Sheffield (4yrs old)

    11-16 Years Old:

    1. Jake Kirby

    2. Chaz Hoy

    3. Jake Anderson

    17 & Older:

    1. Keith Hartwell

    2. Kyle Cox

    3. Cody Ewen


    1. Ben Snowden

    2. Dylan Stark

    3. Mike "Hucker" Clark

    High Air: ($500)

    Dylan Stark, 9.5

    Maybe a little bummed Cody Ewen didn't enter sponsored. He is sponsored right? But I suppose he didn't want to compete against Ben Snowden and Mike Clarke. Understandable. I really want to go to Etnies and 3 that stairset. How big is it really?

    Also, Defgrip and Thecomeup, most popular BMX blogs on the internet (?), both released exclusive web videos recently so you have to visit these links to watch them. Get at them! They're good!

    Hoang Tran of Subrosa's Edit on Thecomeup

    Owain Clegg of Fit's Edit on Defgrip
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  • Funtime Friday!

    Ben Hucke recently left HARO, meaning he is on the market as of now. We are all waiting to see who will pick up Ben as he may get more than one offer for a sponsor.

    DO YOU LIVE IN AUSTIN, TX? Click HERE to view a flyer for an Etnies/T-1 event in Austin...

    Fly Bikes released their COBRA TUBE finally, a linking tube that can be changed without taking off your wheel...

    Odyssey released some more goods on their new JC/PC pedals, check that out HERE.

    Quite a long time ago Fit made an awesome trip to Barcelona and dropped a DVD upon their return. The Fit team was huge at that time and this video is simply awesome... so awesome, that you can watch it all on vimeo HERE.

    Props to LIMA from the lightsinthewoods crew for this dirt edit. Makes me want good trails SO bad...

    Karl Poynter's part from BRIGHTON AIN'T READY... I didn't like the concept much but it turned out epic.

    I dunno how the Give D! crew is always in the Zero Skatepark, but here's another one from the guys...

    REPOST of the MONTH. I will try to repost my favorite video of the month. For October, it is Hoffman Bikes UK trip. Seth KILLS it!!!

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  • FRIDAY! in BMX...

    Peep the bikes of Hoang Tran (Subrosa) and Max Gaertig (WeThePeople). Apparently, Hoang has got a signature frame coming out with Subrosa which means I will have to get back into BMX riding and buy all of his sh!t... and learn nose manuals. Max is riding the sick WARRIORS frame by WTP which is his and Mike "OD" Brennan's split sig frame. DIG IT! Pix in the gallery... HOANG TRAN PIX BY JMHimagery

    In more Subrosa news, Kyle Hart is OFFICIALLY bumped up to pro even though we felt this was coming for a long time. To commemorate this epic 69ing moment in Kyle Fart's career, here's a Subrosa web video...

    Ben Hucke (Haro) just released his last web video before the infamous rain of Portland. BTW, this edit is SICK! I did not expect this epicness from a little web video. WORTH THE WATCH...

    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, it's actually the MOST. Here is Nick Black (don't quite remember him but I think he's a NorCal dude... something like that...) doing some indoor sketch rail in Vegas at Interbike on a Kink Liberty complete bicycle. Word is he got to keep the bike because this is the best kind of complete bicycle promotion you can get... ever...

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