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    Name:Jamie Anderson
    Lives In:South Lake Tahoe, California
    United States
    Hometown:South Lake Tahoe, California
    United States
    Birthday:September 13, 1990
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    Jamie Anderson is snowboarding's next rockstar, bar none. In 2009 Jamie was voted by Snowboarder Magazine as Female #1 Rider of the Year and by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine as Women's Rider of the Year, two of the most honored awards in snowboarding.

    This comes as no surprise since even at a very young age (the youngest rider ever to receive Snowboarder Magazine's Rider of the Year award) Jamie has virtually destroyed all doubt as to her riding abilities, especially in her premier niche, Slopestyle, but also with her backcountry riding in Runway Films "See What I See" and even in the pipe (Jamie took first in the Burton New Zealand Open pipe in 2008, her first pro-level pipe competition ever.)

    Besides skills on the hill, Jamie's made a mark for herself with her outgoing and cool demeanor. Snowboardermag.com quoted two of snowboarding's most legendary riders as they spoke up on Jamie's behalf.

    "Best all around shredder, tons of podiums, and a punk rock attitude." Danny Kass

    "Good video parts, hits huge jumps, wins contests, likes to drink." Peter Line

    If earning the respect of those two doesn't say anything about you in snowboarding, then nothing well.

    Career Highlights

    * 2008: 1st at the Winter X Games in slopestyle
    * 2008: 1st at the Burton European Open in slopestyle
    * 2008: 1st at the Australian Open in slopestyle
    * 2007: 1st at the Burton U.S. Open in slopestyle
    * 2006: 1st at the Vans Cup in slopestyle
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    One Life Crew and Roxy Girls getting it down in Bariloche Photo: Jen Jones
    Jamie Anderson- image courtesy of Mammoth Mountain photo services/Peter Morning
    Jamie Anderson Photo Credit: Alli Sports
    Giom Morriset and Jamie Anderson would make such a cute couple.. It's never gonna happen.
    09 Burton New Zealand Open Womens Slopestyle Winners 1st Jamie Anderson, 2nd Janna Meyen-Weatherby, 3rd Shelly Gotleib (P) Phil Erickson
    Jamie Anderson at the New Zealand Burton Open Slopestyle 09 (P) Phil Erickson
    It isn't too often that you have a group like this on a bus in Japan. Nine of the world's best and hottest female snowboarders at the Burton Asian Open, including Chanelle Sladics, Spencer O'Brien, Jamie Anderson, Maribeth Swetkoff, Lizzie Beerman, Ellery Hollingsworth and Molly Aguirre. Damn. Photo: The luckiest bus driver in the world with Maribeth Swetkoff's camera

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    Posted by dirtbikehotdaddy August 3, 2009 02:47pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    whats up i love snow boarding and supercross can i have an autograph


    Posted by Aves13 February 3, 2009 08:43pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    hey jamie its your biggest fan, Zachary Lemons. we met at the dew tour in breckenridge co. how are you doin. I'm doing alright.

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