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    Name:Jason Collins
    Lives In:Santa Cruz, CA
    United States
    Hometown:Santa Cruz, CA
    United States
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    He is one of the original non conformists. He was able to take what Christian Fletcher did before him and take over the air surfing world in the mid nineties and take it to new heights. He basically took the whole air surfing world on his back and went to the next level and got supremely creative with it. Double grabs, reverses, three sixty airs and a whole gamut of airs that didn't even have names for them yet. He landed a backside air three sixty at the Coldwater Classic back in the day when people were doing top turns and roundo's and thinking they were ripping! That's when the surfing world world took notice and his name floated in every circle since. Ratboy landed that air it was a defining moment for him and surfing. From then he just went bigger and dominated air shows, got covers of magazines, had his own video, pro models were made after him and he became one of the most popular surfers to ever come out of Santa Cruz.

    He was Vans Air Show Champion in 2001. He won numerous air shows on that premiere tour and was almost always a shoe-in for the finals. What also needs to be noted about Ratboy is that he is a complete surfer. He can throw down a carve that would make your mamma cry. He'll pull into a dredging shack with bravado and his tailslides snaps have people on the cliff at Steamers looking for a chiropractor. He has more natural ability in his little toe than half the surfing populace and he is nowhere near the end of his progression.

    His surfing is so precise and technical that it's just a matter of time where Ratboy will have his second coming. His surfing is perhaps more sharp now than ever because he is more experienced and calculated. He is presently living in Santa Cruz and not slowing down one bit. He made the semi finals at the Coldwater Classic 05 in epic surf and he was the experienced anchor and standout performer for the Santa Cruz Stormriders in the NSL's The Game. Jason "Ratboy" Collins surfs whenever he can and still goes to sleep at night wondering what kind of trick he'll do next.

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