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  • Dave Mirra and Brian Deegan Are Going to Fight!

    No they're not meeting outside the gym at lunch time... And no they're not part of rival gangs who are going to have a shank-off in the prison yard (as far as I know). Mirra and Deegan are going to legitimately box it out in a ring in Vegas for Ellismania. Jason Ellis, pro skater turned fight enthusiast, is holding the event and as far as I can tell there is no reason for the fight (such as for charity or for bragging rights even). I think Jason Ellis wants to make his own form of Celebrity Deathmatch (google it, kids) and just thought of Mirra and Deegan for no reason.

    I wouldn't say I'm rooting for anyone in particular. I think I would like to see Mirra win for the same reason as everybody else, which is watching the tough guy Metal Mulisha FMX rider get beaten by a borderline businessman who used to do commercials for an acne pad or something. What's your opinion? Who are you rooting for? And if you could tell us, why is this happening?
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  • Supercross Predictions, From Rock Stars

    Jason Ellis--Pro Skateboarder/ Radio Personality / Rock Star

    "Honestly, who do I want to win? I want Chad Reed to win, even if he is on a Honda. I keep thinking that James is the guy, because he used to be the guy, but if I had to put money on it for A1, I would probably put my money on Dungey. Dungey's got the bike that he's used to, and word on the street is that it's a really good bike, and I feel like for some ridiculous reason he's underrated. I mean, he is the champion, in and out doors, and it's not one lap, it's twenty laps. But I'm just excited to see it because, really at this point, now that Chad Reed's not on a Kawasaki, I could barely give a $&!* who wins, I'm just happy to witness it. I feel like if I said anything else I'm going to get myself in trouble, so I'm just going to say happy, great things about moto, good luck to everybody, I really hope nobody gets hurt so that they can race every weekend and I can watch it and have a great time, because man am I excited about this one. And I really hope that the Hart and Huntington team does well because I love Cary and I know that he put a lot of money into supercross, and I can think of nothing better than his team doing really well. But I still don't want them to beat Chad Reed."

    Allen Cooke--Pro BMX Dirt Jumper / Motorhome Specialist

    "Well I think Villopoto will be on top at the end of the season. He has made all the classic mistakes over the years like not training hard enough, riding a bit over his head, you know the mistakes everyone makes at some point in their career. I think he will come into A1 in better shape than ever before with better knowledge of when to take the chances necessary to be the Supercross Champ. The next logical pick would be Stewart but he has missed a lot of racing the last two years and I'm sure he knows all the doubts that surround him. Then there is that Dungey kid that wins everything, but he is entering his first Pro season without The Man, Roger DeCoster so we will see. I did have a dream the other night that all the kids took themselves out at A 1 trying to win the title in practice followed by Windham winning the title with the first ever undefeated Supercross season, that would be cool. Seriously though who knows, 16 races, so much talent with so much to prove, anyone can have a coin.

    Chava Greenlee Big Wave Surfer / Garage Decorator

    I have to go with Villopoto. Since I've got on the green bike myself, I know that it is a secret weapon. We he got up to speed last year he was killing it and I think getting hurt will only teach him to be smarter. Well, getting older does that too. He has always known how to ride on the edge and can take it in battles. You just watch.
    Really it is going to be the guy that keeps it all togther and stays in one piece, like Dungey did last year. And because of that Dungey is on fire.


    You can never count out that little guy, Stewart, either. He flies when he is on it.

    Bob Hannah ­ Motocross Legend / Serious Pilot

    "I'm not the know-it-all but if I was betting my money I'd bet on Dungey because he wants it the most and he¹s already won it once. And I think the other guy [Stewart], I don't know if he really gives a crap. Obviously Stewart's talented enough if he wants to win. I don't know if he does anymore. He'll have to prove that to me, you know? Like the last few races he rode, he didn¹t really care much. Unadilla or whatever. I know Stewart's the best rider in the world since Carmichael left, but that doesn't mean he can win."

    Jordan Burns Rock Star / Drummer Of Strung Out

    "I'm in the studio right now, can you call back later?"

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