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    Name:Jeremy Stenberg
    Lives In:Temecula, California
    United States
    Hometown:San Diego, California
    United States
    Birthday:September 27, 1981
  • Key member of Metal Mulisha leaves the team

    In a surprise move first reported by ESPN FMX, Jeremy "twitch' Stenberg has decided to part ways with the Metal Mulisha to pursue his own dreams and direction. Twitch has ridden for the Mulisha for 11 years since the brand was created in 1999 which has dominated the freestyle motocross scene ever since. Stenberg was one of the Metal Mulisha's top and most popular riders, recently winning the Fan Favorite Award at the second annual AFMXA Ramp Awards.

    In a sport where brand loyalty is so important, it's a surprise to many when the news broke that Twitch and the Mulisha are parting ways. Reportedly this decision stemmed when negotiations from both could not be agreed upon, as well as a good time for a change for Jeremy.

    The future for Stenberg is still up in the air, but we can be sure, he'll still be riding with his Mulisha buddies at the compound.
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  • Travis Pastrana Owns Speed & Style at X Games 16

    Travis Pastrana is a force to be reckoned with at X Games, no matter the event. This year, Pastrana had to withdraw from both Moto X Best Trick and Super Rally due to varying issues. This didn't stop the 26 year old phenom from Maryland from taking home some hardware.

    The Speed and Style event originated as a way to pair together Supercross racers and Freestyle riders in the same stadium, sort of a mish-mash of the who's who of both worlds. We wanted to see who was not only fast through the whoops, but could accommodate a crowd with a backflip or two while they were at it.

    With Josh Hill breaking his femur getting ready for X Games 16, Pastrana and Kevin Johnson were the lone racers to enter the Speed & Style competition. Luckily for the racing fans out there, Speed & Style could be Pastrana's middle name.

    After Pastrana flipped his way to gold on Thursday, he was sufficiently warmed up for the Speed & Style competition on Sunday. "It feels really good," Pastrana said following the win. I was hoping to do well in Speed and Style but I didn't have high hopes. We really thought the cars would be the focus this year and it turned out to be exactly the opposite."

    Speed & Style Results
    1. Travis Pastrana
    2. Nate Adams
    3. Ronnie Faisst
    4. Jeremy Stenberg

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  • Metal Muisha Prepares For X Games 16

    With X Games 16 right around the corner, The Metal Mulisha crew has been hard at work training at the Mulisha Compound. They have long dominated X Games in terms of sheer presence for several years now, specifically the number of athletes competing in the Moto X events. This year proves to be no different with 8 of their team riders set to compete in the various Moto X events . Todd Potter will be extremely busy trying to metal in Best Trick, Freestyle, Best Whip and Step Up. Twitch Stenberg is competing in Step Up, Speed & Style, and Freestyle while the General Brian Deegan is trying his luck at Speed & Style and Rally Car.

    The Crew will no doubt be busy taking home some hardware at X Games 16, but in the mean time check out this video from Metal Mulisha practicing at the Compound.

    Riders competing in X Games for MulishaTeam Metal Mulisha

    Best Trick

    Todd Potter

    Jimmy Fitzpatrick

    Cam Sinclair

    Taka Higashino (Alt)


    Jackson Strong

    Todd Potter

    Jeremy Stenberg

    Step Up

    Todd Potter

    Jeremy Stenberg

    Best Whip

    Todd Potter

    Josh Grant

    Speed and Style

    Jeremy Stenberg

    Brian Deegan


    Brian Deegan
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