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    Name:Joey brezinski
    Lives In:Venice Beach, California
    United States
    Hometown:San Bernadino, California
    United States
    Birthday:October 13, 1982
  • Floating Skatepark sets sail down the Mississippi River

    The great Mississippi River known for Mark Twain, Steamboats, and Skateboarding. Ok, it's definitely not known for skateboarding, that is until Red Bull decided to send a group a skaters on a floating skatepark down the Mississippi from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

    The 28-day, 1,705 mile adventure, known as Red Bull Mississippi Grind will feature plenty of guest pros including Luis Tolentino, Joey Brezinski, Ronnie Creager and Converse pro Kenny Anderson.

    Red Bull recruited renowned skate park builders Spohn Ranch to develop the course which includes a hubba ledge, a bank to many pad and double stair set with some additional sections to be added along the way. The ramps will be donated to City of New Orleans to help provide a skate park to the city.

    New Orleans provides the obvious final destination for Red Bull Mississippi Grind, both in terms of geography and of supporting skateboard culture. A three day celebration on October 7-9th in New Orleans will mark the climax of Red Bull Mississippi Grind, with the final ceremony dedicated to Red Bull giving the skate structure to the City of New Orleans.

    Be sure to check back for highlights along the way.

    Check out the photos of the departure from St. Paul courtesy of Red Bull.

    Aerial Shots in Prairiedu Chien, Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. p Ryan Taylor/ RedBull Content Pool
    Barge from above. p Ryan Taylor/ RedBull Content Pool

    Luis Tolentino showsoff during a pro demo at the St. Paul Mississippi Grind Stop. p Dan Neufield
    The barge sails off from St. Paul after the Ticket to Grind Competition. p Dan Neufield/RedBull Content Pool
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  • Fish outta water

    Southern California is a pretty unique place. Yes there's traffic, Yes its shallow, Yes there are assholes everywhere, but when you can take a step back, you must admit it's pretty cool. Not too many places can you surf good waves, find an empty skatepark, and shoot up to the mountain to ride, all in the same day. Rusty assembled a trio of pros from each sport to do some ultimate boarding. Josh Kerr, Joey Brezinski, and Romain De Marchi give it a go. In case you were wondering, Joey Brezinski (pro skater, pictured here on the right) really sucks at surfing.

    Fish Out Of Water from RUSTY on Vimeo.
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  • Get Ready For Manny Mania

    GRINDTV Newswire via Red Bull - July 7, 2010 - (Santa Monica, CA) - Around the States, and in 32 countries around the globe, skaters have been putting their two wheels to the ground in hopes of qualifying for a spot in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final in New York this August 21st. After a series of qualifiers coast to coast, now the U.S. is ready to crown their best amateur manual skater who will carry the nation's hopes of world domination on their back wheels.

    Set at the world-renowned action sports camp and practice facility to the best in the sport, the Red Bull Manny Mania U.S. National Final, at Camp Woodward in central Pennsylvania, will host over 20 skaters on July 17th, 2010 to battle it out. Winning this contest means the American skater will book their ticket to NY to face off against the top skaters from South Africa to Japan to Chile in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final with a chance to earn a single, coveted spot in the Red Bull Manny Mania pro contest, held on Sunday, August 22nd.

    The best am manual skater in the world crowned on Saturday won't have much time to rest- Sunday they face the likes of previous Manny champs Joey Brezinski, Ronnie Creager, Eli Reed and other heavy hitters like Brandon Biebel. Tim O'Connor, Stevie Williams, Zered Bassett, Forrest Kirby and Rodrigo Tx.

    The winner from the final U.S. local qualifier on July 10th in Pittsburgh, will join the following skaters at Woodward: Spencer Brown, Cody Cepeda, Kyle Dalrymple, Matt Fink, James Espinoza, Ben Fisher, Jason Garfield, Nate Jackson, Timmy Johnson, Daniel Kim, Jason Kinzel, Derek Leroy, Justin Schulte, Danny Sook, Ryan Stiffler, David Thurn, Bert Wootton and Dan Zvereffe. Several additional wild card selections will round out the field, and Pros Joey Brezinski and Mike Maldonado will judge.

    With a chance for one amateur to compete against skateboarding's top professionals, this summer will quite possibly see a manual pad turn into a launching pad for one tenacious two-wheeler.

    For USA info and information for the Am series, visit www.redbullusa.com/mannymania
    For a complete list of global contests and updates, visit www.redbullmannymania.com
    For complimentary images for editorial use, visit www.redbull-photofiles.com
    For high resolution moving images content, visit www.redbullcontentpool.com
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  • French Fred Presents Brezinski

    Joey Brezinski is one of the best technical skateboarders out there right now, especially on two wheels, and Fred Montagne is arguably one of the two best videographers. The Fred from France pretty much changed how skate videos are made a few years back with his creation of the eS video Menkmatin. He and Ty Evans were both on the forefront of video exploration in the late 90s, with each of their versions of the rolling long lens angle. It was like the race to the moon between the United States and the USSR back in the 60s, except in this edition it was France vs. the U.S. in a race to get the footage out first. Just like in the space race the good ol' US of A took the checkered flag, but after Menkmantin came out Fred got most of the recognition for the angle, with people even calling it the "Friangle." If you want to check it out, get your hands on a copy of the DVD and watch Eric Koston's nollie heelflip to noseslide at Wilshire.

    Back to Brezinski. He's a two wheel technician, as well as a four wheel wizard. In this video brought to you by the folks over a Cliche skateboards he shows, he's got everything from the cutting edge to the retro. I'll let my man Biggie explain, "Old School, New School, need to learn though, I burn baby, burn, like disco inferno." Sit back relax and enjoy Brezinski + French Fred + Cliche:

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  • Carroll Keeps On Truckin'

    Carroll Truck
    In one of the first match ups of the Final 16 in the Battle of the Berrics, Mike Carroll has taken out Joey Brezinski. Check it!
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