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    Name:Jordy Smith
    Lives In:Alabama
    United States
    South Africa
    Birthday:February 11, 1988
  • Lost Atlas trailer unveiled

    Modern Collective composer Kai Neville has just dropped the first trailer for his latest full-length creation LOST ATLAS. The film was put together in under a year with the original MC cast, like Dusty, Dane, Jordy, Mitch, Yadin, supplemented with hot young boys Kolohe Andino, Craig Anderson, Julian Wilson, Evan Geiselman, etc etc. The cast for this film is a pretty good snapshot of progression in surfing at this moment in time. Cannot wait to see her in all her glory...

    LOST ATLAS - TRAILER from Kai Neville Studio on Vimeo.
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  • Jordy on vacation

    Jordy Smith is a bastard. a lucky lucky bastard.

    Just watch.

    As if you weren't already jealous enough i thought you should know that while mr. Smith was out ripping in his boardies, his supermodel girlfriend Lyndall Jarvis was holding his towel and sipping margaritas on the beach.
    Furthermore, this trip was his 'warm up' for the Mr.Price Pro in Ballito, South Africa, and event which he won last year, and so far this year, he is into round 3 and looking unstoppable.


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  • Jordy Smith's buzzer beater lifts him past Joel Parko in the first clash of the 2011 ASP titans

    The best was saved for last at the Quiksilver Pro on Tuesday, with South African Jordy Smith facing a very fired up Joel Parkinson in a crucial Round Five match up at Snapper Rocks.

    Both men entered the Quik Pro at the top of their game, looking very much like the world title contenders we expect them to be. Their match was immediately being billed as the first clash of the titans this season, with potential title significance not lost on anyone.

    In the early going Jordy unleashed a flurry of fresh-looking lines on smaller waves, while Joel went barrel hunting up the point and threw down some of the hard carves that make Parko Joel Parko.

    Both surfers were carrying 9s in their pockets toward the end, but Parko maintained a slim lead on the strength of his backup wave. As the clock ticked to under 80 seconds remaining a small grower slid directly underneath Joel, who had priority. He was busy looking out the back for a larger opportunity, one that might help him seal the deal, when all he needed to do was keep Jordy from standing up.

    Jordy pounced on the little double up, hammered away at the wall in front of him, and stole the heat from Parko, advancing to his 10th quarterfinal in the last 11 events.
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  • It's time to flesh your fantasy squad - the Quik Pro countdown

    A lot of questions still need answering with the start to the 2011 ASP World Tour only 10 days away...

    1. Does Kelly Slater have the will to keep going?

    2. Can Jordy Smith keep his 2010 momentum?

    3. What impact will Dane Reynolds' injury have on his season?

    4. Will rookie Julian Wilson make things interesting out of the gate?

    5. Are Parko and Mick as keen as ever to make a run at the top?

    6. Can Owen Wright earn his first breakout win in 2011?

    7. Which Brazilian upstart is most likely going to surprise us most?

    These are the same questions fantasy players are pondering, because with up to $100,000 for anyone who can accurately predict all 11 tour stop winners over at Fantasy Action Sports League, things continue to get more interesting for surfing fans.

    And that's just the beginning.

    Whether you're a casual fan, or the hardcore fantasy freak, there's serious fun to be had in this year's FASL surfing game. Aside from the bragging rights, free members can play for a variety of prizes. Premium members play for all that plus some cash at each stop.

    Naturally, if you're going after the season title your best bet is to pick a team now (before the Quiksilver Pro) to improve your odds of taking the entire season. Each players best 7 results (of 11 events) count toward their final season score.

    If you're a little gun shy about going it alone, or maybe you consider yourself more of a team player, you may want to join 9 of your buddies on a league team, which is just one more way to have fun. By taking the results of your team's best players during each event, the league teams get pretty darn competitive.

    And finally, if you need some brushing up on your Fantasy picking skills you need not wait for one of the 11 World Tour events this year for your next chance to play, because FASL has individual games set up for each of this year's ASP Prime events as well, like the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro and the US Open of Surfing.
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  • Jordy Smith works the Nightshift

    Crowds descended onto the sand en masse to see Jordy and crew go big in the 1-foot surf. Photo:Johnson

    The standard night surf got kicked up a notch on Sunday evening when Red Bull brought floodlights, jet skis, and DJ sets into the mix at Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. Surf fans poured onto the beach to catch a glimpse of Jordy Smith taking flight in the shorebreak, but although the fanfare was intense, the waves were far from it. A crowd that would rival most ASP events watched Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson, Damien Fahrenfort, and others get whipped at sloppy 1-foot closeouts. But jet ski assistance goes a long way, and the crew boosted tweaked airs and supermans well into the night.

    full story here.
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