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    Name:Josh Kerr
    Lives In:Tweed Heads, NSW
    Hometown:Tweed Heads, NSW
    Birthday:March 29, 1984
  • De Souza and Kerr sent packing from Quiksilver Pro France in Round Two

    After nearly eight hours of waiting for tides and sandbanks to cooperate with each other, the Quiksilver Pro was finally called into action in the dying hours of daylight at La Graviere in Hossegor, France. Contest director Miky Picon was able to run seven of 12 Round 2 heats in the shifty double-overhead shore break.

    Unpredictable and heavy waves can make for big upsets, which at this critical time in the year--more than midway through the World Tour season--can make or break a title campaign. Current world No. 2 Joel Parkinson was able to avoid a poor result by out-surfing trials winner Wiggolly Dantas in Heat 1, and world No. 4 John John Florence was able to dispatch of good friend Dusty Payne to keep his name in the world title conversation.

    Adriano De Souza, world No. 5, would not be so lucky, as he ran into Taylor Knox, who found himself in perfect rhythm with the tricky beachbreak. At 41 years old, Taylor is the oldest surfer on tour, and by making this heat he matches his best result of the season.

    The other upset of the day came at the hands of one of the tour's youngest in Kolohe Andino, as he took down world No. 7 Josh Kerr. The 25th place is Josh's worst of the season, but for the rookie Andino, who has struggled with injury and bad luck all year, the Round 3 berth equals his best result to date.

    Solid swell continues to pour into the Bay of Biscay; look for the event to be back on sometime tomorrow.

    Photos of Joel Parkinson (top) and Adriano De Souza (bottom) courtesy of Quiksilver
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  • Video: Josh Kerr and Jordy Smith play in Lake Pacific

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Luckily for Jordy Smith and Josh Kerr, having jet skis at your disposal is just one of the perks of being one of the world's best pro surfers. The two recently took to doing step-offs near the Orange County-San Diego County line to get some practice in during the week of small waves leading up to the Hurley Pro at Trestles. Lensman Matt Kleiner, who is currently working on a biopic film with Kerrzy, shot and edited this little piece, "Lake Pacific," claiming, "It's been so bad up here!"

    Both Jordy and Josh have boosted their way into round 3 of the Hurley Pro, which is expected to recommence Wednesday under a new southerly pulse of swell.

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  • Josh Kerr's Gold Coast Grovel

    Currently sitting at number three in the world after a semifinal finish in Rio, Josh Kerr dominated in conditions ranging from dribbly lefts to heaving closeout beachbreak. And now, for the first time in his career, he's in world title contention.

    Kerr met up with his filmer Matt Kleiner on Australia's Gold Coast for two days and was greeted with great weather but very minimal surf. Given that Josh is one of the most versatile surfers around, he had no trouble standing out in the slow conditions.

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  • Josh Kerr in Hawaii

    Phenomenal lensman Matt Kleiner has been traveling with Josh Kerr for part of the year, gathering footage for an upcoming signature film. Here is Matt's edit of Kerrzy's winter on the North Shore. His outstanding performance in hollow lefts, big rights, and even bigger Waimea make it hard to deny that Josh Kerr is about as well-rounded a surfer as anyone.

    JOSH KERR // HAWAII from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.
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  • Kerrzy the transplant

    How do you pluck a happy young Australian lad from his beloved home, and his mates, vegemite, and meat pies?

    The answer may not surprise you, as it's the same answer to many of life's difficult conundrums: a girl.

    No matter how happy you are with your life, how carefully laid your plans are, add a girl to the equation and buckle up, cuz you may be in for a ride.

    For Josh Kerr, that ride took him from the Gold Coast of Australia all the way to San Diego California, where he now resides with wife Nikki and family.

    Luckily for Josh, his lady just happens to be from one of the meccas of hi-fi surfing, so I doubt he was bummed to trade those meat pies for mexican food.

    Our buddy Matt Kleiner is working with Josh on a new film project, and sent us this clip from their recent escapades...

    JOSH KERR // HOME from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.
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