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    Name:Kalani Chapman
    Lives In:Hawaii
    United States
    United States
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    Kalani is the quitesetial North Shore Boy. Cruises "country" doing what runs in his family, charging. Kalani's older brother Shawn Briley has been a North Shore charger for years, taking off on the biggest waves Pipe has to offer.

    "Kalani Boy" is taking over where his brother left off. All winter long he is a fixture at Pipe getting barrel shots and video sections in everything. On any given day in the winter you can catch him somewhere between Sunset Beach and Lani's getting the best waves of the set, because he can.

    He rips everything, bit Kalani's forte is big left barrels, which is the only reason he ever leaves Hawaii. In the spring and summer months he can be found getting some shade at waves like Teahupoo, Cloudbreak and Macaroni's.
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