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    Name:Kassia Meador
    Lives In:Oceanside, California
    United States
    Hometown:Malibu, California
    United States
    Birthday:April 8, 1982
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    Kassia Meador embodies grace, balance, style and beauty. She learned to surf in Malibu, California, a long boarder haven at the tender age of 14, where she discovered her talent for cross stepping and nose riding perfectly tapered waves. After winning the first contest she ever entered, the Roxy Wahine Classic at San Onofre, CA, Kassia continued to climb in the professional world of women's long boarding competition.

    For the past several years, Kassi (as her friends like to call her) has continued to compete and travel the world perfecting her effortless style while being respected and admired as one of the best longboarders, male or female, in the history of surfing. Her talent and character, both in and out of the water, have been hugely influential to the sport. Kassia has been a major face for the Roxy Brand ever since joining the team in 1997. She has been on numerous photo shoots, boat trips and has been a crucial part of Roxy events. This star carries her grace and poise everywhere she goes; combining her radiant smile, contagious laughter and love for the ocean in all that she does.

    Kassia's surfing success has given her the opportunity to explore her other talents. She started her own production company, Stardust Productions. She is an amazing photographer and artist. In May she will be involved in a prestigious art show in Japan called "The Green Room."

    Whether it's: surfing the "gnar", working on her photos, traveling for movies and photo shoots, or perfecting her surfing with her unique training, which involves lots of stretching, free weights and balance exercises, Kassia does it with an energy that is craved by all. She is passionate about her dreams and will continue to live out each and every one. Her dance though life is beautiful to behold. Just like her cross stepping atop her longboard, all of her moves are done with style, excitement and grace.
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