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    Name:Keir Dillon
    Lives In:California
    United States
    Hometown:Carlsbad, California
    United States
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    Sponsors: Burton, Anon, Amp, Boost mobile, Nike

    Keir Dillon is one of the most popular riders in the world. He brings in huge amplitude and speed coupled with a signature style that makes him a standout among riders. Keir is known for his style, always rocking headphones in the halfpipe, and can be found boosting huge Keir rolls off of his first hit of the halfpipe. He has medaled twice at WX both bronze ('02, '04) but has never won. He has, however, won the World Superpipe Championships at Park City twice in a row ('04, '05). Keir is a positive rider that simply enjoys snowboarding for a living. He and his wife live in Carlsbad, CA where he surfs every chance he gets.
    Keir Dillon is one of the most popular riders in the sport of snowboarding for good reasons. He is charming and articulate in person, friendly with fans, media, and peers alike, genuinely passionate about the sport, and absolutely explosive in the pipe. A disciplined athlete who is serious about his career, Keir built his reputation with cover shots, video parts, and standout performances at major competitions like his 3rd place finish in SuperPipe at WX'04 (and WX '02)
    Orignally from Pennsylvania, where he cut his teeth on icy halfpipes, Keir is known for going huge. His signature McTwists on the first hit of his halfpipe run are always far over head. Part of going huge is crashing hard, and Keir is often injured because if it. He has one Winter X medal, a bronze in SuperPipe from '02.
    A leader in transition riding, Keir has earned huge media coverage at invitational halfpipe and quarterpipe contests worldwide. His style is a combination of amplitude, fluidity, and technical finesse.
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    Posted by Krista January 27, 2009 06:10pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    So dude when is your clothing line coming out????


    Posted by Krista January 27, 2009 11:11am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Keir, have no other way of leaving you a message....what a long time it has been......dude really hit me up....ESU

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