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    Name:Laurent-Nicolas Paquin
    Hometown:Charny, Quebec
  • Happy Holidays from LNP: Full part Re-Edit

    What's merrier than a guy with luscious locks, grizzly beard, and cut off shorts shredding his face off? Nothing. Rome and LNP are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a full part re-edit of Laurent's part from "The Shred Remains.

    LNP takes on the streets as usual and wins. He seems to have a thing for double kinks. Would you agree? Be sure to head to iTunes to buy the full "The Shred Remains" to see all the goods they left out of this edit.

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  • The Rome Team at Bjorn Leines' Jibfarm

    Most everyone would agree that having your own private park conveniently located in your backyard is pretty legit. Toss in a snowmobile and a rope tow and you're all set. Bjorn Leines is lucky enough to have this exact set up and the entire Rome Team shwooped over there to get after this jibfarm. We've got to admit, it looks like a good time.

    Rainbow rails, tractor gaps, and barrels galore - you could have one awesome afternoon here. Rome rubs it in our faces below:

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  • Rome SDS Ask the Rider LIVE Facebook interview: LNP and Will Lavigne

    GrindTV Newswire via Rome Snowboards (August 3, 2011) - This Friday, August 5th, from 5-6 pm Eastern, LNP and Will Lavigne will be in front of the camera, and ready to answer all of your questions in real time right on your Facebook. Since you're going to be on there in lurk-mode anyhow, you may as well click on the link and check out the video.

    The guys are driving down to the office from Quebec to check out their parts as they come along in The Shred Remains, so we decided to turn the camera on and let everyone shoot unfiltered questions their way, and get answers right away.

    All you need to do is comment your questions on the link that we'll post and embed on our Facebook page that can be seen at www.facebook.com/romesnowboards, and we'll try to keep up the best we can.

    On top of all the interesting and free information Will and LNP will be doling out, we're also going to hook up one lucky random question asker with a brand spankin' new 2012 Rome SDS Jacket!

    Log on to Facebook during the following times and check it out.





    Also, if you have Google+... well, you probably have a Facebook account too, so take a break from being so damn cutting edge and shoot us some funny questions through Facebook.

    Stay tuned to www.romesnowboards.com and www.twitter.com/romesds and www.facebook.com/romesnowboards for more updates on the happenings of the Rome SDS.
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  • Rome drops "The Shred Remains" teaser

    Rome has never really given a shit about what the public thought of what they were doing -- kind of like honey badgers. This was a very good look for them. Most notoriously known for their stacked team of burly jibbers - we've all come to find out that they can pretty much do everything, stomp everything, charge everything. They also make it obvious that they make an effort to have a damn good time as well.

    After their first two video releases, "Any Means" and "No Correct Way" dropped into the world, they had our attention. They'll do whatever it takes without worrying about the consequences. Rome's latest project, "The Shred Remains" has had our interest since they started the video blog following their progress and experiences through the making of the movie.

    The official teaser has finally arrived and moved quickly to the top of the list of 2011 teasers. Featuring LNP, MFR, Lucas Debari, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden, Johnny Lazz, Will Lavigne, Marie Hucal, and the AM Army, we'd have to say that they are pretty much unstoppable.

    Get psyched on the trailer below.

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  • Cyber with the Rome Snowboards team

    If you want to sit down and have a cozy living room sofa chat with the Rome team then I suggest you peep these two videos posted on Buoloco. Ed Segovia cybers with the whole crew - LNP, Eiki Helgason, Lucas Debari, MFR, Johnny Lazz, Johnnie Paxson, and Stale Sandbech - and asks them the questions we all want to know the answers to.

    The Rome team usually comes off a little bit mad...like they are all slowly going a bit nuts but killing it on snowboards at the same time...if that makes any sense. However, in these videos the group is all together cuddled up on the couch ready to share all the details about "agents, products, sponsors, mainstream, snowboard machines, pressure, shredding, shredders, etc."

    They obviously are a tight knit group and have an awesome straight-up perspective on what is going on in snowboarding today. We also get to find out once and for all what they prefer; regular camber or reverse camber.

    Oh, and Laurent's beard is longer than ever.

    Rome Snowboard team talks part one from BuoLoco on Vimeo.

    Rome Snowboards team talks part two from BuoLoco on Vimeo.
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