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    Name:Lisa Wiik
    Lives In:Trondheim
    Birthday:May 1, 1979
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    The time has come to crown the men's Swatch TTR Tour Champion at the prestigious 6Star Burton U

    The time has come to crown the men's Swatch TTR Tour Champion at the prestigious 6Star Burton U

    Contributed by Swatch TTR World Tour

    Monday, March 16, 2009 8:24am

    The time has come to crown the men's Swatch TTR Tour Champion at the prestigious 6Star Burton US Open. After a highly charged season, Shaun White (USA) and Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) have emerged as the two Title contenders, but only one can walk away victorious. Saturday's Halfpipe finals, which offer up the first of two batches of 1000 Swatch TTR points, will set the stage for the ultimate Slopestyle showdown. On Sunday, March 22nd, 2009, ten months of competition, dedication and hard work..

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    Lisa Wiik is from Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. She still calls it home even though she is rarely there, most of the time she travels around the world for competitions and training. She likes to travel and loves to meet new cultures and see other countries. Snowboarding has given her the perfect opportunity to do all this!

    Lisa had a very busy child hood and grew up with an older brother that she was always competing with. "Every sport and whatever he did, I wanted to do...but I wanted to do it even better to impress him," says Lisa, "I started skiing when I was 4 years old. I played the piano, the violin and sang in the choir. Handball, gymnastics and snowboarding were up next. When my brother started skateboarding and dirt biking, I was quickly hooked on that too."

    If it was up to Lisa she would have kept on doing all these activities, but she realized that she needed to focus on a couple. "I don't like to do anything half hearted either, so I dropped out of handball and kept doing gymnastics and snowboarding." says Lisa. Gymnastics is a great sport for snowboarders because if gives them more body control and helps with balance.

    Lisa started snowboarding when she was fifteen years old. "When my brother started snowboarding I hooked up with him and his friends and started to snowboard too," says Lisa, "they challenged me a lot which led to a lot of progression in my first season." They used to ride at their local resort every weekend and one night during the week. Now Lisa rides every day during the season. Off season she goes to the gym four days a week.

    About four years ago Lisa started riding for Roxy."I am so proud to be part of a team that supports female snowboarding the way Roxy does," says Lisa, "making great and fashionable clothes as well as hosting two 6 star TTR events every season! The girls on the team are incredible too; we are best friends and are have so much fun snowboarding together. We always support and help each other out. I'm lucky to be on the best team out there!"

    Lisa's recent accomplishments include finishing second place in the 2009 TTR World Tour. She placed second in the Burton Open Global Series and first in slopestyle at the European Open.

    For more information about Lisa, read her blog at www.lisawiik.com

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