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    Name:Louie Vito
    Nickname:Louie Frodo, The Dancing Hobbit, Twinkle Toes, LV
    Lives In:Sandy, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Columbus, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:March 20, 1988
  • Teasin' Season: 'Nike Snowboarding Project' among top shred trailers this week

    The never-ending stream of snowboard teasers is still flowing, and this week we were bombarded by Nike, Roxy, and Quiksilver with their very different releases of trailers that collectively had us shaking in our boots. If these edits don't motivate you to go pull on your outerwear and run around the house, we don't know what will.

    "Nike Snowboarding Project," Nike Snow:
    Nike has upped the ante as usual with their 2012 "Nike Snowboarding Project," which will include three different chapters of edits, with each chapter worked on by different filmmakers and featuring different heavy-hitting snowboarders. Filmmakers Joe Carlino (Nike Action), Brad Kremer (Burton and Mack Dawg), and Justin Hostynek (Absinthe Films) worked on the first chapter, which is being released Oct. 16. The teaser below is a little preview to all three perspectives and provides a glimpse of what each filmmaker was working with. They've covered all their bases with riders slaying the backcountry, taking over terrain parks, and charging the streets. All together the project features riders Johnnie Paxson, Jess Kimura, Halldor Helgason, Justin Bennee, Jed Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, Louie Vito, Gjermund Braaten, Jamie Nicholls, Danny Kass, Ethan Morgan, Jan Scherrer, Peetu Piiroinen, Austin Smith, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass, and Eric Jackson. A little bit of a mouthful, wouldn't you say?

    "Wanderlust," Roxy Snowboarding/Peepshow Films: Roxy and Peepshow have joined lady forces and created one hell of a chick flick. The handful of rippers in "Wanderlust" provides us with so many dynamic and different riding skills that when smashed together, it creates a ridiculous and amazing ball of shredding. Peepshow is known for technical and stylish urban riding while Roxy's team gets us in the halfpipe, park, and big mountain riding. "Wanderlust" looks to highlight all sides of women's snowboarding as well as offer a simple vibe of fun and camaraderie. It features riders Torah Bright, Erin Comstock, Robin Van Gyn, Corinne Pasela, Joanie Robichaud, Danyale Patterson, Ty Walker, and Kjersti Buaas.

    "Quiksilver Team Montage," Quiksilver Snowboarding: Although this isn't technically a teaser, per say, it still got us as giddy as a 15-year-old girl ogling Justin Bieber. Riders Bryan Fox, Will Lavigne, Travis Rice, Danimals, Johnny Brady, Ted Borland, Alex Beebe, Matt Belzile, and Jake Olson-Elm get together in this team montage, get after it, and paint a perfect snowboarding picture with their different styles and abilities. Urban, big mountain, parks--you name it, and they've got it.

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  • Louie Vito and Ryan Sheckler Shoot Guns in Livin' Louie EP4

    It's good to be Louie Vito.

    From being featured on Dancing with the Stars to hanging out with models and celebrities, this pro snowboarder knows how to live life to the fullest.

    But what exactly is it like to live like Louie?

    The fourth episode of Livin Louie shows what happens when you take pro snowboarder Louie Vito off the slopes and into straight into "Dragon Man's" gun range. Vito fires off M16s, AK47s, and even a couple of home-made flame throwers with his buddy, pro skater Ryan Sheckler. Check out a day in the life of these pros-- slightly out of their element.

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  • World Snowboard Championships: Halfpipe Semi-Finals

    Halfpipe semi-finals at the World Snowboard Championships in Olso, Norway wrapped up on Thursday evening as the best pipe riders in the world took to the pristine 22' superpipe.

    The men's and women's event was set-up in a two-heat format and each rider was given three runs to earn a spot in Saturday's finals.

    The women were the first to drop, and a heavy battle between all riders ensued. In the first heat, Spain's Queralt Castellet took the top spot with a score of 79.9.

    In the following heat, Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark went head-to-head for the first place finish. Bleiler came out swinging and beat Clark by earning a 85.0 for a run that included huge, stylish spins, and her signature "Crippler." Clark has won the last 14 straight contests, and will be laying it all on the line during Saturday's finals to continue her unbelievable winning streak.

    On the men's side of things, heat 1 was stacked with international riders. Taku Hiraoka from Japan earned the lead with a technically advanced and smooth run. Louie Vito was hot on his heels and earned a 86.7 for his efforts.

    In heat 2, Iouri Podladtchikov looked a little off his game during his first and second runs. I-Pod sat in seventh place after his second run. But during his last attempt, I-Pod stomped two 1080s, a double cork 10, and a backside 9, scoring him a 88.3. This secured him second place, right behind Matt Ladley. The 21-year-old shredder from Breckenridge, CO took the lead today for a run that included a huge backside 1260 on his first hit, which helped him earn the high score of 90.8.

    Today's event was very progressive. But it was only a sampling of the action that's sure to come during Saturday's finals.

    Head to WSC2012 for full results and schedules.
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  • Livin' Louie Vito: Episodes 2 & 3

    Louie Vito has been on a tear as of late. He's been on the podium at almost every contest he's entered this year, and even took home his second Dew Cup at the Winter Dew Tour Championship in Utah last week. Vito is known for his smooth style and explosive spins both in the pipe and on the dance floor. But what else do people know about this "Tiny Dancer"?

    Livin' Louie Vito is a web series that delves into the life of this multi-talented shredder. The second and third episodes just dropped, offering keen insight into the life of Louie.

    Check it out.

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

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  • Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships: Superpipe Finals

    Vito vs. IPod. Clark vs. Bleiler. Who would claim the coveted 2012 Dew Cup?

    It all came down to the Winter Dew Tour Championships today, during the superpipe finals at Snowbasin Resort in Utah.

    The women were the first to suit-up and drop-in to Snowbasin's massive 22-foot superpipe. The race for the cup was strictly between Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark, as today's event would determine the overall Dew Cup winner.

    After the first runs, Gretchen Bleiler found herself in the top spot--a position she held until the final rider dropped in.

    As Kelly Clark stood at the top of the pipe before her final run, she knew she had her work cut out for her. She needed to best Bleiler's high score of 94.25 to take home the win. She dropped into the pipe and blasted a run that included a huge frontside air, a backside 540, a frontside 1080, a cab 720, a frontside 540 and ended with a stylish backside air. For this, the judges awarded her a 95.00 which was just enough to edge out Bleiler for the win and the Dew Cup.

    This was Clark's 14th consecutive win, which further proves her dominance in the sport. Following the event, Clark said, "I really had to stay focused on what I came up to do today. Some of my favorite contests are when Gretchen and I go head-to-head and run-to-run."

    Clark was elated with her win and continued saying, "Dew Tour puts on some of the best venues that we go to. This is one of the best pipes I've ridden all year. I'm happy to do so well and to win the Dew Cup."

    Directly after the suspenseful women's event, it was the men's turn to take to the pipe. All of the riders were throwing down. But the quest for first place and the Dew Cup was between Iouri "IPod" Podladtchikov and Louie Vito. Both riders have several variations of double corks in their repertoire, so it was all up to who could execute the cleanest, most technical run.

    Vito came out stomping on his first run and made history by landing a run that included three doubles and two 1080s. The judges awarded the "Tiny Dancer" a whopping 94.44 for his clean style and explosive spins.

    After seeing this impressive run, IPod knew what he had to do. He came out of the gates in a fury, and blasted a huge run that included three doubles corks and two 10's, but a slight bobble in the middle marred his chances to best Vito. He earned a 93.00 for this run, and looked to his second to set-up for the win.

    With a solid first run in the bag, Vito dropped in for his last run and laid down the smoothest run we've seen out of the shredder all season. He stomped a double crippler, a double Michalchuk, a front double 1080, a cab double 1080, a frontside 1080, and ended with a cab 720. The judges were clearly impressed and awarded Vito the highest halfpipe score in Dew history, a 98.00.

    IPod dropped in for the final run of the contest and stomped three huge doubles, a 1260 and a 1080. His run had more amplitude than Vito's, but Louie's included one more hit, so it definitely was a close call for the judges. After several suspenseful moments, the judges came back with IPod's score-- a 97.00-- just 1-point less than Vito's.

    Following the event Vito said, "I'm stoked to be consistent but I wanted to at least get on top of the podium this year. I did today and what better place than where I'm living now in Utah, at the Toyota Championships, to walk away with the Dew Cup."

    With the conclusion of today's superpipe finals, many of the top riders are making their way to Olso, Norway for the World Superpipe Championships, where they will battle it out once again.

    Women's Snowboard Superpipe Final Results
    1. Kelly Clark, West Dover, Vt., 95.00. 2. Gretchen Bleiler, Aspen, Colo., 94.25. 3. Xuetong Cai, China, 89.75. 4. Sophie Rodriguez, France, 77.00. 5. Sarah Conrad, Canada, 68.50. 6. Arielle Gold, Steamboat Springs, Colo., 26.25.

    Women's Snowboard Superpipe - Tour Rankings
    1. Kelly Clark, 200. 2. Gretchen Bleiler, 180. 3. Xuetong Cai, 164. 4. Sophie Rodriguez, 113. 5. Sarah Conrad, 107. 6. Arielle Gold, 107. 7. Serena Shaw, 89. 8. Sarka Pancochova, 87. 9. Hannah Teter, 83. 10. Maddy Schaffrick, 76.

    Men's Snowboard Superpipe Final Results
    1. Louie Vito, Bellefontaine, Ohio, 98.00. 2. Iouri Podladtchikov, Switzerland, 97.00. 3. Spencer Shaw, Stratton, Vt., 90.00. 4. Trevor Jacob, Malibu, Calif., 88.00. 5. Zachary Black, Breckenridge, Colo., 86.00. 6. Ben Ferguson, Bend, Ore., 83.50. 7. Jack Mitrani, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 81.50. 8. Mason Aguirre, Duluth, Minn., 80.00. 9. Kyle Mack, W. Bloomfield, Mich., 73.75. 10. Paul Brichta, Burnsville, Minn., 70.00. 11. Ben Watts, Bend, Ore., 67.00. 12. Scotty Pike, Sun Valley, Idaho, 63.00.

    Men's Snowboard Superpipe - Tour Rankings
    1. Louie Vito, 330. 2. Iouri Podladtchikov, 317. 3. Spencer Shaw, 220. 4. Zachary Black, 199. 5. Mason Aguirre, 181. 6. Jack Mitrani, 169. 7. Trevor Jacob, 160. 8. Matt Ladley, 150. 9. Kyle Mack, 132. 10. Luke Mitrani, 124.
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