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    Name:Louie Vito
    Nickname:Louie Frodo, The Dancing Hobbit, Twinkle Toes, LV
    Lives In:Sandy, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Columbus, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:March 20, 1988
  • Living Louie and Bobby's Life: Redbull web series

    Louie Vito and Bobby Brown are at the top of their game in their respective fields of skiing and snowboarding. Both shred competitively and boast a boatloads of sponsors, including the all-powerful energy drink, Red Bull. This season, Red Bull is producing a series of behind-the-scenes edits that will follow these shred-stars throughout all of their competitions and worldwide travels.

    Livin' Louie and Bobby's Life give a glimpse into the lives of these pros and what it's like to live like them. The first episodes just hit the web and show these pros training in the pre-season and getting warmed up on their home mountains.

    Who do think is living larger? Bobby or Louie?

    In this first webisode of Livin' Louie Vito we start off at the snowboarding Olympian's home in Salt Lake City, Utah before pumping some iron in his favorite gym and hitting the snow park with rider Stevie Bell.

    In this first webisode of Livin' Louie Vito we start off at the snowboarding Olympian's home in Salt Lake City, Utah before pumping some iron in his favorite gym and hitting the snow park with rider Stevie Bell.

    The skiing preseason has just begun for Bobby Brown in his hometown of Denver, Colorado as him and his friends take full advantage of Breckenridge snow jumps a day before opening. It's full speed ahead as he travels to Woodward at Copper to test out double cork variations just before heading to Sweden for a big air event before Dew Tour.
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  • Riders announced for Winter Dew Tour's Pantech Open in Killington, VT

    The second stop of the Winter Dew Tour contest series will be taking over Killington, Vermont this week. World-class athletes will be competing in superpipe and slopestyle, eyeing the top spot on the podium.

    Women's freeskiers will also make an appearance at this stop, where the leading ladies will have a chance to show what they're made of on the big screen.

    It's going to be an action-packed event, so check out all the details from the Dew Tour below.

    Dew Tour- Burr Ridge, Ill. - The Winter Dew Tour continues this weekend with its second stop of the season when the Pantech Invitational hits Killington, Vermont. The top athletes in snowboarding and freeskiing will descend on one of the East Coast's biggest resorts to battle it out for points toward the Dew Cup.

    Louie Vito comes to Killington on the heels of a second place finish at the Winter Dew Tour's first stop in Breckenridge, Colorado. Eager to repeat his championship performance in the superpipe during the 2011 season, Vito will be aiming to redeem himself with the top spot in Vermont. The slopestyle course will be crowded with internationally recognized snowboarders, from triple-corking Canadian Mark McMorris to the Norwegian winner of the Nike Open, Gjermund Braaten, as well as a large group of American-bred riders fighting through the last chance qualifiers.

    Competition in the men's freeski events will be sure to deliver excitement. After combating an injury in Breckenridge, Simon Dumont will take to the superpipe looking to dethrone reigning champ Kevin Rolland. Tom Wallisch will attempt to go two for two in Winter Dew Tour ski slopestyle wins this season, bringing huge air and smooth landings to a slopestyle run that is sure to defy the laws of physics. Last year's Killington winner Bobby Brown, along with Alex Schlopy and Nick Goepper, will be among the top skiers intending to push him off the podium.

    The top names in women's freeskiing will have their Winter Dew Tour season debut at the Pantech Invitational with bigger stakes than in years past. For the first time in Dew Tour history, women freeskiers will compete towards a Dew Cup. Devin Logan, who took the freeski halfpipe world by storm in her breakout rookie year in 2011, will bring her signature style to Bear Mountain, while young up-and-comer Kaya Turski will be showing off on the slopestyle course. Several women with eyes on the 2014 Olympics are also headed to the Pantech Invitational, including Grete Eliassen, Brita Sigourney and Ashley Battersby.

    In addition to action-packed competitions, the weekend will also include a Friday night VIP party at the Wobbly Barn, a well-known Killington watering hole. The night will feature a live DJ set from RAC, the Portland-based cutting edge duo of Andre Allen Anjos and Karl Kling, spinning original remixes and party favorites. Party entry will be $10 for those 21-and-over.

    Pre-qualified and invited Men

    Pre-qualified and invited Women
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  • The Louie Vito Charity Rail Jam

    For seven years, Louie Vito has hosted a charity Rail Jam at his home mountain, Mad River Mountain, in Belefountaine, Ohio. Despite unfavorable conditions, this year's event was the biggest to date as tons of shredders from across the country made the trek for the contest.

    Words: Mad River Moutain

    The Louie Vito Rail Jam is the official beginning to the freestyle contest season at Mad River Mountain. It's really a reunion for the entire Ohio Scene. You get a chance to catch up with the guys who moved away, talk about the good 'ol Mad river days in The Loft with the OG shreds turned dads, and watch some of the best rail riding on this side of the tracks.

    As everyone knows, snow has been an issue everywhere this season. That didn't stop The Capital Park Crew from producing another quality contest venue. The set-up featured four mid sized down rails centered by a perfectly pitched 30' down rail that saw more back lips than the Hollywood 16.

    The weather was not favorable for a snow competition at all. 50+ degrees wasn't looking too bad compared to three seasons ago LVRJ's balmy 72 degree contest temperature. Then the rain started. The dedicated riders spent the better part of the two hour practice session getting absolutely soaked. As final preparations were under way for the event, the clouds parted and the sun shinned through the heavy rain creating one of the most amazing rainbows ever. In true storybook fashion, the end of the rainbow landed directly on the slopes, marking the beginning of a four hour window of dry weather for the contest. Just as the contest ended, the skies once again unleashed forcing the crowd inside The Loft for the party.

    This contest and its award ceremony is unlike most. Annually The Vito Family and Mad River Mountain pull out all the stops providing prizes and live entertainment not found at most Resorts this size.

    Inside the Lodge, the judges prepared the results while the Skratchmatik Crew displayed their signature turntablism, highlighted with the lyrical genius of fellow snowboarder- MC Many Styles freestyle flow. The event's cache of prizes featured 15 snowboards, 50 helmets, top dollar watches, quality sound equipment, and hundreds of beanies, t-shirts and other various items of clothing. For anyone who has never attended a LVRJ, you just might want to next year. Not only is there entertainment for all ages, there are more prizes than competitors, which means you have a good chance at the product toss!

    Prior to announcing the winners of the event, the entire town was treated to a firework display that rocked the Valley. The fifteen minute display provided a timely segway for the bib raffle and awards, setting the stage for the highlight of the night, a show by Olympic Snowboarder Trevor Andrew's band Trouble Andrew. As the winners of the 8th annual Louie Vito Rail Jam were crowned and the lucky winner of the all expenses paid trip to Windells Summer Snowboard camp was drawn, thousands of dollars in products showered the crowd. This is the Vito Families way of giving a little back to the community. The product toss worked as a smoke and mirrors trick. It distracted the crowd long enough for Trouble Andrew to rush the stage unnoticed. They delivered an end all set that had both Lou(dad) and Louie (son) Vito enjoying Louie's true talent, dancing.

    Mad River Mountain and The Vito Family would like to thank The St Vincent DePaul of Bellefontaine, Windells, Ryan Andreas Photography, Neff, Spy, 686, Kicker, Red Bull, Capix, Nike 6.0, G Shock, C Mag, Lost Nation, Shooby, Lantis Fireworks, Rob Knight, Trevor Andrew, the weather, and Most of all everyone who attended the event.

    â¨LVRJ 2011 Final Results

    Snowboard 10 - 13 1st Eli Spires 2nd Brandon Bishoff 3rd Oliver Kroker
    Snowboard 14 - 17 1st Dominic Palarchio 2nd Hayden Dillon 3rd Davis Church
    Snowboard 18+ 1st Ethan Weatherbyâ¨2nd Cody Hines 3rd Oliver Dixon 4th Dylan Chrismer
    Snowboard Top Female Jen Cusick
    Ski 14 - 17 1st Will Givens 2nd Kyle Kaparos 3rd Axel Rudling
    Ski 18+ 1st Matt Heffernan 2nd Brian Kiss 3rd Brian Fitzgerald

    Grand Prize Winner- Windells Trip William Noble
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  • Shaun White and Kelly Clark win snowboard pipe finals at the Nike Open Winter Dew Tour

    Men's and women's superpipe finals went down Saturday afternoon in Breckenridge, Colorado for the fourth annual Winter Dew Tour Nike Open. Breckenridge's massive 602 ft superpipe was the site of heavy action as the world's best riders battled it out in front of a massive, sprawling crowd. â¨
    The women's field of six riders kicked things off early in the afternoon as sunny skies illuminated the pipe. After an uncharacteristic bobble in her first run, Kelly Clark came from behind and stomped her second run for the win.

    The Vermont native put down a run that included a frontside inverted 720, a cab 720, frontside 540, backside 540, frontside 900, and ended with a massive method oozing with style. Clark's run earned her a 91.25 which was just enough to bump Gretchen Bleiler out of the top spot and into second place. Rounding out the women's podium was Xuetong Cai who earned an 85.00 for her efforts.

    After the contest Clark commented, "This is the longest pipe we've ever ridden and it makes for a progressive contest because no one's trying to squeak all of their tricks in. "There's plenty of room to do every combination that you want to do. I couldn't have had a better start to my season, I think more importantly than doing well, I'm happy with the way I'm riding." â¨â¨

    Over on the men's side of things, it was Shaun White who rode away with the win after stomping a massive, progressive run. White dropped into the pipe and sent a huge 27 foot backside air, a frontside double cork 900, backside 540, frontside stalefish 540, a double McTwist 1260 and ended it with an alley-oop backside rodeo which earned him a solid 95.0 Rumor has it that this was only White's fourth day on hill this season, making this win all the more impressive.
    White was elated with the win and said "I'm so happy to put that run down and make it count, get the win and start the season off right." White was pumped on the size of Breck's pipe and said, "I'm blown away by Breckenridge delivering such an amazing pipe. It's one of the best I've ever ridden." â¨â¨Coming in a close second was Louie Vito who stomped a super techincal run that went like this, double crippler, Michalchuk, front double 10, cab double 10, front 12 and finished with a back 5. Vito's run was smooth and stylish, but lacked the amplitude that White had.
    Rounding out the podium was Iouri Podlachikov who rallied from a brutal fall in his first run and came back to stomp his second. IPOD's first run was easily the best run of the whole comp, until his last hit, where he landed super low and slammed his face on the bottom of the pipe. IPOD smacked his noggin so hard that his goggle broke, and he rose up with a bloody nose. When asked about his second run, IPOD said, "I was just all in. I had nothing to lose. My face was hurting. My nose, I can slowly feel it again, but that first run was like the best run of my life."

    It was a super action-packed day at the Winter Dew Tour Nike Open in Breckenridge, Colorado and the fun continues tomorrow with men's and women's slope finals.

    Men's Snowboard Superpipe Final Results

    1. Shaun White, Carlsbad, Calif., 95.00.
    2. Louie Vito, Bellefontaine, Ohio, 92.75.
    3. Iouri Podlachikov, Switzerland, 90.00.
    4. Christian Haller, Switzerland, 88.00.
    5. Kohei Kudo, Japan, 86.00.
    6. Matt Ladley, Steamboat Spring, Colo., 84.00.
    7. Steve Fisher, Breckenridge, Colo., 79.75.
    8. Keito Kumazaki, Japan, 55.75.
    9. Kazuhiro Kokubo, Japan, 47.75.
    10. Scott Lago, Seabrook, N.H., 40.00.
    11. Luke Mitrani, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 24.25.
    12. Danny Davis,Highland, Mich., 18.25.

    Women's Snowboard Superpipe Final Results

    1. Kelly Clark, West Dover, Vt., 91.25.
    â¨2. Gretchen Bleiler, Aspen, Colo., 90.25.
    â¨3. Xuetong Cai, China, 85.00.
    4. Maddy Schaffrick, Steamboat Springs, Colo., 80.00.
    5. Kaitlyn Farrington, Sun Valley, Id., 70.00.
    6. Queralt Castellet, Spain, 54.50.

    Women's Podium. 1. Kelly Clark 2. Gretchen Blieler 3. Cai Xuetong

    Men's Podium 1. Shaun White 2. Louie Vito 3. IPOD
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  • Mitrani and Clark win Copper Grand Prix Halfpipe

    Blazing sun and a pristine pipe sent the scene for the men's and women's halfpipe finals at the 16th annual U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix at Copper Mountain.

    Snowboarder Mag's Pat Bridges was on site and breaks down all the action from the event.

    Words: Pat Bridges
    Photos: Aaron Dodds

    With the conclusion of the US Snowboarding Grand Prix pipe finals at Copper Mountain, CO the North American competitive halfpipe season is officially underway. Over two dozen Olympic veterans were onhand to make the drop and hopefully gain a solid result leading into next weeks Breckenridge Dew Tour stop. Unfortunately all but one assembled European and Asian competitors in the field would have to settle for also ran status. Halting an American sweep of the Grand Prix pipe podium was Queralt Castellet. The young Spaniard set down a solid frontside 9 on the first hit of her second run to secure her third place.

    It has been two years since Maddy Shaffrick has made a Grand Prix podium but the 17 rider out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has left her injuries in the past and returned to the Grand Prix circuit with a vengeance and a Haakonflip handily earning a second place finish. Soaring above the rest of the field for first place was Kelly Clark. In attition to her unprecedented airtime Kelly stomped a first hit frontside 9 as well as back to back 7's to achieve her record breaking 25th career Grand Prix halfpipe victory.

    Despite strong showings by America's Benji Farrow, Finland's Janne Korpi, Switzerlands's Christian Haller, Australia's Nate Johnstone and Japan's Rya Aono the men's Grand Prix pipe podium was rife with familiar faces. Greg Bretz appears in top form as his refined style on cork spins provides a proper counterpoint to his double cork enders. Bretz bested all but two members of the field but solidified his spot as an early contendor for a ticket to Sochi in 2014. Louie Vito executed the most technical runs of the day including three double corks but ultimately would have to settle for a second. Making only his second trip ever to the top of the podium was crowd favorite Luke Mitrani. Luke's no speed check style and double cork repertoire, which includes both frontside and backside variations, is what set him apart from the pack and earned him a well deserved victory.

    Next stop on the halfpipe circuit is Breckenridge, Colorado so keep checking back to snowboardermag.com for the latest news and results.

    Head to Snowboarder Mag for full results.
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