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    Name:Louie Vito
    Nickname:Louie Frodo, The Dancing Hobbit, Twinkle Toes, LV
    Lives In:Sandy, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Columbus, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:March 20, 1988
  • Frends Vision- Mt. High Pond Skimming

    Jack Mitrani and Louie Vito were down south this past weekend working on their tans while shredding at Mt. High. These guys weren't just in SoCal just for the lovely weather, but rather for the the 2nd annual Miss Mountain High Bikini Contest and Pond Skim.

    Vito was pimping it on the hill while casting his vote for the most buxom babe and Mitrani was capturing it all in true "Frends Vision" style. The Pond Skim contest turned into the main event as soggy wet shredders attempted to send it over the icy waters at the bottom of the hill.

    Check out these 'Frends' getting friendly at Mt. High during their beach day at the mountain.

    Mtn. High Pond Skim from Jack Mitrani on Vimeo.

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  • I-Pod Proves The McTwist Doesn't End With Shaun White While Jenny Jones Continues To Dominate

    I-Pod P: Courtesy of ESPN.com

    After a video was uploaded all over the inter-web a week ago of Iouri Podladtchikov landing "Shaun White's trick", the Double McTwist 1260 on the second try, an idea was sparked and people began to question: "Would it be possible to beat Shaun White?" After all, the Olympics just came to a close and after White's perfection of a halfpipe run with the debut of a brand new trick, it seemed pretty much impossible. However, I-Pod answered this question with an apparent, "heck no it's not impossible" attitude and set out to show us why.

    In the middle of his second run at the Euro X Games, he laid out the Double McTwist 1260 flawlessly after a Cab double cork 10 and an inverted front 5. He didn't stop there, Iouri completed the run with a front 10 and Cab 7. This inconceivable display of riding earned him a 98.00 - the highest score ever in X Games history. On ESPN.com, I-Pod even admitted to having another double he's never shown in competition. It appears that White is not the only rider ready with not only some surprises, but surprises they can actually pull off. Shaun White might be regretting not showing up to Tignes right about now. When these two guys finally get to hit the same halfpipe at the Burton US Open, we can be sure that it will be riding for the books.

    Earning the silver medal was France's Mathieu Crepel with a 95.00 run topped with a front double cork 10, front 12, and an alley oop rodeo. Rounding out the men's snowboard halfpipe podium was America's dancing sensation, Louie Vito with a 92.33. Vito threw three double cork 10s back-to-back-to-back, which some believe deserved the silver.

    Men's Snowboard Superpipe Final Results

    1. Iouri Podladtchikov 98.00
    2. Mathieu Crepel 95.00
    3. Louie Vito 92.33
    4. Markus Malin 90.33
    5. Aluan Ricciardi 88.66
    6. Christian Haller 85.00
    7. Luke Mitrani 82.33
    8. JJ Thomas 79.66

    Jenny Jones P: Courtesy of ESPN.com

    The riders at the European X Games are simply showing us what's up. With improved conditions on the demanding slopestyle course, the ladies had their opportunity laid out in front of them and they decided to spin to win.

    Jenny Jones came in hot and clinched gold, adding to her X Games medal collection, while Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas nabbed the silver, her first X games medal since her first appearance in the games in 2002. The bronze medal went home with X games newbie, Swiss rider Sina Candrian.

    Each one of the ladies on the podium stomped a 7 in their run, no doubt epitomizing the progression of women's snowboarding in that a chick throwing a 7, grabbing, and landing it was unheard of a few seasons ago. The long and unique set up at the European X Games provided a different competitive experience for the ladies - allowing them to focus more on their riding rather than their speed.

    Jones' winning run was made up of a 5-0, front 3, back 3, front 5, Cab 5, 50/50, and a front 7. Her known top competitor, Jamie Anderson was taken out of the contest with a practice injury earlier in the week while Sarka Pancochova was also missing from the finals due to a foot injury. Jenny Jones is a the top of her game right now and it doesn't look like she's going anywhere anytime soon.

    Women's Slopestyle Final Results

    1. Jenny Jones 92.33
    2. Kjersti Oestgaard Buass 86.66
    3. Sina Candrian 83.00
    4. Spencer O'Brien 80.66
    5. Silje Norendal 63.00
    6. Charlotte van Gils 48.33

    The riding this winter is staggering - almost stupidly good. No one knows what to expect, including the riders. The US Open begins next week - tune in only if you want to witness the snowboard world change as you know it, again.
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  • Nike 6.0 'Greatest Hits Jam' stomps through Mt. Seymour

    Nike 6.0's Greatest Hits Jamwent down at Mt. Seymour this past weekend and the event went off under sunny blue skies in perfect spring-like conditions.

    Angela Sun from Yahoo Sports was on the scene to break down all the action that unfolded at Mt. Seymour.

    Words: Dave Pires (NewSchoolers.com)

    After the warmest January and early February on record, the international media camped out in Vancouver have had a field day talking about the weather and the problems it's causing during the Olympics. Fortunately, not one person at Saturday's Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits Jam had any reason to complain. Brilliant sunshine and perfect spring conditions welcomed local riders escaping the madness of the city, and with the most snow and best park on the North Shore, there was no doubt that Mount Seymour was the place to be. As early arrivals filtered up the hill and started to scope the park, the message board beside the lift captured the attitude of the day perfectly, mocking, "Did you know the Olympics are happening?"

    The famed Burlington High School double kink was one of the featured "Greatest Hits." It was totally un-Olympic and totally fun.

    Seymour's main chair presented a bird's eye view of the park, located directly below, and the course consisted of one jump, a down bar leading into a double-kink box and rail, and a picnic table. The 'Greatest Hits' were set up farther down, featuring an actual electrical box hittable from two sides, Quebec's Red Ledge, and beside it the impressive Burlington High School double-kink.

    With the barbeque fired up, the DJ spinning, and TJ Schiller, Elena Hight, Greg Bretz and Louie Vito all in attendance, it was the perfect setup to set things off.

    Elena Hight, Greg Bretz, and TJ Schiller hanging out at the Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits Jam.

    Louie Vito was on the scene hanging out and enjoying a day out of the halfpipe and in the terrain park.

    Nike's Greatest Hit Jam proved to be a super fun event that was all about hanging out, having a good time and straight up shredding.

    Check out the rest of the action here:Nike's Photo Fun .
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  • Tweets From Vancouver

    Check out what some of our Olympians are tweeting about up in Vancouver...(Little bit of a common theme?)

    Louie Vito - "Practice was better today but so mushy in the flat bottom. Got a lil more done than
    yesterday but maybe a lil cold turkey for the contest??"

    Greg Bretz - "mellow face bashing good time but still ready to shred it up tomorrow the pipe was a bit better today."

    Scotty Lago - "
    Pipe was better today except the right wall was way too verty and the flat bottom was mush didn't stop @Shaun_white haha."

    Hannah Teter - "First day of Halfpipe practice in Vancouver. The pipe is in rough shape. Hopefully they can get it together."

    Elena Hight - "stoked for Seth Wescott on winning the gold today! WIshing good luck for the girls tomorrow! Go get em USA!"

    Gretchen Bleiler - "Congrats to my @24hrfitness team mate @celskeet and my fellow @coke six packer @apoloohno! Good work tonight, way to kick off the Olympics!"

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  • U.S. halfpipe stars are all riding for Kevin

    U.S. halfpipe riders are all wearing the same sticker on their helmets these days. Squeezed between (and sometimes over) their sponsors' logos you'll spot one that reads: "I Ride for Kevin." Kevin is Kevin Pearce, whose Olympic dreams were tragically cut short on Dec. 31 when he fell badly during a training run and suffered a life-threatening traumatic brain injury.

    The budding U.S. star was in a coma for several weeks, and while he's out now, he's got a very long recovery ahead of him. His brain has lots of healing to do, and his next trick will be learning to walk again. Pearce is currently recovering at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado.

    Pearce is a huge star within the snowboarding community. He was considered by many snowboarding insiders to be Shaun White's biggest competition heading into the Vancouver Games. White rarely loses. Pearce had beat him twice in the past year. Yet what makes Pearce so attractive to his fans is that he transcends all the media hype and halfpipe skills with a wonderful soul. It's one that's been firmly planted and nurtured by family.

    Pearce considers his older brother David his hero. David has Down syndrome and a fist full of Special Olympic medals. He's done a remarkable job (with some help from his parents) of keeping his little brother focused on what's real and what isn't while he's risen to the top of his field. That bedrock and perspective is what makes Pearce so loved by his friends and fans.

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    His injury, therefore, was a huge emotional blow to the snowboarding community. Even would-be rivals crossed lines that aren't really there to offer their love and support. Fans flocked to the U.S. Grand Prix events carrying signs and banners honoring Kevin. Riders like Louie Vito and Scotty Lago put "Pearce Would Have Won" stickers on their boards. And White started sporting "I Ride for Kevin" stickers on his gear.

    Today, there's a Facebook fan page, "Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce," with 38,267 fans. People post there by the minute, wishing Kevin and his family the best, and sharing their own stories of hardships overcome.

    A recent post reads: "My 6-year-old cousin suffered a TBI [traumatic brain injury] in August that left her on the brink of death. She is walking, talking, laughing and is set to come home from the hospital mid-March. This will be your story too."
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