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    Name:Louie Vito
    Nickname:Louie Frodo, The Dancing Hobbit, Twinkle Toes, LV
    Lives In:Sandy, Utah
    United States
    Hometown:Columbus, Ohio
    United States
    Birthday:March 20, 1988
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    Members of the US Olympic Halfpipe team- Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, Gretchen Beiler, Elena Hight, Kelly Clark
    Photo: Shem Roose/Burton
    Photo: Shem Roose/Burton
    Photo: Nike
    Photo: Nike
    Photo: Nike
    Photo: Nike
    Louie Vito rocks a the official USA hockey uniform. It was a little big but he was super stoked on the jersey.
    Angela was smitten by the tiny dancer LV
    Louie Vito is gets friendly with Angela Sun at the Nike House.
    Louie Vito better be winning the Olympic gold- you don't want to mess with this tiny dancer's entourage.Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Too Short brought up a bunch of beezies on stage. They look pretty stoked. Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Too Short brought the star studded crowd alive with "Getting it." Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Santigold and fiance Trouble Andrew are straight out of Brooklyn. Rumor has it Santi is pretty good at shredding.. Get it gurrl! Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Louie Vito knows how to throw a party. Louie had a banger guest list and also allowed people to buy tickets if not on the list.. though they sold out within minutes. Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Trouble Andrew was in the house breaking it down. Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Photo: Jeffrey Beard www.JMoustache.com
    Tanner Hall and DJ Z Trip were out in full force at Louie's event.
    Is that Sal Masakela? Nope, just a look-a-like- name Eddie. Wonder if Mr. Lou Vito was tricked?
    Louie Vito Presents: Trouble Andrew and Too Short at Belly Up- photo: @louievito
    It would have been a little embarrassing for Louie to get all that hype on Dancing With the Stars this fall and not even make it on the Olympic team. But he did, and we're all rooting for the second most famous halfpipe rider in the world to podium in Vancouver. Beside Shaun, Louie is the only other American to have back-to-back double-corks.
    The Us Olympic team- the top 3 women and men were announced Saturday after the Grand Prix in Park City
    Louie Vito and Travis Rice get their hug on.
    "Me!! Me!! I want prizes!!"
    Louie Vito, dad Lou Vito, and one super stoked Fan.
    It may have been the day after xmas, but seeing Vito shred MadRiver was surely a present to all in attendance.
    Kevin Sayler- MadRiver loc rides for Flow and the 43 crew- Here he demonstrates his signiture 1 footer on the wall ride- Get it KEV!
    Kevin Sayler + Louie Vito= bros from back in the day- rumor has it that Kevin used to coach Louie in soccer- Now i'm sure Kevin wants LV to coach him on the dance floor..or not
    Frontboard loving
    Sickter Rickter. Josh Dyer shows his skillz on the down rail
    Holy Moly! Frontboards are fun! especially when Louie Vito is watching
    The set up for the comp was sick, nice and mello rail features.
    Good lil Vito signed autographs for 3 hours straight- and gave all of the proceeds from the comp to charity. We call can learn a little something from our favorite dancing hobbit!!!
    Ollie off fun!
    When he isn't doing the jitterbug, DWTS's Louie Vito showed his pearly whites at Cecilas during the Dew Tour- photo cred: Michelle Hendryx
    This group makes partying look good- Big ups to Susie Floros, Louie Vito, Danny Kass, Linn Haug, and Andrea Holtphoto cred: Michelle Hendryx
    2009 Copper Mountain U.S. Grand Prix Men's Podium: 3rd Zach Black (USA), 2nd Louie Vito (USA), 1st Shaun White (USA) Photo: Getty's Images
    (P) Nate Abbot. Louie Vito, 2nd Place Finisher at the Copper Mountain Grand Prix 2009
    (P) Nate Abbot. (Rider) Louie Vito at the Copper Mountain Grand Prix Olympic Qualifier 2009
    Louie's most classy get-up. Worn during the show's live two-hour premier.
    There's nothing more manly then red sleeveless satin
    Look, someone bedazzled Louie's shirt.
    Showin' off the chest hair for the Rumba
    Cowboy up. Everything but the ass-less chaps
    Gettin' his sleeze on.
    Jiving with the nerd glasses and all.
    Louie's Dance off outfit... before he whipped off his black fedora and jacket he looked like a proper old-school gangsta.
    Jitterbug love
    Don't really get the point of the nerd glasses?
    Crowd pleaser
    There's that smile again!
    Chelsie looks bummed. I think this is right after Louie dropped her on her bum.
    Bending over backwards to make this prime time thing happen
    Cool outfit Louie
    Louie the cowboy.
    They might make cute dancing partners...Terje and Louie teaming up for a photo
    There's that smile!
    Ta da
    awaiting the judges score
    The first dance.
    What's your sign?
    ABC's promo shot for Vito. Love the cut off sleeve look on him
    So serious
    Yep, Vito again.
    You wouldn't have wanted to wait in line for the bar either. Smart Vito.