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    Name:Luke Wynen
    Hometown:Mammoth Lakes, CA
    United States
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    Quiksilver Cluck Off, answer to Roxy Chicken Jam, March 28

    Quiksilver Cluck Off, answer to Roxy Chicken Jam, March 28

    Contributed by lowedown

    Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:27pm

    While the all-girls slopestyle and superpipe competition known as the Roxy Chicken Jam is taking place March 27-29 at Mammoth Mountain Resort in California, Quiksilver has decided to have a competition of its own just for the men, called the Quiksilver Cluck Off. The invitation-only half pipe competition will take place Sat., March 28 at 4p.m. at the Mammoth Mountain superpipe.

    Eight Mammoth Mountain locals are set to compete in a half-hour half pipe jam session. The competing..

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    Luke Wynen has faith; in God, in snowboarding and in his ability to bounce back. After riding at WX '05 and placing 5th and then placing 11th at the Grand Prix in Mountain Creek, NJ with a torn ACL, Luke's right knee finally gave out. He went into surgery in March and has been working hard to get back in shape. In October, he competed in his first contest back, an FIS World Cup in Saas-Fee, SUI, where he placed 38th.
    A Christian, a carpenter, and a professional snowboarder all rolled into one, Luke Wynen is not your typical punk halfpipe jock. Luke first competed at WX 1999 when he earned his only medal to date, a bronze. Luke landed on top of the Vans Triple Crown year end halfpipe rankings in 2004 and finished 2nd overall. Luke is technical as well as devout: he finished 8th at WX'04 with a run that included back-to-back 720s, the 1080, and no straight airs. In January '05 Luke placed 2nd in halfpipe at the U.S. Grand Prix at Mt. Bachelor in OR.
    Over the years he has continuously improved his skill in the halfpipe and has been stepping up to the podium with more frequency. He plans to link together a run with no straight airs at WX '04.
    Luke Wynen is on top of the SuperPipe game with a progressive bag of tricks and confidence to deliver. He is a mellow rider and a Christian, recently engaged to his girlfriend Daniell Schultz, and a podium threat.
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