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    Name:Mike Escamilla
    Lives In:San Diego, California
    United States
    Hometown:La Habra, California
    United States
    Birthday:August 8, 1977
  • United's Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla

    Wow. His first official video part was in 1993. Not sure how old he is now, but it has little affect on his riding. Escamilla has been pushing the boundaries of BMX for about 2 decades and is still doing new, creative stuff today. Check this video part from United Bike Co:

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  • United in France

    "Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla Luke Peeters & Jack Marchant spent 6 days in France hitting spots in Paris & Le Mans, producing a damn healthy amount of heavy clips." 4down pretty much nailed it... This edit is nearly 4 minutes of awesome.

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  • Miniramp Session at Brooklyn Projects

    BP is in Hollywood but the vibe can be pretty Brooklyn. Regardless, these dudes shredding is worth the watch. Alflairdo sticks true to his nickname and Pat Wang, Jason Enns, and Mike Escamilla get at it as well.

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  • Last Chance Trailer

    Demolition's upcoming video LAST CHANCE. Here's the trailer with your favorites: Enarson, Doyle, Wise, Enns, Osato, Escamilla, Dillewaard, Jordan, Mancuso, and more...

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  • VID. EE. OES.

    You guys... You guys... (heavy breathing) You gotta stop... You gotta stop the tailwhips... Please...

    I think this You Got That. video is going to be very good looking. Check out the latest trailer HERE.

    Again, I hate bike checks. They don't belong HERE particularly, BUT this is Rooftop and he discusses how cool United is. Regardless of what you think, United has Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams... Both of them... Yes. Done.

    I like girls. Girls who ride bikes? They can either be awesome (see Morgan Wade's wife) or not awesome (see girls with lack of hygiene and self respect, like BMX dudes!).

    Craig Passero is hot, hot, hot. Stranger, OSS, web videos, message board love. What more do ya want?

    Brian Histand killing it in these "leftovers" for Orchid Footwear...

    Spanish dudes killing it. Not sure where there from but they hablar espanol, ay? Okay.

    Quality web video from these dudes... Wallstreet SB!

    More dudes killing it at a skatepark! This one features Joris Coulomb.

    Last one (for now). Jacob Lowe and friends killing an indoor skatepark.

    Ronnie Napolitan of Haro on the WEST COAST.

    Australia Day Trails Jam with Ryan Guettler by Alpinestars...

    Alexey Dergachev is cool dude... No seriously...

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