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    Name:Mike Metzger
    Nickname:The Godfather
    Lives In:Huntington Beach, California
    United States
    Hometown:Huntington Beach, California
    United States
    Birthday:November 19, 1975
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    I’m pretty sure this is the first ever backflip in competition. That’s Mike Metzger at the 2002 or 2003 Gravity Games (the first ever) up in Cleveland. I remember how exhausted I was shooting this, as I’d just driven 8 hours from Unadilla to get there in time, and it lasted all freakin’ day. But hey, I caught this moment and Mike has a print of it hanging in his garage, so it’s all good. Nikon D1, 70-200mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)
    More Metzger. It’s funny how I ran into him several times throughout my little career, and he always delivers great moments to be captured (see next image too). This one has a really long backstory, but suffice to say we were in Costa Rica for a Yamaha WR press intro while he was there doing the first-ever “Epic Ride” for Speed or wherever it ran. I was sitting backwards on a 4-wheeler for this shot, moving along at around 25mph. Canon 1D Mark 2, 17-40mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)
    Metz did this seemingly insane backflip over the fountains at Caesar’s Palace in 2006, and a friend of a friend of a friend (thanks Buckley and LeBig!) hooked me up to shoot it for ESPN. I had the ultimate access, the perfect setup, made a ton of cash and… almost missed the shot. The place was packed with other photogs and a boatload of fans, the sun was nearly horribly wrong but worked out perfectly at the very last moment, and Metzger didn’t take any sort of practice run at all. I barely heard a KX250 start up in the distance while I was talking to another photog and thought ‘hmm, must be doing a practice run’, so I figured I’d do a test and BOOM, he busts it out! I have this print hanging in my workshop and Mike’s parents have it in their living room. That’s it. Canon 1D Mark 2, 17-40mm. (Jeff Kardas Photo)