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    Name:Mike Spinner
    Lives In:Miami, Florida
    United States
    Hometown:Miami, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:April 1, 1988
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    Mike Spinner. He has probably put more tailwhips into spinning in the air than anyone. Seems to go with the theme of his last name. Actually, possibly in an effort to solidify his last name or something as relevant to his riding, he landed the first 1080 and even did it competition.

    Of course this kind of riding comes from the more foam pit and resi related side of BMX with skateparks such as Woodward and Mirra's warehouse. Either way you look at it, he is a big time BMX rider and you probably didn't know about him in 2005 much if at all. In 2006, however, he was taking first place at contests and you damn well knew about him.

    He recently went on the Jimmy Fallon TV show and did some riding and got Jimmy to step on a bike with his suit and dress shoes. Wow.

    This dude's smile is really funny too. He is always laughing. If he isn't laughing, pay attention because something seriously wrong has happened.

    Much to the BMX community's confusion, Spinner dropped Dave Mirra's company to ride for Hyper bicycles, a company more known for BMX racing aluminum frames. Though Spinner is sponsored by Albe's online bmx store and can choose pretty much any parts he wants, people are still skeptical about his recent choice of sponsorship.
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