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    Name:Mike Spinner
    Lives In:Miami, Florida
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    Hometown:Miami, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:April 1, 1988
  • Mike Spinner and Austin Coleman

    I recommend skipping the intro, but whatever. Besides the generic good riding in this video, I recommend pretty much skipping to the end where Spinner does a 1080 turndown... That's about it.

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  • 2010 Dew Tour Championships Preview

    To start this preview blog, since it is the final Dew Tour event and tour championships will be crowned at the end of the night, I will post up the tour standings to give you an idea of who is where:

    1. Daniel Dhers (272)
    2. Garrett Reynolds (232)
    3. Mark Webb (212)
    4. Mike Spinner (208)
    5. Andy Buckworth (186)

    1. Jamie Bestwick (300)
    2. Chad Kagy (248)
    3. Simon Tabron (238)
    4. Steve McCann (236)
    5. Francisco Zurita (222)

    1. Brett Banasiewicz (282)
    2. Brandon Dosch (252)
    3. Dennis Enarson (230)
    4. Luke Parslow (222)
    5. Ryan Nyquist (202)

    Some interesting things are happening this year. Brett Banasiewicz, notorious park destroyer, is now dominating the dirt discipline and not even in the top 5 of the park category. I guess his cash rolls on park don't mean much but on dirt they are untouchable. Dennis Enarson also put more emphasis into dirt this year as he sits in third on the tour with Parslow nipping at his feet. Enarson is also known for his park abilities but not in park's top 5. Ryan Nyquist rounds out the top 5 as I believe he is injured and may even lose the top 5 spot if he can't come back for this final stop in Vegas.

    It nevers seems to be a surprise that Jamie Bestwick is destroying the vert ramp, but another sweep? It could very well happen and it is shaping up to be so. The points race below Jamie, however, is HOT. 10 points separate Kagy from Tabron, TWO points from Tabron and McCann, and 14 points between McCann and Zurita, who has really come up this year. We have all been waiting for Coco to get the scores he deserves, and we now see him in podium finishes and top 5 on the tour. Even though it seems to be another inevitable Bestwick year, watching the race for second place will be great!

    Park has some good race left in it as well but Daniel Dhers has put himself far ahead of the pack, beating Reynolds by 40 points. Garrett Reynolds is no competitor to underestimate, but neither is Dhers. They wouldn't be in such positions otherwise. Mark Webb and Andy Buckworth definitely came up this year, sitting in 3rd and 5th respectively on the tour. And sitting in fourth is a healed and better than ever Mike Spinner. A man who will never stop receiving hate from a million riders around the globe. You can all hate, but he's the one sitting in fourth place on the tour with a home in Miami with a backyard skatepark. :)

    My predictions for Las Vegas, the final Dew Tour stop of 2010:

    In vert, Jamie Bestwick takes first and completes another Dew Tour sweep, having another golden year. Chad Kagy comes in second because let's face it he seems to be the closest to nabbing Bestwick's sweep away from him. Simon Tabron in third because he does something ridiculous like 900 into a 540 and much more. Coco Zurita in fourth for good measure. Heh.

    Dirt, Brett Banasiewicz seals the deal by winning another event, putting forth a series of cash rolls and triple tailwhips and frontflip tucks. Seriously, the kid is ridiculous. Dennis Enarson takes second with his newly found touch for dirt, opposite 3 variations and flip variations and such. Ryan Nyquist comes back healed and truck drivers his way to third place, making for an interesting points race in the dirt standings.

    Park, Garrett Reynolds makes a come from behind victory just because. It won't put him ahead of Daniel Dhers, considering he will probably take second, but it will at least be his last Dew Tour 2010 hoorah. Reynolds is stepping his game up even more and he is the prodigy. No joke. Dhers will land in second with his typical display of trickery and in third place will be young gun Pat Casey, with his first ever (I believe) Dew Tour podium and a statement to the dudes who may have underestimated him. BAM!

    October 14-17, Las Vegas, NV, 2010 Dew Tour Championships. Don't miss it. photos via allisports.com
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  • 2010 Wendy's Invitational Preview

    We may all be gassed from keeping up with the X Games and then the Huntington Beach events just after that, but we have to truck on and preview the BMX side of things at this year's Wendy's Invitational. As always, the best of the best will travel to Portland, OR this weekend and we'll see more park, dirt, and vert action thanks to Dew Tour.

    Within the realms of BMX vert riding, the elephant in the room is Jamie Bestwick. He cannot be ignored and certainly cannot be taken lightly. Bestwick swept last year's Dew Tour (winning every stop) and obviously took home the tour cup. Usual contenders Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Simon Tabron, and also Vince Byron have been biting at his heels to make this event more than a competition for second place. Jamie is a great rider and I love seeing him succeed, but I want to see an upset more. I'm putting my money on Vince Byron and Simon Tabron to really put it together and dethrone Mr. Bestwick.

    Dirt. I'd say the dirt guys were surely taken by surprise when park destroyer Brett Banasiewicz competed in dirt and straight won, but that's all in the past now. Brett has an amazing bag of tricks and clearly enough ability to win in either park or dirt, but the dirt guys want their event back. Riders like Brandon Dosch, Luke Parslow, Seth Klinger, and Andy Buckworth are all going to put something big together to regain the top spots in Dew Tour dirt. However, with some of the biggest moves in the business, Banasiewicz might just keep the dirt event to himself.

    The park event recently became a topic of controversy as Mike Spinner clearly killed it but many felt he didn't deserve the win last event due to lack of clean landings/style. Daniel Dhers, as always, was hot on his tail and hasn't let down during the X Games or Nike 6.0 event so don't expect anything less of the guy. Garrett Reynolds is getting even better and can never be counted out of a park contest but he hasn't been dominating as we've seen in the past. He's added more flair (literally, flairs) to his arsenal but hasn't earned a number one park win in a while. Mark Webb will bring the tech lip trickery as always and Ryan Nyquist will bring the truck drivers. A name we can't leave out is the golden child himself, Brett Banasiewicz. He has Dhers' cash roll, he has front flip variations, flair whips on lock, etc. Look for him to fight to jump into the top 5 in Portland.

    Only 3 days before things kick off in Portland so get ready. I made my predictions but I probably jinx the riders by doing so and create upsets in the process. Upsets are awesome though. Stay tuned!

    photos courtesy of allisports.com
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  • Riders Announced For The 2010 Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro

    GrindTV Newswire:
    (HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., July 26, 2010) The top pros in BMX head to the beach August 5 - 8 for the second annual Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro. In two quick years, the coastal gathering has emerged as the premiere BMX event of the summer, as well as the pros' favorite contest. With a prize purse totaling $100,000, an incredible park course and the picturesque setting of the Pacific Ocean with the US Open of Surfing as the backdrop, this year's contest is guaranteed to be another memorable one.

    The lineup of competing riders for this year's contest is literally a who's-who of elite BMXers. From established pros like Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson and Mike Spinner, to veterans like Ryan Guettler, Daniel Dhers and Ryan Nyquist, to phenoms like 15-year-old Brett Banasiewcz, nearly every top pro in the game will be putting in work in Huntington Beach.

    "Just being on the beach in Huntington is so nice," said Nike 6.0 pro Mike Spinner. "Every aspect of the contest-from the ramps to the format, to the atmosphere-was 100%. The contest was great last year and I know it's going to be even better this year."

    The 2010 Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro course was designed by Dennis McCoy, and at nearly 12,000 square feet, the park will have something for every type rider.

    Also for this year, the competition is delivering an incredible $100,000 prize purse. The unique four-day format gives all of the pros a chance to win cash every day, in addition to the top prize of $25,000 going to the winner of the finals on Sunday.

    Current Invited Rider List
    Brett Banasiewcz
    Drew Bezanson
    Andy Buckworth
    Diogo Canina
    Allan Cooke
    Scotty Cranmer
    Rob Darden
    Daniel Dhers
    Brandon Dosch
    Dennis Enarson
    Ryan Guettler
    Chris Hughes
    Andre Jesus
    Craig Mast
    Todd Meyn
    Ryan Nyquist
    Josh Perry
    Garrett Reynolds
    Nicholi Rogatkin
    Jeremiah Smith
    Mike Spinner
    Marcus Tooker
    Ben Wallace (wild card recipient from the Nike 6.0 BCN BMX Pro)
    Mark Webb

    +1 Wild Card

    In addition to the Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro, the weekend's events include the aforementioned US Open of Surfing, which features North America's only combined Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Men's Prime and Women's Six-Star competitions.

    The Converse Coastal Carnage returns with a Super Mini-Park event for skateboarding featuring an impressive roster of all-star skateboarders.

    Hurley's Walk the Walk National Championship, a high school fashion competition, hits the U.S. Open stage on Friday, August 6. Six schools will create their own five-minute fashion show to win the grand prize of $25,000.

    And finally, at the close of each day's competition, there will be a free concert to close out each night. Music guests include: Weezer, Cold War Kids, The Soft Pack and more. All of the action will be available live on www.usopenofsurfing.com.
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  • Dew Tour's Nike 6.0 BMX Open Concludes

    All media courtesy of Alli Sports

    GrindTV Newswire, Via Alli Sports:
    (Chicago, Ill. - July, 24 2010) Chicago crowds were in full force Saturday at the Dew Tour's Nike 6.0 BMX Open. Miami, Fla. native Mike Spinner, 22, won the BMX park final, England's Jamie Bestwick, 39, won the vert final and 15-year-old Brett "Maddog" Banasiewicz became the youngest BMX athlete to top the podium after winning the dirt final. The two-day event held at Soldier Field's South Festival Lot is the first BMX stop of the 2010 Dew Tour season.

    After sitting out most of the 2009 Dew Tour season due to an injury, Spinner started the season off right by earning a first place score of 92.50. He threw out his signature quadruple tailwhip and a 1080 for his second Dew Tour win of his career. Twenty-five-year-old Daniel Dhers of Venezuela came in second with a 92.13. Defending Dew Cup champion, Garrett Reynolds, 19, of Toms River, N.J. placed a close third with a score of 91.63.

    "After missing most of last season, I couldn't be more excited to start the year off with a Dew Tour win," said Spinner. "The competition is tough this year, but I'm excited to see what the season will bring and how it will all pan out in Vegas."

    As a five-time, undefeated BMX Vert Dew Cup champion, Bestwick, is setting himself up for a six-peat by starting off the season placing first with a 95.38. Bestwick's consistency at the top of the podium was earned through his massive alley-oop variations and a turn-down flair. Chad Kagy, 31 from Gilroy, Calif., placed second with a 92.75 and Australian Steven McCann, 27, rounded out the podium in third with a 92.38.

    "It's a great start to the season. I'm super excited to take the first stop, but we still have three more and I never underestimate my competition," said Bestwick. "The next three stops are going to be the hardest of my life. Everybody makes it to Vegas so I know the heat is going to be turned up."

    The youngest BMX athlete to win a final in Dew Tour history, Banasiewicz was a BMX dirt crowd favorite as a semi-local from South Bend, Ind. The 15-year-old's winning run included a barspin off the roll-in, front flip no hander, truck driver, barspin up jump down triple whip and a wall ride to tail whip to earn the top score of the night with a 92.94. Fellow Midwesterner, Brandon Dosch age 21 from Lake Orion, Mich., took the second place position with a 90.56 and Australia's Luke Parslow, 25, finished third with an 89.69.

    "I wanted to play it safe for the first two runs, so I put a lot more pressure on the third run," said Banasiewicz. "I'm just looking to stay healthy, ride my bike and keep riding the Dew Tour."

    The two-day BMX event at Chicago's Soldier Field South Festival Lot is the second of five stops on the Dew Tour, with 28,134 people experiencing the competitions. The Dew Tour will continue on to Portland, Ore., Salt Lake City and conclude in Las Vegas for the Dew Tour Championships featuring skateboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross.

    Dew Tour Nike 6.0 BMX Open
    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    BMX Park Finals
    1. Mike Spinner, Miami, Fla., 92.50. 2. Daniel Dhers, Venezuela, 92.13. 3. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 91.63. 4. Mark Webb, Great Britain, 91.38. 5. Ryan Nyquist, San Jose, Calif., 90.88. 6. Gary Young, San Diego, Calif., 90.63. 7. Scotty Cranmer, Jackson, N.J., 90.38. 8. Patrick Casey, Yorba Linda, Calif., 90.13. 9. Dave Mirra, Greenville, N.C., 89.63. 10.Andew Buckworth, Australia, 89.00. 11. Vince Byron, Australia, 88.25. 12. Jeremiah Smith, Cincinnati, OH, 86.75.

    BMX Park - Tour Rankings

    1. Mike Spinner, 100. 2. Daniel Dhers, 90. 3. Garrett Reynolds, 82. 4. Mark Webb, 76. 5. Ryan Nyquist, 72. 6.Gary Young, 68. 7. Scotty Cranmer, 64. 8. Patrick Casey, 60. 9. Dave Mirra, 56. 10. Andrew Buckworth, 52.

    BMX Vert Finals
    1.Jamie Bestwick, Great Britain, Great Britain, 95.38. 2. Chad Kagy, Gilroy, Calif., 92.75. 3. Steven McCann, Australia, 92.38. 4. Vince Byron, Australia, 91.63. 5. Simon Tabron, Great Britain, 91.50. 6. Francisco Zurita, Chile, 91.13. 7. Jimmy Walker, Chicago, Ill., 90.25. 8. Austin Coleman, Los Angeles, Calif., 89.50. 9. Kevin Robinson, East Providence, R.I., 88.88. 10. Koji Kraft, Addison, Ill., 88.88. 11. Jay Eggleston, Denver, Colo., 86.50. 12. Dennis McCoy, Kansas City, Mo., 85.00. 13. Mike Mancuso, Winterville, N.C., 84.63. 14. Zackery Warden, St. Louis, Mo., 83.63. 15. Brian Hunt, Derry, N.H., 83.00. 16. Zachary Newman, Frankfort, Ky., 81.38. 17. Ben Snowden, Hornell, N.Y., 80.50. 18. Bob Kohl, Chicago, Ill., 79.63. 19. Jason Branham, Chicago, Ill., 78.00. 20. Jonathan Chin, Denver, Colo., 76.63.

    BMX Vert - Tour Rankings
    1. Jamie Bestwick, 100. 2. Chad Kagy, 90. 3. Steven McCann, 82. 4. Vince Byron, 76. 5. Simon Tabron, 72. 6. Francisco Zurita, 68. 7. Jimmy Walker, 64. 8. Austin Coleman, 60. 9. Kevin Robinson, 56. 10. Koji Kraft, 52.

    BMX Dirt Finals

    1.Brett Banasiewicz, South Bend, Ind., 92.94. 2. Brandon Dosch, Lake Orion, Mich., 90.56. 3. Luke Parslow, Australia, 89.69. 4. Seth Klinger, Kansas City, Mo., 89.37. 5. Andrew Buckworth, Australia, 88.00. 6. Jaie Toohey, Australia, 87.88. 7. Nate Berkheimer, Las Vegas, Nev., 87.75. 8. Ryan Nyquist, San Jose, Calif., 87.31. 9. TJ Ellis, Moreno Valley, Calif., 87.00. 10. Chris Doyle, Pittsburgh, Pa., 86.19. 11. Dennis Enarson, La Mesa, Calif., 83.00. 12. Corey Bohan, Australia, DNS.

    BMX Dirt - Tour Rankings

    1.Brett Banasiewicz, 100. 2. Brandon Dosch, 90. 3. Luke Parslow, 82. 4. Seth Klinger, 76. 5. Andrew Buckworth, 72. 6. Jaie Toohey, 68. 7. Nate Berkheimer, 64. 8. Ryan Nyquist, 60. 9. TJ Ellis, 56. 10. Chris Doyle, 52.
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