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    Name:Morgan Just
    Lives In:Laguna Beach, California
    United States
    Hometown:Laguna Beach, California
    United States
    Birthday:October 17, 1985
  • Morgan Just Wins 2010 World Championships of Skimboarding

    Congratulations to Morgan Just for winning the 2010 World Championships of Skimboarding hosted this past weekend at Aliso Beach. Morgan has been killing it for so long and with the absence of injuries nothing held him back from taking the world title this year.

    Another congrats is extended to Anna Prophet, winner of the first official professional division for women. May I be so cliche as to say there's something you can tell your grandchildren...

    Here's a video of Morgan Just, in case you were wondering what it takes to win such a contest:

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  • 2009 Santa Cruz Skim Bash

    This year's Santa Cruz Skim Bash went by, again, without favorable conditions. Big swells and messed up sand led to long lulls during heats with no waves. Though this made the contest quite boring, the pro heats were a treat as they made big things happen in conditions that seemed unskimmable...

    Jayboy and friends did a livesteam of the contest. I think you can watch a replay HERE...

    Beyond questionable conditions, questionable judging, and questionable announcing, the pros were doing the damn thing. Making it to the semi finals were Paulo Prietto, Brandon Sears, Sammy Stinnett, Woody Harris, Morgan Just, and Bill Bryan. A typical Exile and Victoria affair with Exile representing the majority. Woody Harris has been on his game lately, stepping up in the pro division but not enough to reach the finals this time. And Paulo Prietto didn't make it in either to everyone's surprise as fellow team riders Sammy and Sears (killing it all weekend) move forward instead.

    So the final saw Sammy, Sears, Beaker, and Morgan Just. Exile and Victoria. Two on two. Sammy got the first wave I believe. Maybe this was from the semifinals but either way it should be mentioned he got the best barrell of the contest. The first wave of his semi or final heat. Sammy and Sears made with regular wraps right away and Beaker and Mo got a ltitle more creative, seeking out different waves to play with switch, front and back side, tech and much more.

    At the end of the day, however, it was Bill Bryan proving he is still in it to win it by taking first place. Sammy Stinnett will take a well deserved second place, Sears in third, and Mo Just will finish it with a fourth place.

    I have to hand it to the pros for making the most out of what they were given, and especially to Sammy (youngest pro competitor?) who seriously won in my books.

    Some footage from day two and a bit of day one from MGPOWERS...

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