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    Name:Nate Adams
    Lives In:Temecula, California
    United States
    Hometown:Phoenix, AZ
    United States
    Birthday:March 29, 1984
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    Nate Adams is a motocross rider that currently resides in Temecula, California. He first attained national fame when he won the World Freestyle Motocross Championship in 2002.

    Adams was born in Phoenix, Arizona and began riding when he was eight years old when his father bought him his first dirtbike. He graduated from Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, AZ in 2002. While successful in local and regional circuits, he became well-known in freestyle motocross by winning his first freestyle championship at age eighteen in 2002. Since then, Adams has won the gold medal at the X Games in 2004, the Gravity Games in 2003, and has enjoyed top finishes on the Vans Triple Crown. In 2007, Adams was awarded AST Dew Tour Athlete of the Year.

    Among his contemporaries, Adams isn't known for inventing new tricks but innovating them. He is the first rider to execute a backflip with a no-hander landing in competition, and the first motocross rider to beat Travis Pastrana at a freestyle motocross event. He is the title character in his own cell phone video game.

    Adams is also being recognized for his willingness to help out newcomers, most notable being Billy Staten, an up and coming Freestyle and Supercross rider. Adams has since helped him move into an Orange County location with a track.

    In 2009 Adams became the Red Bull X-Fighters champion clinching the title at Londons Battersea powerstation.

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    Posted by trickytoes July 4, 2009 01:53pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Way to go on the redbull challenge. bet you got to score with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders huh???


    Posted by motocraze February 10, 2009 04:23pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    ha ven't seen you in a long time since LBZ was tapeing you in the az!!carefree area!! it was funny my mom liked you!!hey you still hate smokers lol!!! do it big nate

    Reeds Moto Mate

    Posted by Reeds Moto Mate July 9, 2008 05:35am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Nate man u totally rock dude!!!!

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