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    Name:Nate Wessel
    Hometown:Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
    United States
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    If you don't know him for his riding than you should know him for his ramp building. And if you don't know him for his ramp building then you should know him for his riding.

    Nate has been a true to the heart BMX rider since the early 90s and recently has been famed as one of the best ramp builders in the business. Wood, nails, wood, and more nails. This guy puts in work.

    His repertoire? He helped on the Simpel Session ramps, X Games vert ramp and park course and street course, Nike backyard ramp contests... countless events.

    He is a proud husband and father and makes time to be the family man in between traveling all over the world nailing pieces of wood to other pieces of wood.

    He also runs a company called Team Blowin It that produces protection for the riders (knee, elbow, etc.)
    He also works with Failure Bikes to design parts and such.
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